Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Walking Dead finale... The anticipation is killing me!

After last weeks episode I have no clue what
the writers of The Walking Dead are 
going to throw at us for the finale.
I know I was not the only one
that gasped and got a little teary eyed
last week when Daryl saw Merle as a zombie.
The heart break was felt all over.
Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker did a amazing job.
Here is a behind the scene peek of the making
of the Sorrowful Life episode.
I couldn't take it.
Started looking up spoiler sites.
Hoping to get a sneak peek in to the finale.
I found nothing legit though.
What I did find was a lot of references to season one.
Honestly when The Walking Dead came on
we did not have cable.
When I started watching The Walking Dead
I started in season two.
Never even thought about watching season one.
Curiosity got the better of me yesterday 
and I watched all six episodes of season 1.
I am so glad that I did.
I did not realized that Rick woke up in 
a deserted hospital filled with the dead.
Awoken to a zombie apocalypse.
Watching season one made me like
Rick Grimes character.
Really feel bad for the guy sincerely.
I understand who Morgan is now.
Why Merle is missing a hand, a few references
that I had missed before make sense now.
Shane and Laurie aren't as sneaky as I thought.
Daryl has become a real good guy.
Actually seeing Sophia instead of just looking for her.
It shed a light on a lot for me.

Now that I have watched season 1.
Tonight I am going to watch season 2.
It is going to make more sense and I have
emotion devoted into the characters now.
Instead of watching it not really knowing
who was who and what they had been through.

Toworrow night it is finale time!
Word on the web is 27 people are going to die.
It is going to be intense for sure.
Here is a sneak peek.

I personally hate The Governor.
Patiently waiting for Michone to chop off his head.
Although he really added a lot to this season.
With out The Governor it would have just been 
them in the prison fighting off walkers.
The Governor was a actual bad guy,
who was a bigger threat then the walkers.
He seemed ok at first but the more
the story progressed the more deranged he became.
I am really hoping though that Rick and his crew
are out of the prison when
 The Governor and his people arrive.
Looks like there might be some walkers behind 
that door they open seen in the preview.
Well at least that is what I am hoping for.
There is a lot of speculation about the finale.
People comparing and using the comic
book to predict the end of season 3.
From what I have been hearing though
the show is different then the comics.
So you can't always go by what you read.

 Really hope Daryl tears some s**t up,
and avenges his brothers death.
I predict Milton is going to find Andrea in
The Governors torture room and let her go.
Since it was kinda hinted he set the walkers
bodies on fire behind The Governors back.
As for all the Woodbury folks they might just be doomed.
Wouldn't that be ironic if the 27 is all of Woodbury.
The Governor I hope gets his but I don't see that happening.

Any Walking Dead fans out there?
Any predictions for the finale?
Who do you think is going to make it to season 4?

I am excited!
Can't wait.
But then in another sense sad this season is coming to a end.
And the wait starts all over again.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My toothache from hell.... nature cured it.

Two weeks ago I bit into a hamburger
and my tooth got a instant sharp pain.
It was throbbing so bad, but I needed to ignore it.
The plan was too take my sweet Blue roller skating.
The throbbing stop enough for me to 
have a really fun night at the skating rink.
Then a few days later I was eating dinner
and the same tooth started throbbing.
This time it was excruciating pain.
I sat at the dinner table in tears it hurt so bad.
The pain never went away.
It only kept getting worse and worse.
Sunday after roller skating I noticed 
my lip and and right side of my face was numb.
Looked it up online and it said that 
was a sign of infection.

I made a appointment with the dentist the next day.
My face started to swell and the
 pain was through the roof.
Sitting in the waiting room I was in tears.
It seemed like I was waiting forever.
Finally made it in the dentist chair,
he had to be the rudest dentist ever.
He was so mean to me and made me feel even worse.
They did the x-ray and confirmed there was a infection.
10 days of antibiotics and a script of pain pills.

