Monday, January 28, 2013

Emily The Strange Prize Pack

I am a huge fan of Emily The Strange.
My love for her runs all the way back to my school days.
I remember reading all her cat filled stories.
Along with Living Dead Dolls , I also collect
Emily The Strange stuff.
I am signed up to the newsletter
and follow them on Facebook.
I enter every single contest they have.
Each time I get all excited thinking of all that Emily loot.
Never actually won any of the contest.
But I did get my hands on one of the prize packs.
How you ask?
My eyes lit up huge when I saw this lot on there.
I watched it for days and then won it.
Excited was not even the word, I was ecstatic.

My birthday had just passed so this was perfect timing.
Ready to take a peek at all the goodies I received.
8 Emily The Strange Stickers

Super sweet Emily Rocks Wallet

A Emily bandanna

Sorry for the roll wrinkles.
But I wear this bandanna a lot.
I have it so the kitty head and ESP shows.

Deck of 54 Emily The Strange cards

The picture cards are my favorite.
I think I am going to use these for a art creation.
They are just to perfect to only play cards with.

A signed copy of 
Emily The Strange: The Lost Days

This was my favorite of the whole lot.
A signed book oh my!
These were perfect additions to my Emily collection.
Moral of the story:
You can get really awesome stuff on Listia.
You don't always need to win the contest
to get the prize!

Go to

Friday, January 25, 2013

I adore our new bedding!

We got new bedding!
I had won a $100 gift card to Sears last year
 and used some of it for a  bedding set.
It was a really nice.

I loved the color and the fabric.
One thing I noticed right away though
that it wasn't quilted.
I knew that was going to be a problem 
in the future but I didn't let it ruin my
excitement for our new bedding.
Well it has almost been a full year and
 what I feared has happened.
The fluff inside moved all to one side.
Then I noticed a rip where the fluff was coming out.
I pulled it all out, so basically the blanket
had no warmth to it, but looked a lot better.

I had been eyeing a Skull bedding set on 
Amazon for quite awhile.
Showed hubby and he liked it a lot too.
We had received some Christmas money from
my dad and I knew I wanted to get this set.
And since the bedding we were using was on
the way this was the perfect time to get it.
Another reason too is we are down sizing our bed.
The king is nice but takes up way to much room.
And we really don't need a bed that big, 
we like to cuddle and be close.
I ordered a Queen size set, it cost a little over $55.
Free Super Saver Shipping yay!
It arrived in two days, fastest shipping ever!
I wrapped it and put it under the tree from my dad.

This comforter set is so nice
 and well worth the money.

The fabric is a silky material and is quilted.
Another thing I love about it is that it is reversible.
Big skulls on one side and small ones on the other.

The skulls are made of flowers.

It has a day of the dead feel that I love.
It isn't black and white it is more a ivory color.
It came with two pillow sham cases and a bed skirt.
I can't wait to get our new bed so we can set it all up.
I wasn't going to open the new set till the new bed.
But it has been chilly the last few nights.
Not only is the comforter stunning, but 
it keeps us nice and toasty.
It is hard to get out of  bed cause it is 
just so warm under this comforter.
The plan is we are going to get a black platform bed.
This bedding is going to look so nice.
I am really excited just can't wait.
We are pillow people as you can see.
And yes your eyes do not deceive you those are pillow pets.
We sleep with them every night.
Can't help it they are so soft and comfy.
The skull and ghost pillows glow in the dark.
Total awesomeness!
This is seriously my dream bedding.
I'll be sure to post pics when we get the new bed.

Love this set too?
Amazon still has it, go order it.
For $55 it is a steal.

I am so happy to finally have this set on my bed.
I just adore it!
As for the old bedding, I still love the fabric.
Thinking maybe making a dress out of it.
I'll post pics of that too!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shout Factory First Grand Prize Winner!

First before you read this post you need ask yourself
are you looking for a place to get all your 
Pop Culture needs.
If yes, then I suggest you go and like
and enter their 
When I was 10 contest. 
Click the link
They are still going to pick two more
random GRAND PRIZE winners.
Get your name in that hat of awesomeness!
$100 to Shout Factory is something to smile about!
They are celebrating

A week or so ago I was going thru my
spam folder and I saw a email that read.

Shout Factory's "When I was 10" contest Grand Prize Winner.

I opened it in excitement!
And good thing I had, this was their second time
contacting me about winning.
If I didn't reply I would have lost my prize.
Jeff and Evan were awesome!
I was told to go to the site and pick out whatever I wanted.
I quick texted my hubby and let him know!
He came home that night all
excited and ready to pick out something good.
My choices were

I saw all the Mystery Science Theater they had.
I know how badly my hubby wanted the 

Mystery Science Theater 3000

MST3K: Volume XVI [Collector's Edition].

