Friday, May 3, 2013

Monster High Magazine!!!! It's here!!!! With Teh Dollhouse Girls!

The Monster High magazine has been out
in the UK for a while.
But guess what it is finally here!
*Does happy dance*
The one in UK each issue comes with all sorts of goodies.
The American one doesn't but it is still really
exciting to be able to get our hands on some.

Here is the link is you want to 
get a Monster High magazine subscription yourself.

You can also subscribe to the UK one 
to get all the goodies each issue.
But it is a bit more expensive.

I had bought the second issue
for over $8 on ebay.
This was before I realized I could subscribe.
I felt a little silly but I was excited and
it was a impulse buy.
We picked Daddy up from work and 
I told him all about the Monster High magazine subscription.
Told him we had to get it!
He agreed and ordered it that night.
See it is really good Daddy has Monster High mania too.
Miss Blue loves to read and LOVES 
Monster High so this was a perfect mix.

The magazine comes out every three months.
4 issues was $17.99
8 issues was $29.00
To buy the magazine in the store it's $4.99
When you subscribe you are getting
each issue for $3.63.
You'll save over $10 by subscribing.
If you ever miss an issue you can
always order back issues.

Come watch Teh Dollhouse Girls
review issue #2 that came out in April.
Monster High Magazine Review- Teh Dollhouse Girls

This issue had 3 giveaways in it!
You can only enter those if you have the magazine.
3 posters
Monster High bookmark
Door Hanger

We decided to shoot on Sunday.
Which worked out great!
Mighty M was in the bedroom with Daddy
playing video games.
The girls got to do their review without 
being interrupted by little guy.
We went through the review three times.
The camera kept dying on us.
The first two takes were 
more exciting and full of energy.
By the time the third take Miss Blue
was ready to play video games with the boys.
I promised her a pack of 
Monster High photo cards when she was done.
Note to self: Make sure I charge the
camera all morning on Sunday.
So it is fully charged in the afternoon.
Towards the end of the review I
use awesome a lot haha.
My brain was tired.
Oh and yes my root were not dyed.
No worries I have a
nicely fresh black hair and
a new haircut!

Yes if you watched the review 
you heard correct, we are going to 
be giving away a Monster High Doll.
We are going to wait till JULY.
I want to give Twyla away.
I think she is the perfect doll for The Dollhouses
Daughter of the BOOGIE MAN.
She is spooktacular!
I want her on my shelf for sure.

Don't you just love everything about her?

Make sure to subscribe to 
Teh Dollhouse Girls channel
so you know about
the GIVEAWAY when we announce it.

Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse.
See you next Friday!

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