Saturday, May 18, 2013

My new favorite lunch... This doll is getting healthy!

I have to admit something.
Over the last few years I have
been eating really bad.
Before I moved back to Florida
I was on a strict eating schedule.
Being married to a junk food junkie
has taken its tole on me.
I have not been feeling well.
Sluggish all the time and sometimes sad for no reason.
Then I took a step back and looked at what
I was eating throughout the day.
I wasn't eating a proper breakfast 
I few handfuls of Life on most
mornings, with other mornings nothing.
Then for lunch was some cheez-its and M&M's.
Some days I ate other stuff but this 
was what I had been eating lately.
I just didn't take the time to make myself
a meal, made sure the kids were fed though.
Dinner I always made sure to cook 
something that the kids would like.
Which usually ends up being spaghetti and meatballs.
Also realized I was not drinking enough
liquids throughout the day and was dehydrated 
most the time and that is why I would get headaches.

Something had to change!
The other night on the way home from
picking up my love I asked for him
to stop at the store.
I had decided I was going to 
make the changes in my diet
to make a healthier me.
The plan is to eat as much raw veggies as possible.
My body need to recoup from
all the neglecting I have been doing to it lately.
Eggs lots of eggs!
No juice, just lemon water and lots of it!

I have been eating good all week,
and I feel better already.
Right now I am going to share with you
my lunch I have everyday.
It is so yummy!

Last month I convinced the hubby
to order me a 1 gallon tub
This stuff is amazing and I use it 
for everything.
Seriously cooking, I bath my kids in it,
put it on boo boo's, mix it in my shakes and etc.
Already down half a tub.
I could go on about how amazing
coconut oil is but I will save that for it's own blog post.

I start with putting a few scoops of 
coconut oil in a pot.
I cook everything in coconut oil
for all the benefits it adds to the food.
Naturally speeds up the metabolism.
Keeps thyroid healthy.
Helps your body absorb nutrients, vitamins,
amino acids, and minerals.
Great way to improve your immune system.
It is also good for your heart.

Turn up the heat and watch it melt and start to boil.
I pop in some plantains.
(Plantains have fiber, Potassium, Vitamin A,
Vitamin C, Niacin, Calcium, Iron,
Magnesium, Folate and Vitamin K.)
Cook till golden with a little black on them.
That is how I love them a bit crispy.
I also threw in a few Alexia Sweet Potato fries.
I just love those things.

As the plantains are cooking
I chop up some veggies.

Keep them all raw.
Throw in some black beans to add some extra protein.
I have been putting  sweet raw onions on everything.
There are so many benefits to raw onions.
Cancer fighting properties, high content of
Iron, lower cholesterol, fights infection,
lowers blood pressure, immune booster,
 and stronger bones.
Miss Blue has even been eating them with her meals too.
Which makes me really happy.
As a added topper I put some
Chobani plain Greek yogurt.

Sprinkle it with a good amount of Cayenne pepper.
(You know I love my Cayenne pepper!)
A nice big glass of freshly squeezed lemon water.
I start my day with a big glass and drink
 it throughout the day.
(Cleans the liver, increasing body alkalinity, nourishes brain
and nerve cells, purifies the blood,
 and boost the immune system.)

This taste so good with the sweetness from the Plantains.
The raw onion, cucumber, tomatoes
 and bean go together so well.
With the added yogurt and cayenne pepper.
It makes my taste buds very happy.
But the best thing when I am done I am full.
I look forward to eating now.
I feel my body working better now too.
For dinner I make my own separate thing.
I have been adding raw veggies on everyone's plate.
As a mom I want to make sure the whole
family is getting everything they need.
It is starting with small steps.
By this time next year I hope to rid 
the house of all junk food.
I mean why have that stuff around if it
is only going to bring you down.
I want my kids to be as healthy as they can be.
And I want to be healthy so I can
be the best mom I can be!
I take and make the time to make myself
a good healthy meal everyday.

We have decided to grow some 
lemon trees in the backyard.
Also a small little veggie garden.
I know the kids will enjoy helping
with the plants and it will spark
 their interest in healthy foods.

Time to go and drink some more lemon water.
You should try it!
It is nature's energy drink.

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