Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY fun wands

Mighty M came up with a great idea
to be a wizard for this years
Halloween party.
That meant mommy had to get to work.
Little guy wanted to enter the homemade costume contest.
We had the whole costume ready but what
is a wizard without his wand.
I knew I had to make him one.
Thought about it and did some Googling.
Miss Blue was going to be a witch she 
was going to need a wand as well.

It was easy and fun, and the kids loved them.
Perfect accessories for their magical costumes.
Since today is Saturday we had a 
wand-erful day planned.
Just in case your little ghoul is in need of a wand 
or you are just a Harry Potter nerd and want a 
wand for your self.
Here are some very simple instructions.

Items needed
Hot Glue
Paint brush

You can use regular wood chopstick.
I used metal chopsticks to add more weigh.
Cover your work area with
newspaper to avoid making a mess.
You will be working with paint and hot glue.

First step is to tightly roll the paper around the chopstick.
Once the paper is tightly rolled take
some Elmer's glue and glue it down.
Let it sit for a few minutes.
I also like to twist it very lightly to add 
some creases and wrinkles to the paper.
To seal the ends of the wands I
stick the hot glue gun tip in and fill it up.
That way the ends are solid and you don't
have to worry about them.

Next is painting, we had
these kiddie finger paint brushes.
Now normally a wand would be 
a brown or tan.
But that is a bit boring for us.
We prefer bright fun colors.

Give a few minutes for the paint to dry.
No worries if the paint job is not perfect.
This is only the base color.
Once paint is dry, plug in the hot glue gun.
Take your wand and have a little glue fun.
This is what is going to make the wand.
Do as much of little as you want it is really up to you.
I like to put a lot on my wand
 I think it adds to it greatly.
It also helps if you are slowly spinning the wand
 when putting on the hot glue.
Let the hot glue dry and harden.
Time to pick another color for your wand.
Mighty M wanted to use green for his second layer.
Lightly go over the hot glue spots with brush or finger.
This gives it a vine effect and looks super cool.
To add a bit of sparkle to the wands we added
some gems on random spots.
Just put a dot of hot glue on the wand and 
carefully place the gem.
Miss Blue also added some beads to her
wand she wanted it to be extra sparkly.
A great place for a gem is on the wand tip.
Here are the finale three wands.
The best part is you can do a wand of any color.
You can do it simple or more decorative.
It is really up to the maker and that's
what makes this a fun activity.
I have a feeling Miss Blue and I will
be making many more wands in the future.

Thanks for stopping by 
The Dollhouse....

Monday, October 7, 2013

If your wondering...

So yes it has been over a month
since I have popped in here.
I am sorry but I am just kinda
over the internet these days.
This blog used to make me smile and
I wanted to keep it going but my motivation is gone.
If you go to watch either of our
Youtube channels you won't find them. 
They both have been deleted.
It was fun while it lasted but I rather just
 erase them then have them sitting there.
They were for my friends and family and being on
Youtube anyone in the world could watch 
them and the thought of that kinda freaked me out.
Yes I am a overprotective MOM.
I don't even know what was going on in my brain.
 I hate attention and talking to people.
It was good for Miss Blue and a lot of fun with her.
But recording and editing those
 videos took way to much time.
I love not being on a deadline for anything.

What has been going on in The Dollhouse...
Lots of doll collecting and cupcake baking.
Oh and school work and making sure my kids
are smiling and happy.

So is this blog going to disappear too?
Maybe , maybe not...
I have so many things I could write
about too.
Just wish I could relight the spark
I had for this but all is left is the smoke.

My anti-social weirdo has taken over.