Now if I could have gone home
and rested I would have felt much better.
Being a mom though you never get a day off.
Mighty M was not only potty training.
He was starting to get sick.
He had more accidents and I felt like
I was doing a load of wash
every hour on the hour.
My face was in so much pain
none of the medicine seem to be working.
I wanted to be cuddly with him but
he kept hitting my face.
I had to keep my distance so I didn't get hurt.
My other stress factor was Miss Blue
was out of her medicine and it seemed like 
no one wanted to give her more.
I spent days on the phone with doctors,
fought with the pharmacist and my stress was at max level.
Finally I was able to get her a refill.
Which was a big relief after days of stressing about it.
The week was very hard cause I was in so much 
pain and it wasn't getting better.
At this point I was ready to try anything.
I was sucking on tea bags, salt water rinses, and 
drinking lots of tea.
My bestie Shay has really taken a interest 
in natural healing.
Asked some advice what would help me.
Coconut oil was her suggestion.
Publix had a jar of Spectrum coconut oil.
Hearing oil you think liquid.

This jar was full of hard waxy looking stuff.
I was reading online all about the 
benefits of coconut oil.

I was excited to get started.
First night I put more then a spoonful 
in my soup that night.
Shannon had warned me that coconut oil
was strong and that it would effect my body.
That night I woke up sick to my stomach.
Next day I took it easier and didn't over do 
it with the coconut oil.
I did a coconut swish the next day.

Melt down a spoon full of the waxy coconut oil.
I take a bowl of water heat it up.
Then in a smaller container put the coconut oil.
Watch the coconut oil liquify.

Then put it in you mouth and swish it around for 20 mins.
This is easy find a show to watch 
or play a game on your phone.
Once the 20 mins is over spit the oil in the garbage.
Not the sink , it will harden up and clog you pipes.

After doing my first swish my tooth and mouth
finally stopped hurting.
It was amazing!
I read that if you have a tooth ache it is not
the actual tooth that hurts.
But it is your bodies way of letting you know
there is a infection starting.
The coconut oil kills the bacteria and infection head on.
Not to mention makes your mouth feel amazingly clean.
I am a true believer and will be incorporating
coconut oil in my daily life.

The kids are at Nannies for spring break.
So it has been nice to have time to relax.
Well wait I have to take that back.
It has not been relaxing we
have started ripping up our kitchen. 
The whole reason the kids went to Nannies
was so we could do the kitchen.
As much as I would like to rest all day.
Too much work to get done.
The teeth are coming out tomorrow.
Yay! This seriously has been the 
most painful two weeks of my life.
I am happy to get it over and done with.

Words of advice.
COCONUT OIL use it !
If you have tooth pain, DON'T ignore it!

Sorry I haven't been around but I was just in so much pain.
We have a lot of fun stuff in store.
Miss Blue is not here today so no Teh Dollhouse Girls.
We will make up for it next week.

Coming soon!!!
New kitchen picture!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hotel Transylvania Prize Pack

I was really excited when I saw the coming 
attractions to Hotel Transylvania.
I love monsters and it just looked so good.
We watched it one day and we loved it.
Once the movie was released on dvd 
a few giveaways popped up.
The one I was really interested in was
the one on Five Minutes for Mom.
Not only did you get the movie, but three
costumes, a activity book and a poster.

Well Rafflecopter picked me as the winner.
The Fedex man dropped off a
 big box of monster goodies.
My little guy was jumping up and down
with a huge smile on his face.
He tried them all on, well except for the Mavis costume.
Even went to the post office in the Frankenstein
costume, he was a hit.
And Miss Blue wore her Mavis costume to 
school the next day without the wig.
It is a serious cute outfit and she 
was very excited to wear it.

Check out the latest Dollhouse Girls video.
We give you a closer at the Hotel Transylvania Prize pack.
Make sure you watch the whole video.
It is sure to make you smile.

I want to give a big THANK YOU
to the Five Minutes For Mom blog.
This prize pack has given
my family so many laughs.
We all really love it.
I hope everyone enjoys the video
we had a lot of fun making it.
Not only does Miss Blue have
a personal introduction at the pageant
she has interview.
None of this was scripted it was all ad lib.
She answered as I asked.
I think she did an amazing job!

