Friday, December 28, 2012

A Monsteriffic Christmas

This Christmas was amazingly wonderful!
I have such a sweet and loving family.
That I enjoy spending time with more then anything.
The kids are blessed with the most amazing Nana
in the world and great papa's.
Being that I have a 7 year old their was 
a lot of Monster High stuff on her Christmas list.
And I didn't mind one bit cause 
I personally LOVE Monster High too.
My goal was to make sure my little girl 
got a ton of awesome Monster High goodies.
Without breaking the bank of course.

And for this reason I love Listia!
I scored a bunch of her presents on there.

That is about $100 dollars worth of 
Monster High stuff all brand new.
All I paid was $9.00 shipping for the backpack
and doll package.
The rest was completely free!
How awesome is that!
I did get screwed over twice by two different sellers.
I had won her some Monster High perfume, Uno Cards,
Lip balm, and shower gel from one seller.
She never sent the items but I did get my credits back.
And the other seller I won a Venus Mcflytrap doll and
a Clawdeen Plush doll and she never sent.
But the beauty of Listia if the item never
shows you file a claim and get 
your credits back.

I also scored  two monster high shirts for her.
First one was on the Halloween clearance 
rack for $1.98.

Scored this at the thrift shop for $2.99.
This was actually the first Monster High
item I have ever seen at the thrift shop.
I was super excited especially since it
it one of the first Monster High shirts that came out.
I have seen this same shirt used on Ebay for $40.

You remember the skirt I won on Listia.
Well the seller was so awesome he sent me two.
I got a Frankie skirt and a Lagoona skirt for her
My dad also got her a Frankie skirt so we traded 
it in and got her a Operetta skirt.
Did you know at Big Lots 
Monster High skirts are $5.00.
They had a $13.00 tag on them,
but a lady in front of us had one.
 And when it rang up $5.00,
I ran right back to the toy 
section and picked up the 
 Draculaura one she has been wanting.

All of these awesome skirt were in 
that Frankie trunk as a extra surprise.

Nana and Papa Homer
got her some Monster High Leg Warmers.

Don't forget the Monster High Undies.

I didn't want her to get just clothes,
 I wanted it to be Monster High through out!

The back pack is so nice.
Perfect size for her school binder.
I was a little worried is was going to be smaller then it was.
She totally flipped when she saw this.

Other items
Velvet Poster Pad

2013 Calendar
Puzzle Tin

I thought the puzzle tin was so cute.
The ghouls making silly faces.
It also comes with three puzzles
all different difficulty levels.

I had the Monster High Share or Scare
game wrapped and Blue was 
so cute she thought it 
was a present for me since it was in 
the shape of a coffin.
I don't even think she knew 
you could buy this game.
We have watched many episodes 
were they play a rendition of this at sleepovers.
It looks super fun!

Can't wait to play with my little ghoul! 

Michaels had a whole bin of Monster High stocking stuffers.

My dad got Blue the Monster High Wii game.
That was the present she opened on Christmas eve.
She literally screamed with excitement when she opened it.
Then called him thanking him!

My husband had picked up this
Monster High mic on clearance for
$7.00 almost a year ago.
We thought it was the perfect time to give it to her.
It was set up in the Santa play tent.

She sang her little heart out all morning.

The first doll she  saw was her
Little Dead Riding Hood.
Daddy thought it would be awesome if she 
was peeking out of her stocking.

She ended up getting 3 dolls total.
She was so thrilled.
Clawdeen as Little Dead Riding Hood

Recently Miss Blue told me
she is over the Disney Princess.
So it was time to take her 
Sleeping Beauty poster down.
And time to put up the Monster High one I won her.
Only thing it wasn't the same poster I thought it was.
But Blue didn't care she loved it so much.

Miss Blue's Monster High obsession is in full 
effect and I am loving it!

Hope everyone is having  Freaky Fabulous Holiday.
Stay tuned reviews of the game and dolls to come soon.

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Acers white screen of death..

Nothing is more awesome then winning a really nice laptop 
a few days before your are about to go out and buy one.
Just to refresh your memory I won 
My Acer Aspire on 5 Minutes for Mom
webcast last Feb.
This thing is awesome light and fast.
Recently though it has not been so awesome.
It has come down with something called 
the White Screen of Death.
 I can not open it with out the
 screen going completely white.
It is starting to drive me crazy.
I can't do much of anything.
This computer runs about $999.
Being that is was a little on the high end I didn't 
expect to have any problems with it.
I went to forum after forum trying to 
fix this white screen problem.
And I leaned it happens in most Acer laptops.
I read story after story of peoples screens
going white and never coming back.
Why you ask, because they make them
cheaply so the wire comes undone easily.
I am so bummed.
I love this laptop and it really upsets me.
We did figure out a way for me to
 use my computer though.
It has a HDMI hook up so I currently 
am plugged into the 32 TV in my bedroom.
My only complaint is my neck hurts from 
looking up at the screen.

