Sunday, April 27, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

As you all know we love to dress up
in The Dollhouse.
It doesn't need to be Halloween for
this family to put on costumes for fun.
The kids dress up bin is seriously over flowing.
I was beyond excited to be able to 
pick and review a 
Alice in Wonderland costume.
We do have wonderland tea parties all the time. 
Miss Blue was in desperate need
 of a nice Alice costume.
Costume discounters has a great selection
of all types of Wonderland costumes.
Alice's Dark Side
Right away I knew which Alice costume we wanted.
Dark Alice was the one!

Cause yes we are all a little spooky here.
Not only was is a little darker than the
regular Alice costumes it was super cute.

Shipping was fast!
I must say I am super impressed
with this costume.
The material is a shiny black polyester
that shimmers in the light.

You know how some costumes have that
dinky velcro closure on the back,
happy to say this one didn't.

To make it fit her better I pinned the
sleeves in the back.
It is a slide over the head dress.
I did get a teen size medium.
Miss Blue is growing ever so fast
and I wanted to make sure that this fits
her for a good while.
It is stretchy and super comfy.
It even fit me!
Yay, looks like Miss Blue and I can
take turns being Alice.

Over the black dress is an attached
white apron with a pic of
Chester cat on it.

This was another reason I wanted 
Miss Blue to have this costume since
she loves that cat.
The sleeves are elastic ruffles that 
add to the cuteness of the dress.

With a ribbon trim all along the dress
with a few cute black bows.

This dress definitely has a lolita feel to it
that I LOVE!!!!
It also comes with a pair of glovelets
and thigh highs.
I think though for Miss Blue
a nice pair of stripey tights would work better.
She could also wear a petticoat underneath
to poof it out a bit.

If you are looking for a
Alice costume with a little
edge than this on in the one for you.
It is well made and as you can see
beyond lovely!

And of course when you say Wonderland
in this house a tea party happens.

Cause everyone loves the classic
Alice in Wonderland

Thank you Costume Discounters...
This costume is 100%

Make sure to check out their site
for all your Halloween and costume needs!

We were sent this costume free of charge.
For our honest review.
Not only did we love the costume 
it made for a really great Saturday.