Saturday, April 27, 2013

Apps that have me loving my Android phone.

Before I start telling you about how much
I love having a Android and why.
I first want to come clean about something.
Having a phone with all these fancy things 
never appealed to me.
I mean a phone is suppose to make 
calls and send texts.
My husband got his My Touch 
over a year ago.
He was so attached to his phone 
I didn't get it.
I was perfectly fine with my crappy
old school celli.
Hubbys contract was up so
we went in to renew his contract.
And also get him a new phone since
the touch screen on his My Touch went out.
Poor guy went from having a super
phone to not having one.
The new package was unlimited everything
for a lower price than what we were
paying for a limited amount of 
minutes and text.
It was a no brainer.
Unlimited it was!
In doing so it meant that I was going to 
get a fancy phone for the first time in my life.
The more I thought about it I started to get excited.

I fell in love with it within a hour of having it.
Both my laptops are on the way out.
Being able to check my email 
from where I was made me smile.
And I finally got it!
In this day and age phones are suppose
to do way more than make calls and send texts.
First it started with looking for
soundboards for ringtones.

Google play store is like a playground.
My phone is fun with a capital F.
Here are a list of my favorite
 FREE apps you should check out!


First if you have kids and you let them use your phone.
You need to download Kids Shell.
This app has been a lifesaver.
Any time I let Mighty M play 
a game on my phone I would end up with
new apps downloaded. 
Or he would end up in a area he wasn't
suppose to be.
Kid's Shell lets you set up a locked kids area.
You put all your kid friendly apps, 
and they are locked in.
You set it with one push of a button.
So it is easy to set it on kids mode and then hand him the phone.
You can add as many apps as you like.
Also when those annoying ads pop up.
If he hits them.
It tells him he is not allowed.
A picture of a house appears and when he 
hits the pic it takes him page to 
his kiddy apps page.
It is adorable watching him 
hopping around from app to app.
He loves it and I can let him play his games
without worries.
To close the shell it involves some math.

Pose with Puss in Boots 
A really fun app that both of kids love! 
It is so much more than just posing.
On the home screen of the app.

Hit Puss's sword and the phone
turns into a sword and you can hear the 
clashing of swords.
Touch his boots and he will dance for you.
Touch his face and he will let his
inner kitty out and follow the light.
You can also go to collections
where each item has a Puss saying.

Booth is where you can add your
favorite characters from the movie to your photos.

Click the go up button and it will 
take you up the beanstalk where you 
can record yourself talking and 
then it plays back with a silly helium voice.
 The graphics are great just like the movie.
Very impressed with this app.


My husband and I are highly 
addicted to this site.
So having a app that gives a way to bid
on items on the go is great.
It is also a little dangerous.
I have found myself pull into Walgreens
parking lot a few times throwing down bids.
One auction was ending at 6 am.
My husband picked up my phone 
and threw down a bid from bed.
End result he won a $100 movie projector
for free and while he was in bed.
Once you have the app you get notifications
straight from Listia.
Watchlist updates, feedback given, and 
comments on your auctions.
Having this app saves me a lot of time.
I don't need to check my computer I have 
all the info I need right on my phone.
It is all the same info from the site 
just shrunken down to fit on the phone.

To get the app you need to sign up on the site first.
The app is great and makes this site even better!

Potty Time

I have had the potty training blues for months now.
Mighty M is so close but not quite there.
I did a search for potty training.
Potty Time popped up.
It is from the people that do Signing time.
I read the description.
It looked good, had the things I was looking for.
Sticker chart, games, book.
Even a phone call from Rachel.

It was like night and day.
Once I introduced Mighty M 
to Potty Time he was excited about going.
The sticker chart has five different stickers.

You can buy a add on pack for  99 cents.
We just stuck with the basic five.
Which he loves, his face lights up when
he puts a new sticker on his chart.
It also lets you fill up more than just one page
full so your child can see all their accomplishments.
Once your child gets 16 stickers it opens up a new video.
It comes with one free video and then the one 
you unlock the others you have to buy.
But Mighty M is happy with the 2 free ones.
Rachel uses sign language in her videos.
And my little man is now signing to me imitating her.
The phone call from Rachel is a big hit too.
You hit call Rachel.