So my words of advice.
Don't buy a Acer!
I read that almost all Acers 
get this white screen of death after 
6 months of use.
I did watch a Youtube video 
on how to fix it , but honestly
I can't figure out how to pop the panel  piece off.
And I don't want to break it any more.

I am going to bring this with me over to my
brother in-laws and hopefully he can fix it for me.
Fingers Crossed!!!!!!

My computer use is limited so my blog post
will slow down..
But I promise once I am back in action
I have a lot of great products to tell you all about.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our toddler friendly Christmas tree

To be honest with you
 I never really got into Christmas.
Maybe the reason being that we didn't celebrate 
Christmas in my house. 
The first time we got a tree that
 I remember was when I was 15.
And the fun of it all was all over I was just to old.

Usually we go to my mother in-laws for Christmas.
Which I love it is a fun little trip.
This year though is going to be a bit different.
We are staying home and having Christmas here.
Being that we are going to be here we wanted to get e tree.
Daddy was set on getting a real one.
The thought of this made me nervous.
I could just picture Merlyn messing with the water.
And the big mess that would be around the tree.
For a real tree it was going to be about $50.
They has fake pre-lit ones much cheaper then that.
I was all for the fake one.
It was less of a hassle for me and
 I knew would be better in the end.
We ended up  getting the white tree
with multi color lights,
for only $39 dollars!
This is one we will use for years.
It took about 3 mins to set up.
The tree looks so pretty when it is plugged in.
The pastel color lights on the white tree
just looks so sweet.

We decided another thing to keep this tree safe,
would be no breakable ornaments.

Me and the kids have been making ornaments.
Paper snowmen, reindeer hands, and ginger bread men.

I went to the dollar store and bought
45 sparkly pipe cleaners that would make great hooks.
Cause we knew the metal hooks were not a good idea.
They worked great not only for hooks,
but I made some cherries with them.

This is the kids tree so we told them
to keep making ornaments and we will put them up.
Well daddy came up with a great idea.
It all started with a cupcake!

He wrapped the pipe cleaner around it 
so it would hang nicely.
Then next thing I knew little dude was 
wrapping the pipe cleaner 
around his toys and putting them up.
It was a great idea.
No need to spend money on none breakable ornaments.
We have a toy bid full of great ornaments.
So now the tree has everyone you can think of on it,
and lots of sweet treats!
( I even hung one of my Living Dead Doll minis.)

I just love it and the kids are so excited about it.
My favorite thing is that they keep adding to it everyday.
Now the Christmas cheer doesn't stop here though.
We have been listening to Christmas music and
watching all the Christmas classics.
And yes Mommy has  a lot of holiday cheer.
I mean I have the most amazing little family.
We are very excited about our first
Christmas in our home.
It is sure to be a wonderful memory!!!
The excitement is high in The Dollhouse!

Ps. That big box under the tree has my
 Silhouette CAMEO in it!!!!
I am counting down the days.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spells and Potions Boogie Board

Last month I participated in
 Boogie Boards  Halloween contest.
To create a Halloween costume made of candy.
 The catch to the contest was you couldn't use paper.
I love contest where you have to be creative.
Thought about it and then I came up with the sweetest idea.

The Cupcake Witch

Made from 100% sugar
Caution: This costume is EXTREMELY SWEET!!

I used a big black dinner plate, icing and cupcake toppings.
I entered it right away, I was excited.
Really glad I did because they loved it too.
Awarded  me with a
Spells and Potions Boogie Board.

Also a entry into the Facebook vote contest.
Which I didn't win but was really close.
Thank you everyone that like my pic!
It meant a lot cause this was my creation.

It arrived shortly after the contest.
And here is a little video to show you it!

The Spells and Potions Boogie Board was made special for the 
contest so you won't be able to buy one.

The Boogie Board tablet's pressure-sensitive LCD
 writing surface creates lines of different thickness based 
on how hard you push - just like paper and pen!
Think geek has the plain black JOT writer for $34.99

On the boogie board site has a customize button.
You could put you business name on it or decorate it 
however you like.
Um can't think what to get your boss.
Get him a Boogie Board with the companys name on it.
There is also a Boogie Board with binder ring holes on it 
so you are able to just clip it in.
They come in sizes of  8.5 or 10.5.

The Spells and Potions is a JOT writer.
Meaning it is just to write down quick notes
replacing post it and memo pads.

The RIP writer allows you to save and
transfer your work and turn into a computer file.
This taking the place of sketchpads and notebooks.

I am really excited and happy to have 
the Spells and Potions one.
I do wish though it would have come with 
a sleeve and a stylus holder.
But I love it so much.
If there was any Boogie Board 
that was perfect for me it  is this one.

Make sure to go and like Boogie Board on  Facebook

Also check out there site and take a look at 
all the different writers they have available.

Christmas is here the Boogie Board
 would make a great gift for anyone on your list.

A BIG THANK YOU to Kristen and the rest
of the Boogie Board crew.
I am glad you appreciated  my sweet creation.

My Spells and Potions Boogie Board is 100%

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