Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mommy's day in The Dollhouse

I am extremely blessed and lucky.
My husband is wonderful and our
children are as sweet as pie.
We laugh and smile 
a lot in The Dollhouse.

Today being that it is Mothers Day they 
went over and beyond to 
make is special for me.

Mommy got to  sleep in today and 
daddy got up with the kids.
I woke up to breakfast in bed,
with a big red rose too.

Mighty M keeps saying
"Happy Mommy's day" over and over. 
It is adorable.
I love being a mom.
My kids make my world go round.
Miss Blue changed my life when she 
was born and made me into a better person.
Might M has awoken a light in me.
I have never been so happy and 
in love with everything about my life.
For the last 8 years I 
have been a stay at home mom.
My world revolves around my family.
Bed time stories and tea parties
are the highlights  of my days.
Luke and I make a great 
parenting team.
But today is all about mommy, 
so I will save the daddy love for 
Daddy's day.

I am not one to expect things.
The only thing I wanted for 
mommy's day was no fighting.
My husband really did surprise me today.
A big box showed up in the middle  of the week.
He has been teasing me all week
if I could guess what it was.
I rather keep it a surprise 
despite all the clues he tried to give me.

Want to know what was in the box.
Watch me and the pee wee's opening it!

I love it.
I have wanted this set for awhile now.
Hubby did good and totally surprised me.
I love him so much!
Oh and if you are wondering this 
set puts us over 100
We are actually at 101 now.

Hope all my friends out there 
are having wonderful Mothers day!
We will review the dolls soon.
But right now I  need to get
 back to my awesome little family.
It's ice cream time!

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