Friday, May 24, 2013

Hair Chalking it up with Teh Dollhouse Girls

Have you heard of this new hair craze?
Hair chalk it is pretty neato.
You have seen Avril Lavigne rocking
color streak for a while.
She is a big fan of hair chalking.

I have been bored with my hair lately.
And Miss Blue has been rocking
my hair extensions a lot more.
I had heard about hair chalking a while ago
but never really though to try it.
Seeing it more and more I figured it was
time to give this hair chalking a try.

I looked up how to do it and well
it was super easy.
Ordered some that day,
it was here within a week.
I got mine off of ebay.
It only cost $4.99 with free shipping.
It included 6 chalks and we got to pick
 out the colors we wanted.
They are really bright and work great!
Totally was worth it.
It came in a styrofoam box to insure
they made it here safely.
Also a little plastic case for them.

Teh Dollhouse Girls new video!
We play with our new hair chalk.

As you can see it is super easy 
and looks way cool!
You just need a spray bottle with water.
Some hair chalk or soft pastel.
Lightly spray the hair.
Take the chalk and color it on going one way.
This will keep it from getting frizzy.
The brighter you want it more coloring is needed.
Once hair is 100% dry you can flat iron it.
Suppose to lock the color in.
Also you could use hair spray to
 help the color stay in too.
It was really nice and bright when we were done.
Miss Blue was smiling all night it was cute.
She really was digging her new streaks.
When she woke up in the morning though
the color had faded a lot.

Since it is chalk you can see how some of it 
turned her neck blue a bit.
But no worries it wipes right off 
with a bit of soap and water.
She was a little bummed though
she was hoping to rock her bright streaks today at school.
Looks like we are going to have to get up 
early next week and put some fresh ones in
before she heads out to school.

This was a fun review.
I love spending quality time with my darling Blue.
She really enjoyed this as well.
The next few weeks shows will not be
Monster High stuff since Miss Blues
birthday is coming up and
all the Monster High stuff I 
have hidden in my closet is all of her 
birthday presents.
Yes I have a closet full of
Monster High awesomeness.

Hope everyone enjoys their three day weekend.
We are taking the kiddies to the beach on Monday.
Hopefully next week we won't be sunburnt.
On a side note I can't believe that the 
school year is almost over. 
I am excited I love summer!
Lots of tea parties and quality time with
my two favorite pee wee's.

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