Hotel Transylvania is 100%

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have to be honest when I first  heard
 that 97X was doing this I didn't have much hope.
One thing I was really happy about was that the 
morning show was no longer.
I know a ton of you miss it but not me.
Being that at 8am I am 
bringing my daughter to school.
The talk show was a bit much with 
the language and topics.
Granted yes I know it isn't meant 
for kids but I like to listen to the radio when I am in the car.
97X being one of the stations I like to listen to
I found my self going through the radio 
stations looks for something kid friendly.
And cringing every time I accidentally stopped on

The first week of 
was just as expected.
Everyone was picking the same songs
that the dj's were picking over and over.
I don't know who was the first one 
to do it but all I know is soon that all changed.
People started requesting good songs.
You know the ones you haven't heard in years.
They started to understand and use the power
Yes there are a few songs that I could
do without being requested.
I think I have had my fill of Mumford and Sons.
Maybe a little less Green Day.
But mostly I am really impressed
with Tampa Bays music choices.
Being that I am in the car most of my day.
Dropping kids of at school,
taking the hubby to work, and then
picking everyone up.
I like to listen to the radio.
Sure I could pop in a cd but I like
the mystery of not knowing what song 
is going to be played.
Now I can really say on 97X
anything can be played and I love that.
I find my radio station on 97X
all day long.
Well except if a Aerosmith or Nickleback song comes
on then I change it that second.
I just can't take them.
But I am loving all the 
other bands that are being  requested.
I love hearing multiple Tool songs a day. 
Load me up with some Beastie Boys.
 Bring back my high school  memories with
some Breeders and Violent Femmes.
Can never get enough Muse.
It has a retro feel to it now with a lot
of great 80's songs being requested.
Along with some other forgotten about gems.
You can find me singing and rocking out
driving around with a big smile on my face.

The radio station  97.1 has given control to its listeners.
The former DJ's are now called music guides.
Danielle and Joel are the main ones but
there are a few others I can't recall their names right now.
You send in the request and they play your song.
A robot voice says now playing or the new
one I am not wearing any pants.
Which I don't get but it makes me laugh.
There is a library of artist to pick from.
You can also use the app and make a open mic
demand for a song or artist.
There is a vote up and down on some songs.
Which gives a interactive fun way to 
get the song you want to play.
Or vote down the song you don't want to hear.

is great for is requesting songs off of
albums that radios usually don't play.
I remember I had just dropped of my husband at work.
A guy made a open request for 
Lumineers Stubborn Love.
I could hear it in Danielles voice
she had now idea what the song was.
She played it and once it was over
was like "Wow, I loved that, thanks for requesting it!"

Now I hear that song everyday and love it.
Would I have know about it?
No not really I wasn't a huge fan of the
only Lumineers song that was played on the radio.
One day while I was in the car circle waiting
to pick up my daughter.
Joel one of the music guides broke the rule
and played a song he wanted to hear.
It was more of a hey this is a really cool band and I want
you guys to hear this song by Capital Cities.
Well it now  has become one of the most requested 
songs on 97X.
And another one I really like, thanks Joel.

Now I do have one bone to pick with 97X.
I finally got a android phone.
After listening for months of open mic requests.
And hearing about this awesome app.
I go to the google play store.
All excited that I  was finally was going to get
in on this demanding action.
I installed it.
Go to check it out,
the app force closes itself.
It wont even stay open long enough
for me to pick a song.
Or even vote a song up or down.
Then I read the reviews on the app.
At it seems I am not the only android user
that this app does not work for.
Now I am just waiting for it to work 
with android phones.

You can go to their site and use the app there.
I am voting up songs right now as I type.
It has a window of  songs to 
select and add to the playlist.
Also if you have a suggestion for a artist
or song that is not on their list.
There  is a box for you to summit your suggestions.

Pick a song and send it over to the playlist.
Then others can vote it up or down.
I just added some PJ Harvey 
lets see if she makes it on the radio.
If you log in with your Facebook account,
when the song you voted for plays.
Your picture will be scrolled along the player.
Giving you credits for your selection.
Also when they play the song on the radio
they also give a few names of who
requested the song.

I'm excited about this.
I love music but what I love more is
having control over what the radio plays.
 Tampa Bay keep picking
good songs and  I will keep listening!
I think it is great that 97X
did something different and  went out of the box.

Other then the app not working.
Which hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Skelita Calaveras- Monster High : Teh Dollhouse Girls

We love Monster High, so of course it is only
fitting that the first review Teh Dollhouse Girls do
is Skelita Calaveras our new Monster High doll.