I decided to let him pick out whatever he wanted.
It was the nice wife thing to do.
We sat on the site for hours.
But then he made his mind up.
We sent in his choices and
in a matter of days look what has shown up.
They get a big A+++ oh and they recycle!

Watch the video to see what goodies are in the box!

This video for some reason looks all wacky.
On my computer it was much
clearer and didn't cut off words.
Sorry about that, also I am sure I pronounced most
of the names wrong but honestly I haven't the slightest.

We will be watching Mystery Science for awhile,
9 disk to be exact.
I want to give a big THANK YOU to 
You have made my hubby very happy!
Thanks for the contest and for being
A for Awesome!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Union gave me a Christmas surprise!

I have been a huge fan of Fashion Union for awhile now.
They have super cute clothing for reasonable prices.
Seriously you need to go and check out the site!
Right before Christmas I received a direct message
from Fashion Union on Twitter.
It was to let me know I was chosen as one
of the winner for the FU Xmas Win
Pinterest boards contest.
Here was my board.
I had a lot of fun making it.
And it only made me love Fashion Union more!

I was beyond thrilled to be picked as a winner.
 5 winners were picked randomly.
My prize was a gift certificate for 50 pounds.
I sat going through their site for three days.
They just have so much to choose from.
The excitement kept rising too 
while picking everything out.
One word of advice though when 
ordering from Fashion Union have
a size converter opened in another window.
The sizes on the site are European 
so it can get a bit confusing.
I just went with small on everything
and crossed my fingers it all would fit.

Sooooooo what did I get?
Here is a pic in case the video doesn't work.

Sadly I don't see the skull skate dress on the site anymore
I may have gotten the last one.
In the video you really can't see it but the fabric
has a pretty golden shimmer to it.
The fabric is stunning I was just expecting a cotton dress.
It was a very fancy surprise how nice the dress is.

Warning this video contains a lot of twirling and posing.
I can't help it I am a happy doll!

Fashion Union is 100%
Go Like

Saturday, January 12, 2013

BYOU Magazine

I was really excited when contacted about BYOU Magazine.
Being that I have a seven year old  darling daughter,
I knew this was a magazine that
 we would be very interested in.
Its main focus is to help young girls develop 
a healthy self-esteem.
Encouraging to embrace their own and unique self.
Miss Blue was very excited when it arrived.
It was in a shiny pink package,
her eyes lit up when she saw it.

She got a very pleasant surprise when she opened it.
Olivia Holt was on the cover.
She had just watched Girl Vs Monster last week.
Also she had received some Disney Signed clothing
for Christmas this year.
Right away she went "Mommy that's my girl!"

We decided that we would leave the 
Olivia Holt story for bedtime story.
I told her to look through it.
She was smiling the whole time.

This magazine is full of great stuff.
Be Fearless in 2013 is right on the first 
page when you open it.
The table of contents has three parts.
Faves In Every Issue

What is really great about this magazine
is that is is real girls telling their stories, giving their advice.
Then as a extra bonus it has interviews and questions
answered by young actresses and singers.
Girls young girls would be familiar with from TV shows and movies.

They also are running two contest in this issue.
A pet photo contest and 
Where Do You B-You?
Enter by submitting a photo of your
daughter with her magazine in a interesting place.
Miss Blue is already trying to think of a great 
place to bring it to get a good shot.

There is a lot of smiling faces through
out the pages of girls from 8-14.

My favorite part was reading about 
the young girls with their own businesses.
It was great for Miss Blue to read showing her
if she put her mind to it she could  become
successful at a young age.
It is all about determination and great ideas.

Other fun pages were:
Quiz: Climbing Towers
B-Smart Puzzles
Girls making a difference: Girl Talk
Helping girls through the drama years.
Shining your heartlight bright:
Beauty's inner and outer beauty tips.
Internationally speaking- Say Happy Holidays in 10 languages
Ask Cassie- Teen Anti-bullying advocate
Star Signs

That night at bed time Miss Blue 
had her BYOU magazine in hand.
We cuddled reading the Olivia Holt interview.
We learned she is a very sweet girl.
And that her whole family moved to LA 
so she could pursue her dreams.
It was a very sweet interview.
Added bonus it has two mini posters of her.
Miss Blue was beyond excited.

