Friday, May 31, 2013

Miss Blue's Monster High Birthday Giveaway!!!!!

My darling Miss Blue is turning 8.
We are going to throw a giveaway to celebrate.
She is really excited!
I need your help to make this
a extra special birthday and make her smile big.
I had a little help from Frankie Stein herself 
talking about ideas for a 
Monster High Birthday Party.
Come watch!

Before we get into all the giveaway details.
I want to reminisce a little bit about the last 
8 wonderful years!
I found out I was pregnant with Miss Blue on accident.
We here headed to Orlando to a friends.
My friend was driving and ended up flipping the car
three times across the highway into oncoming traffic.
I went out for a few seconds and when I came too
there was headlights headed at us.
It was scarey and we were both rushed to the hospital.
After being in the room for a few hours the
nurse came in and said congratulations.
I was confused, then she continued with
you are going to be having a bambino.
It was a shock.
Excitement and nervousness shot through my veins.
The next 9 month changed me.
Miss Blue was my miracle baby.
I loved her more and more everyday
even before I met her.
The life I was living would be left behind.
My dark cloud would be leaving.

Miss Blue was born on the 13th.
My truly lucky day.
She was the sweetest little thing.
Little Blue had arrived.
Before she was Miss Blue
she was Little Blue.

Her first birthday was a blast!
My brother helped me make a awesome blue star cake.
And yes all the decor was blue stars.

 Two years old butterfly princess

Three years old
She was the pretty princess of the party!

For her fourth birthday we had 
a birthday weekend at Nanas.

For the BIG 5 we took Miss Blue 
to Disney World.
She had the most magical time.
She was beyond excited to meet everyone.

I searched my computer high and low for her 6th
birthday but came up empty handed.
I do know that is the year my
dad took her to get her ears pierced.
Bummed I couldn't find a pic.

7th Birthday was Freaky Fabulous!!!

Miss Blue wants another Monster High birthday.
And yes I am stoked!
A little sad that she is growing so fast.
We only grow closer as each day passes.
I am so proud of her and love her dearly.
She is such a special little girl.
Or should I say little lady.

This is the first Teh Dollhouse Girls giveaway.
I want it to be special for her.
The prize is going to be a Monster High surprise.
We are going to keep the prize a mystery cause
hey it's a birthday giveaway!

Fill out the Rafflecopter to enter.
Mandatory Entry:
Subscribe to Teh Dollhouse Girls channel and
Leave Miss Blue a HAPPY BIRTHDAY comment.
Or  Happy Birthday Video Response.
Make sure you leave the comment
on the Giveaway video for your entry to count.

Miss Blue is going to pick out 
her favorite comment or video.
That person will get the bonus prize.
Which is also Monster High awesomeness!

There are 13 entries you can earn.
We also are going to have daily tweets if you 
want to get some extra entries in.
 Bonus Question answers can be found
in Teh Dollhouse Girls videos.
(If the videos don't play right try doing a update to your
system. I was told they weren't working properly until
a update was done and now they are working great for her.)
We will post the winner announcement video July 1st.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Dollhouse.
Good Luck and may the best ghoul win!

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  1. That is a beautiful story about you and Miss Blue.
    I love your blog and your channel.

    1. Thank you so much! =) She is my little love.

  2. Hi there! My daughter wanted to share her video for Miss Blue even if it doesn't count since I'm too dumb to figure out how to use YouTube.
    Here is the link - We hope it makes Miss Blue smile for her B-day!

    -Steph and E from A Geek In Glasses

    1. Oh my that was adorable! Miss Blue is going to love it since Clawdeen is her favorite ghoul hehe. I can't wait to show her when she gets home! Thank you so much.

      Ps. This totally counts!

  3. Happy Birthday little miss blue! Hope you have a freaktastic birthday and may all your wishes come true sweetie!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! My favorite ghoul is Frankiestein because I love her hair! I hope your special day is great and your mom lets you eat all the candy you want and watch all of your favorite shows (and none of that grownup stuff like news or other shows. ;-)