Friday, May 31, 2013

Miss Blue's Monster High Birthday Giveaway!!!!!

My darling Miss Blue is turning 8.
We are going to throw a giveaway to celebrate.
She is really excited!
I need your help to make this
a extra special birthday and make her smile big.
I had a little help from Frankie Stein herself 
talking about ideas for a 
Monster High Birthday Party.
Come watch!

Before we get into all the giveaway details.
I want to reminisce a little bit about the last 
8 wonderful years!
I found out I was pregnant with Miss Blue on accident.
We here headed to Orlando to a friends.
My friend was driving and ended up flipping the car
three times across the highway into oncoming traffic.
I went out for a few seconds and when I came too
there was headlights headed at us.
It was scarey and we were both rushed to the hospital.
After being in the room for a few hours the
nurse came in and said congratulations.
I was confused, then she continued with
you are going to be having a bambino.
It was a shock.
Excitement and nervousness shot through my veins.
The next 9 month changed me.
Miss Blue was my miracle baby.
I loved her more and more everyday
even before I met her.
The life I was living would be left behind.
My dark cloud would be leaving.

Miss Blue was born on the 13th.
My truly lucky day.
She was the sweetest little thing.
Little Blue had arrived.
Before she was Miss Blue
she was Little Blue.

Her first birthday was a blast!
My brother helped me make a awesome blue star cake.
And yes all the decor was blue stars.

 Two years old butterfly princess

Three years old
She was the pretty princess of the party!

For her fourth birthday we had 
a birthday weekend at Nanas.

For the BIG 5 we took Miss Blue 
to Disney World.
She had the most magical time.
She was beyond excited to meet everyone.

I searched my computer high and low for her 6th
birthday but came up empty handed.
I do know that is the year my
dad took her to get her ears pierced.
Bummed I couldn't find a pic.

7th Birthday was Freaky Fabulous!!!

Miss Blue wants another Monster High birthday.
And yes I am stoked!
A little sad that she is growing so fast.
We only grow closer as each day passes.
I am so proud of her and love her dearly.
She is such a special little girl.
Or should I say little lady.

This is the first Teh Dollhouse Girls giveaway.
I want it to be special for her.
The prize is going to be a Monster High surprise.
We are going to keep the prize a mystery cause
hey it's a birthday giveaway!

Fill out the Rafflecopter to enter.
Mandatory Entry:
Subscribe to Teh Dollhouse Girls channel and
Leave Miss Blue a HAPPY BIRTHDAY comment.
Or  Happy Birthday Video Response.
Make sure you leave the comment
on the Giveaway video for your entry to count.

Miss Blue is going to pick out 
her favorite comment or video.
That person will get the bonus prize.
Which is also Monster High awesomeness!

There are 13 entries you can earn.
We also are going to have daily tweets if you 
want to get some extra entries in.
 Bonus Question answers can be found
in Teh Dollhouse Girls videos.
(If the videos don't play right try doing a update to your
system. I was told they weren't working properly until
a update was done and now they are working great for her.)
We will post the winner announcement video July 1st.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Dollhouse.
Good Luck and may the best ghoul win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hair Chalking it up with Teh Dollhouse Girls

Have you heard of this new hair craze?
Hair chalk it is pretty neato.
You have seen Avril Lavigne rocking
color streak for a while.
She is a big fan of hair chalking.

I have been bored with my hair lately.
And Miss Blue has been rocking
my hair extensions a lot more.
I had heard about hair chalking a while ago
but never really though to try it.
Seeing it more and more I figured it was
time to give this hair chalking a try.

I looked up how to do it and well
it was super easy.
Ordered some that day,
it was here within a week.
I got mine off of ebay.
It only cost $4.99 with free shipping.
It included 6 chalks and we got to pick
 out the colors we wanted.
They are really bright and work great!
Totally was worth it.
It came in a styrofoam box to insure
they made it here safely.
Also a little plastic case for them.

Teh Dollhouse Girls new video!
We play with our new hair chalk.

As you can see it is super easy 
and looks way cool!
You just need a spray bottle with water.
Some hair chalk or soft pastel.
Lightly spray the hair.
Take the chalk and color it on going one way.
This will keep it from getting frizzy.
The brighter you want it more coloring is needed.
Once hair is 100% dry you can flat iron it.
Suppose to lock the color in.
Also you could use hair spray to
 help the color stay in too.
It was really nice and bright when we were done.
Miss Blue was smiling all night it was cute.
She really was digging her new streaks.
When she woke up in the morning though
the color had faded a lot.

