Friday, May 10, 2013

Scaris Ghoulia Yelps with Teh Dollhouse Girls.

Miss Blues Monster High collection is ever growing.
At night time she has me shine her night light on
her best ghouls self, so she can see them.

She has all of the main girls except for
Cleo and Ghoulia.
Daddy needs to put up another shelf for her!
I was at the store picking up a few items.
And of course had to make a pit stop
in the Monster High isle.
It is habit no matter what store we go to.
Always have to make a Monster High stop.
Give a quick search threw the ghouls.
Walmart had all the Scaris travel dolls on sale for $10.
The last time I was there they only had
the Scaris Dracualara doll.
When I spotted the Scaris Ghoulia I got 
excited and grabbed her right away.
Miss Blues face lit up too.
Miss Blue was excited cause Ghoulia was one of
the dolls she was missing.
For ten bucks why not?

Come watch 
Teh Dollhouse Girls review 
of Scaris Ghoulia.
Ghoulia Video Review

The plan was to tape on Sunday.
The kids arrived home from Nannies
later in the afternoon and Miss Blue was beat.
She wasn't up to taping on Sunday.
Cleaning up the playroom on Tuesday,
I came across Miss Blues Dracularas wig.
A light bulb went off.
Not only were we going to review
Ghoulia but Miss Blue could dress up.
We love to play dress up in The Dollhouse.
Mighty M was going to be Dracula 
but backed out at the last minute.
He still wanted to be apart of it though.
It was a bit of a challenge getting
through the whole review.
His little head pops in from time to time.
A few times he was under the table messing with our feet.
But it is cute he loves his girls
and wants to be apart of the fun.
I did have to edit out a bit though.
Tried to keep it as smooth as possible.
Miss Blue did a fangtastic job as Draculara.
I was really proud of her.
Teh Dollhouse Girls is really helping
her out of her shell.
We don't practice the questions or answers.
All on spot thinking!
This is helping Miss Blue for the interview
part of her pageant coming up.
Found the most perfect music box 
sound for the end of the videos and background music 
for the blog.
This site rocks!
If you are looking for sound effects this is the place!

In a totally unrelated topic.
My husband has surprised me with a huge box.
It is a mystery, all I know is that
my mother day present is in there.
I am excited.

We are going to do a special 
Mother day show on Sunday.
Make sure to watch, and find out what is in the box!

Hope everyone has a fiercely fabulous Friday!

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