As you all know I am totally addicted to Listia.
I have gotten some super sweet stuff on there.
Last week I scored a Skelita doll.
I really lucked out though the person
who had her up didn't have the best feedback
and was charging $8.00 shipping.
I put her on my watch list just to see
how much she was going for.
Then I noticed a comment that 
said if bidding went over 7,000
credits that she would do free shipping.
I smiled cause I knew then I was going for her.
Luckily the auction ended in the afternoon.
We just got home and were about 
to lay down and watch a movie.
I told Miss Blue though that we had to wait 
a bit cause Mommy wanted to bid on something.
I showed her and her eyes grew big with excitement.
I won! 
Yay, we were doing the happy dance.

And for 14,000 credits that was a steal.
I have seen Skelita go for over 50,000 credits a few times.
Even though the seller had not the best
feedback she sent her and covered the shipping.
Which means we got her for FREE!
Yes free you heard me right.
Here is the link if you want to sign up
and start getting free dolls too.

Since Miss Blue is doing the 
National American Miss pageant
she needs to work on her public speaking.
Other then practicing her personal introduction
over and over, I wanted to figure
 out another way to help her.
We had so much fun doing the Vamplets review.
It dawned on me this was a perfect way to help her,
having her do video reviews with me.
I asked her if this is something she was 
interested in and she smiled.
Let me introduce you too 
Teh Dollhouse Girls.
She has early release days on Wednesday.
Giving us a bit more time then other days and
perfect for doing video reviews.
I said Wednesday but since I can't 
just post a regular video.
I need time to edit and add music and such.
So Thursday will be the day I post the videos.

Since Skelita arrived the other day, I knew
she would be perfect for the first 
official Teh Dollhouse Girls video.
Now these reviews are not going 
to be perfect it is meant to be fun.
Giving my little girl some spotlight and practice.
We will make mistake and do silly things
but that is all a part of it.
Here is the first offical Teh Dollhouse Girls video.

We had a few redos on the makeup.
I forgot to redo her mouth stitches 
that is why on the actual review she doesn't have them.
But she was great and excited to have me do 
her up as Skelita.

Make sure you click the video and subscribe.
We are going to post weekly videos about
whatever we fancy.
Dolls, makeup, toys, cupcakes and ect.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Model stance and personal introduction- Miss Blue is on her way!

Today was Miss Blues pageant practice training 
with National American Miss.
Yesterday she was practicing  her walk and all excited.
But the second she walked into the Vinoy today
I could tell her nerves took over.
The room was full of girls ranging from age 4-20.
We grabbed a seat close to the front.
The speaker was a funny young girl who kinda set
the room at ease with her jokes and light hearted spirit.
Next thing though she had the girls lined up against
the side of the wall.
One by one she has them practice 
their formal walk.
She taught them model stance and then showed 
them how to walk on stage in the circle formation.
Miss Blue did really small circle and then 
the instructor had to stand up and help her.
I am excited though how easy formal
wear is going to be.
She is going to have it down perfect by July.
She then finished telling us all about formal wear.
Then on to personal introduction.
Now honestly I still to this day can not speak 
into a microphone in a room full of people.
It is instant panic attack at just the thought of it.
Well next thing she said was "Ok girls I 
am going to have you come up one by
one and introduce your self and say something about you."
The look on Miss Blues face was horrified.
She went "NO WAY!"
But she knew she had to this is part of the training.
By the time she had gotten the nerve to stand 
up and get on line the line was really long.
Which was good though she got to hear a good
amount of the other girls introductions.
Her wait was over.
It was her turn.
Poor thing was so nervous.
She didn't look up at anyone and kinda
talked into her shoulder.
And then rushed back to her seat.
But even though she didn't
nail the personal introduction.
I was so proud of her for getting up there and doing it.
I know it took a lot for her to do that.
Being that personal introduction is 30%
of her score that is something we definitely need to work on.
Luckily Daddy has a bunch of mircophones.
But seeing how nervous she was up there, 
makes me wonder if it is my fault.
I do not like talking to people.
I am very quiet and keep to my self.
Have I unintentionally passed this on to my sweet Blue.
Has she picked up on my fear to speak in public.
I think in the process I am going 
to have to get over my fear, to help her.