Since it is chalk you can see how some of it 
turned her neck blue a bit.
But no worries it wipes right off 
with a bit of soap and water.
She was a little bummed though
she was hoping to rock her bright streaks today at school.
Looks like we are going to have to get up 
early next week and put some fresh ones in
before she heads out to school.

This was a fun review.
I love spending quality time with my darling Blue.
She really enjoyed this as well.
The next few weeks shows will not be
Monster High stuff since Miss Blues
birthday is coming up and
all the Monster High stuff I 
have hidden in my closet is all of her 
birthday presents.
Yes I have a closet full of
Monster High awesomeness.

Hope everyone enjoys their three day weekend.
We are taking the kiddies to the beach on Monday.
Hopefully next week we won't be sunburnt.
On a side note I can't believe that the 
school year is almost over. 
I am excited I love summer!
Lots of tea parties and quality time with
my two favorite pee wee's.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Only two months away... NAM

Miss Blue is going to be 8 this summer.
Although she will always be my baby girl.
I love her more then words could describe.
This summer as you know
she will be joining the
National American Miss family.
Before you start thinking oh dear.
This pageant company is not like the others.
It is not about who is the prettiest,
or who has the nicest dress on.
It is about what is inside.
Four main categories
Escorted Formal (Daddy's going on stage with her)
Personal Introduction
Community Involvement

It is an exciting experience that she wants
to be part of and we knew it would be good for her.
We started practicing for the pageant
a few months ago.

It was then that I realized that
Miss Blue is exactual like me when
I was her age.
Shy, timid,  and self conscience.
Instead of this just being
a fun thing to do over the summer,
it has become more.
We practice every night.
At first she was quiet and extremely nervous.
Each night she seemed to get more
comfortable saying her intro.
We sometimes have to yell and jump around
to loosen her up a bit.
But guess what?
Its working, she is coming out of her shell
more and more everyday.
Teh Dollhouse Girls has really helped her too.

Our goal with Miss Blues
pageantry is not about winning or crowns.
It is about building her confidence.
People sometimes look down on pageants.
But in all honesty a lot more goes into it then you think.
Tapping into their confidence.
Finding a way to fight their nerves.
Have the motivation to practice daily.
Learn poise and good posture.
Public speaking and eye contact.
I tell you what if I was 7 would you
catch me on a stage
I was scared senseless.
It makes us super proud of Miss Blue.
That even though she is scared
she still wants to do it.
The other day we went out to sell pageant ads.
She was so nervous but after her
first pitch she was ready for the next.
I saw the excitement and confidence growing.

Yes this pageant is expensive but,
this is priceless for us.
Having her realize how
amazing she is and that she can do anything
she puts her mind too.
To love herself cause she is one of a kind.
Miss Blue was in a horrible car accident
when she was a baby.
Almost lost her that day.
Only thing she has left of that day is a scar.
She wears it proudly because I told her
it shows the world how tuff she is.
I do though fear the day when someone says something
mean to her about it.
People are mean and I know
this first hand.
I only hope that we have prepared her
enough and she is full of confidence
 to laugh it off.

This pageant is a small step for her.
It is going to affect her life greatly though.
No matter how she does in the pageant.
We are going to be the proudest parents in the crowd.
Watching her bloom over the last few months
has be truly amazing.

We are getting down to the wire.
Only two months left.
She has two dress options.
All most all of our paperwork is in.
This is something the whole family is supporting her in.
As much as Daddy won't admit it he is kinda
turning into a pageant dad and a good one at that.
We practice as a family and have fun with it.
She knows we love her and just
want her to do her best!

I am not looking for any judgements here.
Just typing my thoughts.

Watch out world , here comes Miss Blue!
She is SUPER!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My new favorite lunch... This doll is getting healthy!

I have to admit something.
Over the last few years I have
been eating really bad.
Before I moved back to Florida
I was on a strict eating schedule.
Being married to a junk food junkie
has taken its tole on me.
I have not been feeling well.
Sluggish all the time and sometimes sad for no reason.
Then I took a step back and looked at what
I was eating throughout the day.
I wasn't eating a proper breakfast 
I few handfuls of Life on most
mornings, with other mornings nothing.
Then for lunch was some cheez-its and M&M's.
Some days I ate other stuff but this 
was what I had been eating lately.
I just didn't take the time to make myself
a meal, made sure the kids were fed though.
Dinner I always made sure to cook 
something that the kids would like.
Which usually ends up being spaghetti and meatballs.
Also realized I was not drinking enough
liquids throughout the day and was dehydrated 
most the time and that is why I would get headaches.