The phone starts ringing and they hit answer.
She praises them and tells them to call her next time.
Not only does my little guy want to put 
a sticker on his chart but he wants to call Rachel.
He smiles so big when she calls him a shining star.
The game is a fun match game.

Easy for the little ones potty themed.
Hopkin uses the potty is the book is adorable.

It talks about how he is nervous to let his diapers go.
And sometimes he will have accidents.
Listening to his body and keeping dry pants.
Mighty M can now recite this to me word for word.
And I am proud to say he is a potty super star!
No more diapers here only big boy undies.
This app has really helped and
I highly recommend it for anyone that is potty training!


I love Peggle.
I was beyond excited when I found
Pegland which is the same as peggle
just without the characters.
It is just as addictive too.
The objective it to clear all the pink pegs
before you run out of balls.
The graphics are nice  with fantasy backgrounds.
Since it is touch screen it is a bit different than playing it
on my laptop but still lots of fun.

There is missions that get you bonus points.
You can play in Voyage mode 
or Clean sweep mode.

I have not played this as much as I would like to.
But I am very excited to have it 
and play it whenever I want to.
Miss Blue likes this game a lot too.

Pocoyo Talks
A lot of the apps on my phone are for kids.
Hey I have two small ones and these apps 
will keep them occupied, learning and having fun.
Tickle his belly and he will laugh.
Touch his head and he will flip and spin on it.
Touch his feet and he will dance.
Music mode lets the kids 
play 5 different kinds of instruments.

Mighty M loves playing this also the 
guess the animal game.
Pocoyo also has a dance mode.
You can't help but love this app
Pocoyo is just too adorable.

Kids Bubble School for Toddlers
My kids love bubbles.
I downloaded this one simply because
I knew the whole bubble factor would  be a sure win.
The graphics are bright and great quality.
The free version only has animals, lowercase letters and colors.

Full version has more categories.
My three year old actually requested we bought it so he could 
have the rest of the categories.
The idea is simple bubbles are 
floating with pictures in them.
There is learn mode, play mode and bubble pop.

Learn mode the word is above the bubble
with the picture in it.
Play mode your child has to hit 
the bubble with the right animal or color.
It keeps score and flowers fill up on the top of the screen.

Bubble pop mode is just that popping bubbles.
This app is simple but lots of fun for the little ones.
It is so cute when I ask Mighty M what he is doing,
and his reply is "playing kids bubble school."

The list goes on but that will have to wait for another time.
And yes a lot of my apps are for the 
kids but if the kids are happy, Mommys happy!
It's dinner time, so I have to go!
Do you have a app that you love?
Please share it below.

Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Catrine Demew/ Monster High with Teh Dolhouse Girls

Miss Blue has added 
Catrine Demew to her 
Monster High collection.

She is part of the Scaris line of dolls,
 not one of the main 5.

Catrine is a comic con release from 2012.
She is the girl in the background sketching in
Scaris The City of Frights.

See if you can find Catrine!
I do hope we see more of her in future movies..
Miss Blue usually only gets dolls for
special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.
Catrine was just too special to leave on the shelf.
So we took her home with us.

We adore her and are really excited
to have here as part of the collection.

Teh Dollhouse Girls Catrine Demew
video review.
Click to watch!

We shoot on Wednesday after school.
It is fun to have something to do 
together after school.
We have a problem though.
My rambunctious three year old 
aka Mighty M.
Instead of one take it turns into 
ten takes due to him interrupting the girls.
Not to mention the hours of editing that 
I  have to go into chopping out him talking
or popping his head in.
All in all it makes a easy fun job into 
a drawn out one.
We have decided here at The Dollhouse
that we are going to shoot on Sundays.
That way little guy can be with Daddy.
The girls can record uninterrupted.
The videos will be way less choppy.
Miss Blue does struggle with her speech.
She has been in speech classes for years now.
Instead of just shooting with out any 
practice and improving it up.
We are going to take this extra time
so Miss Blue can practice what she is going to say.
After all this is to help her for 
her pageant and speech.
The show defiantly is helping her greatly.
She has improved so much
when practicing her personal introduction.

We need subscribers!

If you are a monster high fan click that button.
We promise to bring you a fun and fangtastic
video every Friday!
Not to mention we have a DOLL
giveaway coming up!

