Saturday, March 31, 2012

Emily The Strange - Stamps of Disapproval

I absolutely love Emily The Strange.
Having a bit of a Emily obsession for years.
If I see anything Emily I want it..

Here is a closer look at the Emily the Strange Stamps of Disapproval

It comes with 6 wooden square stamps
2 rectangle stamps 
Red ink pad
Black ink pad
whole bunch of little envelopes

The stamps are super cute
and easy to use

This set is so much fun.
I was lucky and scored it in Borders clearance bin. 
They currently have it at Wicked Cool Stuff
Along with some other Emily the Strange goodies 

Easy Canvas Prints

This is a great way to display those special pictures.
As a prize on La Maison Boheme
I received 7 $10 gift cards.
So excited cause it was the day before my birthday!!
Was a bit worried I wasn't going to be
able to use them all together.
Spoke on the phone with a Representative.
She was so sweet and worked with me.

Totally knew what pic I wanted on canvas.
Ever since I took this pic of my little girl
 I wanted to blow it up and hang it on the wall.
Look how amazing it came out.
The print job is perfect.

The back

This product is well made 
It would make a great gift
Totally add's that special something to any house.
They can take almost any photo and put it on canvas.
They have all different sizes and types of canvas
Go check them out!!

Living Dead Dolls Retro Halloween Set

This set came out 2010
I wanted it the second I saw it.
Having always wanting a Cavalera doll
This set really excited me.
Limited to 500 Pieces each set.
Making this a super-rare 
addition to any collection.

So fast forward about a year.
And for my 33rd birthday
This set finally became mine..
We got a great deal on it.
$79 for all three
Plus $12 shipping

So here is a up close look at the 
Three Dolls
Calavera- The Skull
Pumpkin- The Jack-O-Lantern
Gabriella The Ghoul
Three adult size plastic masks
Three Tshirt
Living Dead Dolls Retro Halloween Sets 
Masks on

Masks off

Original  Pumpkin and Retro Pumpkin
Different Orange on the face
Original Pumpkins outfit is a bit more bloody
and he can hold his pail.

And yes the mask are wearable.

Oh and the best part is they mask on the dolls GLOW!!

I love it when dolls glow.
It just makes them that much cooler.

The t-shirt is awesome.
My only complaint is that it is so big.
XL- It is huge on me.
I want it in a small.

My husband wears his regularly.
He is actually wearing it today.

The other one we are going to frame 
and hang on the wall.

The box that the set comes in
is the perfect way to display the mask.
With cool retro drawings all over it.

All in all this set rocks.
I am so happy we have added it to the collection.
Since they came out awhile ago
They are usually sold out on most online shops.
You can get lucky though if you look around.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Evy's Tree - Hoodies

Have you heard of Evy's Tree?
(adorable story of how they came up with the name)
I know the first time I saw Amy's hoodies 
I was in love.
Embellishing hoodies with ruffles and barilla's.
The one I had my eye on was The Black Night Brilla

Just loving the all over ruffle look.

Here are a few other of my favorites.

Their newest REFASHIONED hoodie
Made from cut up pieces
 of the men's hoodies.

Look at this darling dress

Kid size hoodies.

I received a Gift certificate as a prize
from their birthday bash giveaway.
Excited is not even the word
I was ecstatic.
The two we picked was the 

My little girl adores this hoodie.
She was so excited when she first put it on.
It is totally her style.
So dainty and sweet.

Can you guess which one I picked.

I absolutely love it.
It is the softest most comfortable 
thing I have ever worn.
The ruffle hood it so sassy.
People are always complimenting it.
Extremely happy with The Black Night Brilla.

I suggest you go and  check out the Evy's Tree Shop

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pocket Full of Posiez

These dolls are adorable.

I have Lylliona and I adore her.
She is still in her box sitting on my dresser.
Here are some of her other custom dolls

Queenie doesn't just sell dolls
She has a whole shop of

Here are a few of my favorites

Each piece with extra care to detail.

I'm really excited about these
widow clings/decals

I absolutely love all of her work.
Her style is just darling.
She is a real life doll herself.

Go check out