Thursday, May 23, 2013

Only two months away... NAM

Miss Blue is going to be 8 this summer.
Although she will always be my baby girl.
I love her more then words could describe.
This summer as you know
she will be joining the
National American Miss family.
Before you start thinking oh dear.
This pageant company is not like the others.
It is not about who is the prettiest,
or who has the nicest dress on.
It is about what is inside.
Four main categories
Escorted Formal (Daddy's going on stage with her)
Personal Introduction
Community Involvement

It is an exciting experience that she wants
to be part of and we knew it would be good for her.
We started practicing for the pageant
a few months ago.

It was then that I realized that
Miss Blue is exactual like me when
I was her age.
Shy, timid,  and self conscience.
Instead of this just being
a fun thing to do over the summer,
it has become more.
We practice every night.
At first she was quiet and extremely nervous.
Each night she seemed to get more
comfortable saying her intro.
We sometimes have to yell and jump around
to loosen her up a bit.
But guess what?
Its working, she is coming out of her shell
more and more everyday.
Teh Dollhouse Girls has really helped her too.

Our goal with Miss Blues
pageantry is not about winning or crowns.
It is about building her confidence.
People sometimes look down on pageants.
But in all honesty a lot more goes into it then you think.
Tapping into their confidence.
Finding a way to fight their nerves.
Have the motivation to practice daily.
Learn poise and good posture.
Public speaking and eye contact.
I tell you what if I was 7 would you
catch me on a stage
I was scared senseless.
It makes us super proud of Miss Blue.
That even though she is scared
she still wants to do it.
The other day we went out to sell pageant ads.
She was so nervous but after her
first pitch she was ready for the next.
I saw the excitement and confidence growing.

Yes this pageant is expensive but,
this is priceless for us.
Having her realize how
amazing she is and that she can do anything
she puts her mind too.
To love herself cause she is one of a kind.
Miss Blue was in a horrible car accident
when she was a baby.
Almost lost her that day.
Only thing she has left of that day is a scar.
She wears it proudly because I told her
it shows the world how tuff she is.
I do though fear the day when someone says something
mean to her about it.
People are mean and I know
this first hand.
I only hope that we have prepared her
enough and she is full of confidence
 to laugh it off.

This pageant is a small step for her.
It is going to affect her life greatly though.
No matter how she does in the pageant.
We are going to be the proudest parents in the crowd.
Watching her bloom over the last few months
has be truly amazing.

We are getting down to the wire.
Only two months left.
She has two dress options.
All most all of our paperwork is in.
This is something the whole family is supporting her in.
As much as Daddy won't admit it he is kinda
turning into a pageant dad and a good one at that.
We practice as a family and have fun with it.
She knows we love her and just
want her to do her best!

I am not looking for any judgements here.
Just typing my thoughts.

Watch out world , here comes Miss Blue!
She is SUPER!

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