We are in HD now!
Yay, no more web cam.
We have a new digital camcorder.
The picture is clear and the sound is louder.
Told you it would get better. 
It did take me a few nights to
figure out the right filming format
and to get all the files converted.
Last few nights have been late ones.
I got it now so smooth sailing from 
this point on!

Also watch out for new videos 
from Man Cave Entertainment,
and The Life in The Dollhouse channel.
We have a lot of fun stuff in store.

Ps. Sorry for the horrid roots.
I need my hair dyed bad!
Next week it will be looking much better.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Monster High Panini Sticker book with Teh Dollhouse Girls

Hey Ghouls
We have a special review for you today.
Monster High Panini Sticker books.

These are hard to get your hands on.
We are really hoping one day soon 
they are released in the US.
We want Monster High sticker packs!
Come watch Teh Dollhouse Girls newest video.

I wasn't kidding when I said that
we have Monster High mania in The Dollhouse.
We have a special guest appearance from Deuce Gorgon.
The story behind that is Mighty M has 
really been digging on Deuce.
He recently received a ragdoll.
And really wanted to be apart of the show.
A lightbulb went off in Mommy's head.
Mighty M could be Deuce.
We like to dress up and have fun in The Dollhouse
so this was perfect!
Time to get a Deuce costume together.
The clothing was easy the tricky
part was the snake mohawk.
Two different Michales it took to find the 
perfect item for the snakes.
It was a wired yarn and some pipe 
cleaners that were the winners.
The form of the snakes actually came pretty easy.

Got some green paint for his scales.
And then had to figure out how the heck we 
we were going to get these snakes
to stay on the top of his head.
Used a bit of green eye shadow to tint his hair green.
Since Daddy vetoed the washable paint idea.

He had so much fun dressing up
like Deuce he was hissing all day long.
It is hard recording with a 3 year old.
He did a great job though and we had
a blast making this video.

So you heard us right!
We are going to do a doll giveaway.
Not sure what doll yet.
But we want to know what doll
you want to win.
We will tally up all the votes and that will be the doll 
for the giveaway!
Make sure to subscribe and follow our blog.
This way when the giveaway starts you don't miss out.
Make sure to come back next Friday
we have a purrrrfect monster to review for you.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping my FB friends to the bare minimum...

In this day in age everyone is trying to have more
fans, followers and a huge friends list.
Well maybe not everyone but most. 
I personally cringe everytime I get a friend
request on Facebook.
Nothing personal against anyone.
But I am truly trying to keep my friends
list at a nice low number.
Unless I know and like you  that is the only way I let you in.
The important people in my life and the
others that I find interesting.
Having my blog and web show now it would
probably be smart to start fan pages.
I really have no interest in doing that though.
Although I have kept my friends list down.
I went over board liking pages when 
I was addicted to giveaway.
Don't get me wrong I still love
giveaways I am just not obsessed like I was.
I seriously need to do a big clean out of pages.
Which would probably take me hours
and I doubt I would ever get through them all.
I must though my news feed is just a big coupon mess.
Missing my friends post kinda defeats the whole
purpose of Facebook right?

I want my page to be personal.
Back in the Myspace days.
Yes I did just say the M word.
I had over 20,000 friends.
Well not friends but you know what I mean.
I was lost in a sea of strangers,
not to mention hidden enemies.
About a month or so I deleted my account.
All the hundreds of comments on my pictures.
The thousands of comments.
With one click of a button it was all gone
and honestly I felt relieved.
The only real reason I liked that site was
that it let you customize your page.
But hey I have a blog now, my own space!
I can do whatever I like here.
Facebook is just that Facebook.
My husband makes fun of me for having one.
He will never have one and that makes me happy.
In the age of the internet though it seems everyone has
a account these days.
Some abuse their accounts more than others.
I try not to over post but it really
depends on the day and my mood.
Happy fun mood = lots of pics
Busy = no posts
Sometimes life is more important then
talking about life.

This doll is a stay at home mom.
My world is my kids.
I rarely talk on the phone.
The internet is how I connect with my friends as most do .
It also is my outlet for creativity.
Only have a few credits left till 
I have my graphic arts degree.
For now editing pictures, playing with fonts,
making videos and just being creative feeds my mind.
This is a place to share that.
Teh Dollhouse Girls is something fun for 
Miss Blue and I to do together.
No deadlines, no expectations,
just pure fun for us girls.