Something had to change!
The other night on the way home from
picking up my love I asked for him
to stop at the store.
I had decided I was going to 
make the changes in my diet
to make a healthier me.
The plan is to eat as much raw veggies as possible.
My body need to recoup from
all the neglecting I have been doing to it lately.
Eggs lots of eggs!
No juice, just lemon water and lots of it!

I have been eating good all week,
and I feel better already.
Right now I am going to share with you
my lunch I have everyday.
It is so yummy!

Last month I convinced the hubby
to order me a 1 gallon tub
This stuff is amazing and I use it 
for everything.
Seriously cooking, I bath my kids in it,
put it on boo boo's, mix it in my shakes and etc.
Already down half a tub.
I could go on about how amazing
coconut oil is but I will save that for it's own blog post.

I start with putting a few scoops of 
coconut oil in a pot.
I cook everything in coconut oil
for all the benefits it adds to the food.
Naturally speeds up the metabolism.
Keeps thyroid healthy.
Helps your body absorb nutrients, vitamins,
amino acids, and minerals.
Great way to improve your immune system.
It is also good for your heart.

Turn up the heat and watch it melt and start to boil.
I pop in some plantains.
(Plantains have fiber, Potassium, Vitamin A,
Vitamin C, Niacin, Calcium, Iron,
Magnesium, Folate and Vitamin K.)
Cook till golden with a little black on them.
That is how I love them a bit crispy.
I also threw in a few Alexia Sweet Potato fries.
I just love those things.

As the plantains are cooking
I chop up some veggies.

Keep them all raw.
Throw in some black beans to add some extra protein.
I have been putting  sweet raw onions on everything.
There are so many benefits to raw onions.
Cancer fighting properties, high content of
Iron, lower cholesterol, fights infection,
lowers blood pressure, immune booster,
 and stronger bones.
Miss Blue has even been eating them with her meals too.
Which makes me really happy.
As a added topper I put some
Chobani plain Greek yogurt.

Sprinkle it with a good amount of Cayenne pepper.
(You know I love my Cayenne pepper!)
A nice big glass of freshly squeezed lemon water.
I start my day with a big glass and drink
 it throughout the day.
(Cleans the liver, increasing body alkalinity, nourishes brain
and nerve cells, purifies the blood,
 and boost the immune system.)

This taste so good with the sweetness from the Plantains.
The raw onion, cucumber, tomatoes
 and bean go together so well.
With the added yogurt and cayenne pepper.
It makes my taste buds very happy.
But the best thing when I am done I am full.
I look forward to eating now.
I feel my body working better now too.
For dinner I make my own separate thing.
I have been adding raw veggies on everyone's plate.
As a mom I want to make sure the whole
family is getting everything they need.
It is starting with small steps.
By this time next year I hope to rid 
the house of all junk food.
I mean why have that stuff around if it
is only going to bring you down.
I want my kids to be as healthy as they can be.
And I want to be healthy so I can
be the best mom I can be!
I take and make the time to make myself
a good healthy meal everyday.

We have decided to grow some 
lemon trees in the backyard.
Also a small little veggie garden.
I know the kids will enjoy helping
with the plants and it will spark
 their interest in healthy foods.

Time to go and drink some more lemon water.
You should try it!
It is nature's energy drink.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mommy's day in The Dollhouse

I am extremely blessed and lucky.
My husband is wonderful and our
children are as sweet as pie.
We laugh and smile 
a lot in The Dollhouse.

Today being that it is Mothers Day they 
went over and beyond to 
make is special for me.

Mommy got to  sleep in today and 
daddy got up with the kids.
I woke up to breakfast in bed,
with a big red rose too.

Mighty M keeps saying
"Happy Mommy's day" over and over. 
It is adorable.
I love being a mom.
My kids make my world go round.
Miss Blue changed my life when she 
was born and made me into a better person.
Might M has awoken a light in me.
I have never been so happy and 
in love with everything about my life.
For the last 8 years I 
have been a stay at home mom.
My world revolves around my family.
Bed time stories and tea parties
are the highlights  of my days.
Luke and I make a great 
parenting team.
But today is all about mommy, 
so I will save the daddy love for 
Daddy's day.