I must say though I am really impressed with this company.
Everyone there was super nice and smiley.
They were having fun it was a good atmosphere.
There was no negativity there at all.
I am so excited for the next few months.
Now that we know what they expect,
we know what we need to practice.
The pageant weekend is going to be so much fun.
I really like that the NAM system prepares you.
Yes $480 is a lot of money.
But I really feel this experience is going to be
amazing and life changing for Miss Blue.
She is going to be competing with a lot 
of girls but also making friends.
We are not pushing the competition part of at all.
More we  just want her to do the 
best she can and have fun.

She got her photoshoot pictures back.
They look amazing!
We are all so proud of her.
Miss Blue is so special to all of us.
I really can't wait for her to get 
on that stage and rock it!

Miss Blue has made it half way to her sponsor fee goal.
I thought we had till July for the deadline
to get our sponsor fees in.
Turns out they need to be in April 11st.
Yikes that is next month.
So if I wasn't already stressed now I am.
Thank you to everyone that has donated.
It means the world to us too have your support.

If you want to donated that would be amazing.
She is currently $200 away from her goal.
Which isn't to bad considering 
she started out at $480.
Remember that businesses donations
are 100% tax deductible.
Also if you want to buy ad space in 
the program it is $60 a spot.
Great for websites , blogs and local companies.

If 10 people donate $20
20 people donate $10
She would hit her goal.

The other night when I was talking to 
one of my besties on the phone we were laughing.
Me being a bit darker and not your normal mom.
It is very ironic my little girl wants
to do beauty pageants.
But no matter what Blue wants to do 
I am going to support her 100% even if it is not
really my thing.
But honestly the pageant world is fun.
There is something magical about watching
your child on stage with a huge smile.
I love the practice and bonding me and Blue do
getting ready for the pageant.
It is fun for the whole family.
Nana is my partner in crime and I love it.
We are Miss Blues own cheering squad.
It gives the girls something fun to do.
This pageant is going to be a bit different with
the interview and personal introduction.
I think that is great though these 
are skills that are going to help Miss Blue
for the rest of her life.
Looking people in the eye when talking,
carrying herself with confidence, giving it her all,
practice makes perfect and the list goes on.
Daddy is even getting into it to which
really makes me happy.
I know she is going to be glowing on stage
as her Daddy escorts her during the formal wear.

I have a feeling this is going to 
be the best weekend of Miss Blues life.

Well it is 1 am.
I could go on and on about how 
amazing Miss Blue is or about how excited I am
but this Mommy needs some sleep!
Night, sweet dream.....

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hector Baby Vampyre Bat- Vamplets

Vamplets are so deadly cute.
They started out with some adorable baby vampyres.
But it has turned into a nursery full of 
horrifically cute and dangerously adorable pets.
Just waiting to be adopted by you!

I remember the first time I saw Vamplets
it was on Cultured Moms Facebook page.
She was talking about how she saw
 them at the toy fair that year.
I instantly fell in love and wanted to know
more about these little dark darlings.

It is a few years later and I have
been a loyal fan ever since.
Not only does this company make
great little creatures.
They support save the bats!
Which  is A++ in my book.
Nightcare Nanny (being  so amazingly sweet)
sent me a package, it arrived yesterday.
The most adorable little bat was in the box.
His name is Hector and oh my he is lovely.
I am very impressed with the quality and 
all the detail put into him.
The material he is made of is really nice too.
His fur is so soft.
Perfect he is!
Included was condolence of adoption paper.
Attached was a baby werewolf pin.

Instead of me telling you how about we show you.

Hector has a spot on my dinning room buffet
where him and Count Vlad  Von Gloom hang out.

Miss Blue was very excited when bed time came.
She ran and got Hector and brought 
him to bed with her.
We thought about it though she is a toss and turn sleeper.
Didn't want him to get wrecked so we made him 
a bed next to her bed. 

He was very happy about this.
Miss Blue gave him good night kisses too.

Want to get a Vamplet or a Vampet of your own?
Their site is so much fun.
Make sure to explore and see what trouble
you can find in Gloomvania.

Hurry though they sell out quick.
Everyone wants a little darling of their own.
I know my little guy asks me daily to feed the baby vampyre.
I think it is over and beyond adorable.

Go like their Facebook page too.

I can not thank Nightcare Nanny enough.
You made my little girls day!
Little Hector made her very happy.
And I think he is really happy at his new home.