You wouldn't know it but 
in the real I am very anti social.
I get really nervous and quiet when people just talk 
to me when I am out and about.
My friends that I know and love, can't shut me up. 
It takes a lot to get to that level.
Once you are there though you got a spot 
in my heart for life.

I know nothing on the internet is private.
Not matter how much privacy you have set.
There is always ways to break through.
Or crazy stalker types that don't respect
the privacy you have set.

Back in the day I talked to anyone
and everyone online.
Now I don't.
I am happily married.
I have the full time job of two youngsters.
My focus is on being the best mom I can be.
Making sure their days are full of  giggle and smiles.
Reason why I don't get to write on here
as much as I would like to.
Yes I could sit and write blog posts all day.
In doing so I would be missing out on 
precious time with my pee wee's.
That is more important to me than anything
I could have to write about.
And just incase you are wondering,
my little darlings are sound asleep next to me.
I think that is why I love
Teh Dollhouse Girls so much cause 
it lets me included them.
It is not Mommy time it's our fun time.
Which by the way we have something really
creeptastic planned for tomorrows show.
Make sure to tune in!

This post is a little all over the place.
But it think I got my points across.
Thanks for taking the time to read.
You may now proceed with your day.
As I was driving to pick up my husband from work.
I realize I forgot to mention in this post how I have
some wonderfully amazing friends.
Very talented folks, my best friends
in the world , and people that make me smile on my list.
Which makes it more than just a friends list to me.
It's the people that have touched my life in some way.
I am so grateful and thankful to have all of them there.
You are the best and you know who you are!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Monster High Haul with Teh Dollhouse Girls

The plan is we are turning Miss Blues
plain white daybed into a fabulous
piece of Monster High art.
That is why I went on a hunt looking
for the Monster High body pillow I saw online.
No pillow but we did find some
awesome Monster High deals.

The review of all the fangtastic items we found.

This was the first time moving the
camera from the dead doll dining room to another room.
What a huge headache it has been.
The footage from my phone never 
made it to the video.
I woke Miss Blue up at 6:30
so we could re-shoot.
Poor thing was tired.
All day editing to publish movie
only to find that half of the outfit 
video is bright green.
O boo.
Despite all the technical issues.
We still had a blast making the video.

It hit me today.
We used to do Tea Time with Teh Doll.
Miss Blue was Little Blue.
She was cute but too young to talk or conversate with.
Now she is a young lady with her own opinion,
and  sassy personality.
Teh Dollhouse Girls was 
just to help Miss Blue for her pageant.
Honestly though it is helping her beyond that
and we are going to keep it going.
More fabulous products and a
sneak peek into our spooky world!
I let her pick the products to make
sure it is something she is passionate about.
And yes that means lots of Monster High,
but don't worry it wont all be.
It is amazing bonding time for us, I feel so lucky!
Miss Blue and I are extremely close,
and now we are even closer.
She loves doing the show.
I see her light up when we are talking about it.
It is fun planning out what we are
going to review and then just
going for it!
We are rough around the edges.
Sometimes our camera quality is pure crap.
I need to find a better video editor program.
But I promise with each new video it will get better!

We shoot on Wednesday, I edit Thursday, and
new video will be posted every Friday.
We call it Wondertastic Fridays!
YouTube -TehDollhouseGirls- Click to watch

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ultimate Blog Party 2013 #UBP13

This is the second year I am joining the party.
Last year I had a blast and even won a prize!
I am very excited to be apart of it again!
My blog is a bit different then most.
Well maybe not too different I write about the products
I love and tell stories of my life.
Who is Teh Doll?
It is a nickname that kinda just stuck.
Most people know me by Teh Doll
and few know my real name and that  is how
I would like to keep it.
Our old house looked like a dollhouse.
And since we collect dolls that name kinda stuck too.
When I decided to start this blog
there was no question what my blog name was going to be.
Life in The Dollhouse was it!
We are a bit spooky here though.
The Dollhouse house is full of Living Dead Dolls,

Our kitchen is Halloween themed.

My husband and I are both covered in tattoos.

Some would call me goth.
But honestly I am just me!