I feel this magazine has a lot of 
great articles and advice for young girls.
I felt though the quizzes were a little
to old for Miss Blue.
But it was still fun taking them.
I remember that was always my favorite part 
of girly magazines.
It was the first time Blue took one
or that she got her Horoscope read to her.
Over all it was a great experience.
I would defiantly recommend the BYOU Magazine
if you have a daughter in the 8-14 range.
My daughter is at that age where she is 
developing her self confidence and honestly
I want it to be through the roof.
Anything that can make her smile more 
and feel better about herself.
I am 100% behind and this magazine did just that.

Also if you have a daughter let them check out the BYOU website.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Monster High Share or Scare Game

I was really on the fence about buying this game.
It was between this or a Monster High book.
I actually picked it up and put it down a few times.
Then just as I was about to go to the register I turned
around one last time and grabbed it.
Other then Miss Blue being totally
stoked to owe a Monster High board game,
it is actually a really fun game.
Really happy I ended up getting it for her.

Yesterday after her nap Miss Blue woke
up and the Mighty M was still sleeping.
Actually funny story he was fighting me
saying how he wasn't tired.
Look where I found him, in his play tent out cold.

But this was perfect it meant me and my little 
ghoul could finally play her Share or Scare game.
First off I love the box.
In the shape of a coffin with all your favorite
ghouls all over it.
It comes with a lot of goodies:
100 game cards
 1 coffin card deck cover
 1 spinner
1 sand timer
6 choice tiles
1 blindfold
1 coffin bean bag
 60 scoring coins
 game instructions.

You start the game by spinning the spinner.

Three share spots , two scare, and one double scare.
The three main characters on the cards are 
Frankie, Draculaura, and Cleo.
Some of the questions are Monster High trivia.
But most of the questions are just personal choice.
The answer is always a or b.
You choice using your choice tile.
You just have to guess what the other person said to 
get a scoring coin.

Aka dare.
This is where the game got really fun.
Some challenges you need to wear the blindfold.

Balance the coffin bean bag till the time runs out.

Or jumping up and down making spooky
witch noises till the timer runs out.

We laughed so hard while we were doing
some of these challenges.
We had to skip a few challenges cause we needed
to talk with a non player.
But we both can't wait to play when daddy is home.
Miss Blue really liked the scares.
You were suppose to play till one person
got 13 scoring coins.
We were having so much fun though we played
all the way through the cards.
Miss Blue did beat me by a few scoring coins.
The best part of this game is that is will always change.
You can play it over and over and it will never be the same.
You spin and by what you spin tells you what 
to play on the card.
If you have a little ghoul that loves 
Monster High this game is Monster High must have.
You can pick it up at Target for $14.99.
This is a game we will be playing in The Dollhouse a lot!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year I have been waiting for.... 2013

I have been patiently waiting for 2013.
The number 13 I have had a obsession with for awhile now.
To some people it is a unlucky number.
Me it is the luckiest number out there.
We got married on Feb 13.
And this year our anniversary is going to be

Miss Blue was born on June 13
her birthday this year is going to be

I am a bit of a number nut,I can't help but
smile when I see those numbers.
All those 13's.

As I don't know what 2013 has in store.
I can feel it is going to be a awesome year.

I am going to make sure that the time 
I have with my kids is
100% fun or learning.
When they grow up I want them to 
remember all the fun times.

This year I am really going to 
try and get organized.
And keep it that way.
The kids have so many toys, I have a over flowing
closet, my hubby's game room is a mess.
I want to look around and see order.
Right now it is just chaos.

I am going to bake my little heart out in 2013.
New recipes and spookier cupcakes.

This year will mark 4 years of marriage for Luke and I.
It honestly has been the 4 best years of my life.
I have never been happier and more in love.
We are just going to keep it going.
It is really an amazing feeling being 
with someone that just makes you smile.
I am the luckiest doll in the world!

We are going to continue raising our 2 
wonderful children in our happy and healthy home.
Some mornings I have to pinch
myself cause my life feels a bit like a dream.

This spring break we are going to
rip out our kitchen and re do it.
Honestly the kitchen kinda sucks right now.
It is too small, there is no room to do anything.
Hubby has come up with a great plan
and it is going to open it up.
Not to mention I am going to
get my black and white checkered floor
in the kitchen like I have always dreamed of.
Spooky wonderland kitchen YAY!
We also are going to section off the 
washer and dryer, and put a door up.
It is awesome having the washer
 and dryer in the kitchen.
But I hate the way it looks.
It is going to be great to have a private little 
laundry room attached to the kitchen.

