Doll Collection

Our living dead doll collection Click the link to watch it!!
We currently have  over 80 dolls.

My Wonderland Collection is complete
Wedding present.. Wonderland set

1 Year Anniversary Present
Twisted Love Set

2 year anniversary present
Beetlejuice set

Three year anniversary present
Romeo and Juliet set

Four year anniversary present
Frankenstein and Bride

Happy Birthday Mommy
Thanks Nana
Retro Halloween set

Got these from Oopsie Cake

Merry Christmas Present from my love

Exclusives Corner

Resurrected Corner

Trick or Treat

Winged Things

Our Vampires

Jack The Ripper

Daddy's Horror Dolls

Got these from Skeletrona

2012 Xmas Present

2013 Mommy's day present

My Poisonous Best-ie got me this little ghoul

My little blue was chosen as one of the
2009  Halloween costume winners..
She won an amazing doll!!!

My dream is a set of me and my husband to be made!!
A girl can dream right!!

Made this with Photoshop over 120 layers


  1. these are great! and look at lil Blue! so adorable! she looks like she belongs in a movie!

  2. Oh you have no idea.. haha She is a Sassionista!!!
    My doll collection has grown a lot since you last saw it..