When it comes to my kids they are my top priority.
My graphic arts degree has been put on 
hold till my little guy starts school.
He is three and A for awesome!
I don't get to write on here as much as I would like too.
I find the days getting shorter and not much time 
for me to get everything done.

Next year I will be starting a business.
Since my husband surprised me with 
a Silhouette this Christmas.
Spooky tea cups and much more.

My little girl has started doing pageants.
I will be blogging about her experience
with the National American Miss compay.

To prepare her for the big pageant.
I started a You Tube channel to help
her get comfortable talking in front of people.
We talk about fun products that she loves.
Teh Dollhouse Girls
Come Check us out!
Make sure to watch the Hotel Transylvania one.
It is sure to make you giggle.

I have a new obsession with coconut oil.
In our house Saturday is Get Your Bake on day!
We have Monster High Mania,
a lot of my post are Monster High.
My family is my world.
I feel extremely lucky and blessed.

Our home is full of laughter and smiles.

Miss Blue,
she is one of a kind with a huge heart.
She wants to be a singer and music teacher
 when she grows up.
Her room is full of Monster High dolls.
She is my mini me.
Best Ghoul Friends for life!

Mighty M
Is unlike any little boy I have ever met.
His imagination would knock your socks off.
He is a smart little cookie too.
It is never a dull moment with him.
He keeps me smiling and laughing all day long.

My Love King
Yes that is what I call my husband!
The first night I met him I knew 
he was the one for me.
He was dark and mysterious.
And honestly I thought he was a vampire.
Which only added to the appeal.
Even though he has a mean bite,
turns out he is not a vampire.
What he is though is an amazing daddy, 
and a wonderfully loving husband.

Our marriage is truly a fairytale!
I gave him a spot on my blog.
Man Cave Entertainment (MCE), he is slacking a bit though.
He reviews video games and accessories.
My husband is a thinker he can figure anything out.
He impresses me everyday.

Ok so since you are here I am going to take
this opportunity to tell you about a awesome site.
Sign up and try it you will be hooked.
I have been getting free stuff all year,
and getting rid of my clutter.

Word of advice though don't 
share the account with your hubby.
Mine has kinda taken over mine now we get a lot
of video games and yugioh cards.
Which is ok cause I love to save money.
I am a thriftaholic!
So free is even better than cheap.
But sharing credits is not so much fun.

The Dollhouse is here to stay.
I love having a place to share pictures,
and tell stories.

Would love to have you as a follower.
I do keep my Facebook private.
But you are welcome to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse.
Please feel free to leave the link to your blog in comments.
Would love too check it out!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monster High Photo cards

As you all know we have Monster High 
mania in The Dollhouse.
It is not only the girls either.
Daddy and Mighty M 
are getting into the ghoul groove.

My hubby called me one night from target.
Letting me know that he saw Monster High
photo cards and he wanted to know if he should
get some for Miss Blue.
Of course I said "YES!"
I was expecting him to come home with a pack or two.
He came home with a box only missing a few packs.
That was only the start though.
Soon Daddy was driving from Target
to Target on the hunt for more
Monster High photo cards.
All 4 of our local Targets.
It is his mission to get as many as he can!
Nana even joined in the hunt.
Watch Teh Dollhouse Girls review. 

Now the goal is to get the whole set of 108.
Keeping doubles of the ones we really like.
Cause yes there are a few that I want to have.
I am a little bummed though that
the photo album and starter packs 
were not released in the US.

And it is almost impossible to get your hands on one now.
I spent a few hours looking all over 
the cyberworld trying to find one.
Sold out everywhere and the one
place I did find that had them only
ships to England.
Anyone in England want to send us one?
If it only were that easy.

Now that Miss Blue has about 80 of the cards.
She has been getting doubles more and more.
We decided to put them on Listia.
Then the credits she makes with them,
she can use to get whatever she wants.
I am doing them in sets of two.

And will continue to put the doubles up.

This is a way to get them for free!
Not a Listia member yet, go join!

I also scored Mighty M  his first
Monster High doll yesterday on Listia.
It is a original Deuce Gordon rag doll plush.

Since he is too young for a regular 
Monster High doll this is going to be perfect for him.
But shhhhhhh don't tell him it is a surprise.

We also have a Monster high item not sold 
in the states coming in for next weeks 
Teh Dollhouse Girls review.
Make sure you grab your little
ghoul and come back to watch!