I hope for Miss Blue to do more pageants this year.
She did so good in her first one.
Little guy wants to do one too.
So would love to get them both in one.
Despite what people say, it was a fun experience.
I would say a very positive one for her.
My little guy is always putting on a show.
He would love to be on stage.
Team SUPER 2013

Both our kids are very smart.
I am honestly blow away by both of them.
My little guy is going to start school soon.
It is exciting cause I know he
is going to do great.
I have worked with both of them daily.
 ( Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters )
will stay in our life's
for another 3 great years.
I am so happy I picked up that flyer at the library.
Both the kids have extremely benefited from the program.
We have made some great friends and had a lot of good times over the years.
Look forward to all the fun events planned for 2013.

Being that I now am a proud owner
of a Silhouette machine.

I am going to get my craft on in 2013.
I have been wanting to make things for so long.
Just not sure what.
But mark my words I will be making some
sweet yet spooky stuff.
Once little guy starts school I am 
hoping to make a business out of it.
I will have the free time and I know
my mind is just full of great ideas.

This year I am going to go to bed earlier.
Last year I got in the habit of staying up till 3am.
Only to wake up at 6:30.
It was rough.
I want to make sure I take care of myself.
So I can give my family 100%.
No body wants a sleepy grouchy mommy or a sick mommy.

We currently have 94 Living Dead Dolls
I have a feeling this may be the year we hit 100.
I know I have been dropping major hits
that I want this set for a anniversary present.

It is crazy to think that before I was with Luke,
 I only had 4 dolls.
My hubby has spoiled me rotten with dolls over the years.
Not only spoiled me but has also joined me in collecting.
It has become our collection.

Tea I need to drink more tea in 2013.
I used to be a avid tea drinker but have been slacking the past year.
My kettle is amazing to so there really is no excuse.
More tea parties a must!

Call my friends more.
My days are spent in kiddie land all day.
So I kinda forget to step out of it to just say hi.
I feel bad and out of touch with a few of my closest friends.
But we have the kinda friendships.
That don't get broken!

Trip to FT Laudedale!
I have been trying to get down there since I left.
This will be the year!!!!

New Tattoo in 2013
I have been itching for ink for the last few years.
And it will have a 13 in it somewhere.
Hopefully I can talk the hubby into getting it too.
We have been wanting to get another matching tattoo.
This is totally the year to do it!

More video chatting with my dad.
The kids love it and I love it too.
I want to make it a every Sunday thing.
I know he love to see the kids!
It is so hard with him being so far away.
We love you papa!

Pictures I need to take more pictures.
Back in the day I would never put my camera down.
I was making a calendar for my dad this year and 
I was just searching for pictures for it.
Not this year I am going to take a ton of pictures.
Everything and anything we do I want a pic!

Oh and while I am talking about pictures.
I need to get pack into my graphic arts.
One of these days I need to go and get my last 
6 credits to get my graphics art degree.
I don't think this will be the year for that
but I surely can practice a whole bunch 
before I go back to college.

was a great year for giveaways.
I won over 100 different prizes.
I feel extremely lucky and
it brought my family much pleasure.
Two being my dream wins 
a laptop and a Silhouette machine.
I was on a winning roll.
Honestly though I was spending way
to much time entering giveaways.
It seemed that every extra second I 
had I was searching for the next giveaway to enter.
For 2013 
I am only going to enter for things
we really want or need.
I am going to spend more time at night 
hanging out with my husband.
Even if it is playing video games.
My kids are going to come first.
I am going to be on the computer way less.
I have found my self getting sucked in a lot this year.
I will continue to write about prizes I win
or just stuff I think is awesome and want to share!
I really just started this blog cause sharing a pic
on Facebook I wasn't able to tell the story behind it.
Thought it would be a neat way to let my friends see
and hear more about the stuff I was winning.
Also I love Monster High Dolls and Living Dead Dolls.
It is fun to have a place to write about both of them.
It has become more then that to me though.
I am excited to have so many hits and followers.
The Dollhouse has a lot of fun stuff planned for 2013.

My dream wins for 2013:
A Mattress
Trip to Universal

Let 2013 be filled with lots of luck and wins!

I need to take everything around me in everyday.
Smile lots and hug the ones around me.
This year instead of bugging the family 
to come up with resolutions.
I saw this really cute idea and made one.

The happy moments jar of 2013.
To be filled with:
Happy moments
Thank you notes
I love you notes
Silly words that made us laugh
Kisses and hugs
Ticket stubs
Happy faces
Anything to mark or remind us of a fun time we had over the year.

I know no matter what 2013 has in store.
I am going to be spending it with my amazing family.
They make me smile and give me so much joy.
2013 is going to ROCK!