I am not one to expect things.
The only thing I wanted for 
mommy's day was no fighting.
My husband really did surprise me today.
A big box showed up in the middle  of the week.
He has been teasing me all week
if I could guess what it was.
I rather keep it a surprise 
despite all the clues he tried to give me.

Want to know what was in the box.
Watch me and the pee wee's opening it!

I love it.
I have wanted this set for awhile now.
Hubby did good and totally surprised me.
I love him so much!
Oh and if you are wondering this 
set puts us over 100
We are actually at 101 now.

Hope all my friends out there 
are having wonderful Mothers day!
We will review the dolls soon.
But right now I  need to get
 back to my awesome little family.
It's ice cream time!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Scaris Ghoulia Yelps with Teh Dollhouse Girls.

Miss Blues Monster High collection is ever growing.
At night time she has me shine her night light on
her best ghouls self, so she can see them.

She has all of the main girls except for
Cleo and Ghoulia.
Daddy needs to put up another shelf for her!
I was at the store picking up a few items.
And of course had to make a pit stop
in the Monster High isle.
It is habit no matter what store we go to.
Always have to make a Monster High stop.
Give a quick search threw the ghouls.
Walmart had all the Scaris travel dolls on sale for $10.
The last time I was there they only had
the Scaris Dracualara doll.
When I spotted the Scaris Ghoulia I got 
excited and grabbed her right away.
Miss Blues face lit up too.
Miss Blue was excited cause Ghoulia was one of
the dolls she was missing.
For ten bucks why not?

Come watch 
Teh Dollhouse Girls review 
of Scaris Ghoulia.
Ghoulia Video Review

The plan was to tape on Sunday.
The kids arrived home from Nannies
later in the afternoon and Miss Blue was beat.
She wasn't up to taping on Sunday.
Cleaning up the playroom on Tuesday,
I came across Miss Blues Dracularas wig.
A light bulb went off.
Not only were we going to review
Ghoulia but Miss Blue could dress up.
We love to play dress up in The Dollhouse.
Mighty M was going to be Dracula 
but backed out at the last minute.
He still wanted to be apart of it though.
It was a bit of a challenge getting
through the whole review.
His little head pops in from time to time.
A few times he was under the table messing with our feet.
But it is cute he loves his girls
and wants to be apart of the fun.
I did have to edit out a bit though.
Tried to keep it as smooth as possible.
Miss Blue did a fangtastic job as Draculara.
I was really proud of her.
Teh Dollhouse Girls is really helping
her out of her shell.
We don't practice the questions or answers.
All on spot thinking!
This is helping Miss Blue for the interview
part of her pageant coming up.
Found the most perfect music box 
sound for the end of the videos and background music 
for the blog.
This site rocks!
If you are looking for sound effects this is the place!

In a totally unrelated topic.
My husband has surprised me with a huge box.
It is a mystery, all I know is that
my mother day present is in there.
I am excited.

We are going to do a special 
Mother day show on Sunday.
Make sure to watch, and find out what is in the box!

Hope everyone has a fiercely fabulous Friday!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Monster High Magazine!!!! It's here!!!! With Teh Dollhouse Girls!

The Monster High magazine has been out
in the UK for a while.
But guess what it is finally here!
*Does happy dance*
The one in UK each issue comes with all sorts of goodies.
The American one doesn't but it is still really
exciting to be able to get our hands on some.

Here is the link is you want to 
get a Monster High magazine subscription yourself.

You can also subscribe to the UK one 
to get all the goodies each issue.
But it is a bit more expensive.

I had bought the second issue
for over $8 on ebay.
This was before I realized I could subscribe.
I felt a little silly but I was excited and
it was a impulse buy.
We picked Daddy up from work and 
I told him all about the Monster High magazine subscription.
Told him we had to get it!
He agreed and ordered it that night.
See it is really good Daddy has Monster High mania too.
Miss Blue loves to read and LOVES 
Monster High so this was a perfect mix.

The magazine comes out every three months.
4 issues was $17.99
8 issues was $29.00
To buy the magazine in the store it's $4.99
When you subscribe you are getting
each issue for $3.63.
You'll save over $10 by subscribing.
If you ever miss an issue you can
always order back issues.

