Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Night with Mr. Moonlight - CELEBRATING 35 YEARS OF BAUHAUS

Last week my love texted me with full excitement.
He had read in a local paper that 
Peter Murphy was going to be in town.
It was my job to get tickets.
We both love Peter Murphy!
This was deffiantly a show we wanted to go to.
Tickets were only $20 which
was not bad at all.
I also read that they had a VIP ticket.
That included a signed poster, a tshirt
and a meet and greet with Mr. Moonlight himself.
Sadly though they were all sold out.
That ticket was only $40 more.
My husband is a HUGE Peter Murphy fan.
I knew I had to get my hands on one of those VIP tickets.
It is a dream of his to meet Peter.
I had to make this happen for him.
I looked all over line and came
up completely empty handed.
I wrote on the Orpehum's wall asking
if they had any idea where to get a VIP ticket.
But I really left that comment on there
in hopes that someone would see it 
that had a VIP ticket to sell.
The next day I had a message in my other 
folder on Facebook.
I got excited cause I had a feeling I knew what it was.
This lady wanted to sell her VIP ticket.
Sadly she only had one.
But that was still amazing.
Luck was on my side.
We agree to pick up the ticket a few days later.
The excitement on the way to her house was high.
After we scored Daddys ticket we 
went to a record shop to get mine.
I wanted to make sure I had my ticket.
Didn't want to take a chance the show sold out.

I have to put in here that,
I have the most amazing Mother in law.
She knew how important this was and 
was happy to watch the kiddies.
Not only did she help with the kids.
Nana dyed and cut my hair.
Yay! I was way overdue.

The day was here, as each minute passed
I kept getting more and more excited.

Went and picked Luke up from work.
He was just as excited as I was.
We got dressed up and headed out!
Took a picture first of course.

We arrived to the show about 8pm.
The Orpheum had a small line out front.
We got in quick and found a spot close to the front.
There was two opening bands.
They were ok but we were there for Mr. Murphy.

All the lights went out it was time.
Luke has his arms around me and it was one
of those magical moments.

Peters voice is amazing.
The band was a little loud, wish it would have
been turned down a bit.
I have never seen Bauhaus,
Luke has seen them a few times so he 
knew what he was in store for.
This was so much more than a concert.
It was an experience, his stage presence is unlike any other.

Found these two in the Peter Murphy Facebook page.

The show was over.
It was time for my love to head to the VIP area.
Now Luke has see Peter perform a few times.
But he has never actually met him face to face.
He brought with him a un opened
vinyl from his collection.
I was stuck down stairs watching him.
Even though I wasn't standing next to him.
I could see the huge grin on his face.
He was holding his record and his fingers
were nervously tapping it.
I was smiling too cause I knew I made this happen for him.
It was beyond adorable watching him.
His face was glowing!
This is something he will never forget.

Was a little bummed that he didn't get 
a picture with him but he did get to meet him.
Glad though we got the pictures of Peter
signing his album and poster.
The meet and greet was a little rushed.
There was no t-shirt , he did received was a signed poster.
He met his idol so no matter what
it was still a big dream of his coming true.
Luke came down and still had that huge grin on his face.
Told me that Peter touched his face
with a giggle in his voice.

Peter is very charming and charismatic person.
I could tell that from his small talk
in between songs.
I would have loved to meet him myself,
but last night was all for my love.

Thank  you Mr. Moonlight for an AMAZING night. 
It is one we will never forget!
Till next time....

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