Come watch Teh Dollhouse Girls
review issue #2 that came out in April.
Monster High Magazine Review- Teh Dollhouse Girls

This issue had 3 giveaways in it!
You can only enter those if you have the magazine.
3 posters
Monster High bookmark
Door Hanger

We decided to shoot on Sunday.
Which worked out great!
Mighty M was in the bedroom with Daddy
playing video games.
The girls got to do their review without 
being interrupted by little guy.
We went through the review three times.
The camera kept dying on us.
The first two takes were 
more exciting and full of energy.
By the time the third take Miss Blue
was ready to play video games with the boys.
I promised her a pack of 
Monster High photo cards when she was done.
Note to self: Make sure I charge the
camera all morning on Sunday.
So it is fully charged in the afternoon.
Towards the end of the review I
use awesome a lot haha.
My brain was tired.
Oh and yes my root were not dyed.
No worries I have a
nicely fresh black hair and
a new haircut!

Yes if you watched the review 
you heard correct, we are going to 
be giving away a Monster High Doll.
We are going to wait till JULY.
I want to give Twyla away.
I think she is the perfect doll for The Dollhouses
Daughter of the BOOGIE MAN.
She is spooktacular!
I want her on my shelf for sure.

Don't you just love everything about her?

Make sure to subscribe to 
Teh Dollhouse Girls channel
so you know about
the GIVEAWAY when we announce it.

Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse.
See you next Friday!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Night with Mr. Moonlight - CELEBRATING 35 YEARS OF BAUHAUS

Last week my love texted me with full excitement.
He had read in a local paper that 
Peter Murphy was going to be in town.
It was my job to get tickets.
We both love Peter Murphy!
This was deffiantly a show we wanted to go to.
Tickets were only $20 which
was not bad at all.
I also read that they had a VIP ticket.
That included a signed poster, a tshirt
and a meet and greet with Mr. Moonlight himself.
Sadly though they were all sold out.
That ticket was only $40 more.
My husband is a HUGE Peter Murphy fan.
I knew I had to get my hands on one of those VIP tickets.
It is a dream of his to meet Peter.
I had to make this happen for him.
I looked all over line and came
up completely empty handed.
I wrote on the Orpehum's wall asking
if they had any idea where to get a VIP ticket.
But I really left that comment on there
in hopes that someone would see it 
that had a VIP ticket to sell.
The next day I had a message in my other 
folder on Facebook.
I got excited cause I had a feeling I knew what it was.
This lady wanted to sell her VIP ticket.
Sadly she only had one.
But that was still amazing.
Luck was on my side.
We agree to pick up the ticket a few days later.
The excitement on the way to her house was high.
After we scored Daddys ticket we 
went to a record shop to get mine.
I wanted to make sure I had my ticket.
Didn't want to take a chance the show sold out.

I have to put in here that,
I have the most amazing Mother in law.
She knew how important this was and 
was happy to watch the kiddies.
Not only did she help with the kids.
Nana dyed and cut my hair.
Yay! I was way overdue.

The day was here, as each minute passed
I kept getting more and more excited.

Went and picked Luke up from work.
He was just as excited as I was.
We got dressed up and headed out!
Took a picture first of course.

We arrived to the show about 8pm.
The Orpheum had a small line out front.
We got in quick and found a spot close to the front.
There was two opening bands.
They were ok but we were there for Mr. Murphy.

All the lights went out it was time.
Luke has his arms around me and it was one
of those magical moments.

Peters voice is amazing.
The band was a little loud, wish it would have
been turned down a bit.
I have never seen Bauhaus,
Luke has seen them a few times so he 
knew what he was in store for.
This was so much more than a concert.
It was an experience, his stage presence is unlike any other.

Found these two in the Peter Murphy Facebook page.

The show was over.
It was time for my love to head to the VIP area.
Now Luke has see Peter perform a few times.
But he has never actually met him face to face.
He brought with him a un opened
vinyl from his collection.
I was stuck down stairs watching him.
Even though I wasn't standing next to him.
I could see the huge grin on his face.
He was holding his record and his fingers
were nervously tapping it.
I was smiling too cause I knew I made this happen for him.
It was beyond adorable watching him.
His face was glowing!
This is something he will never forget.

Was a little bummed that he didn't get 
a picture with him but he did get to meet him.
Glad though we got the pictures of Peter
signing his album and poster.
The meet and greet was a little rushed.
There was no t-shirt , he did received was a signed poster.
He met his idol so no matter what
it was still a big dream of his coming true.
Luke came down and still had that huge grin on his face.
Told me that Peter touched his face
with a giggle in his voice.

Peter is very charming and charismatic person.
I could tell that from his small talk
in between songs.
I would have loved to meet him myself,
but last night was all for my love.

Thank  you Mr. Moonlight for an AMAZING night. 
It is one we will never forget!
Till next time....