Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reese's Puffs muffin mix

Daddy stopped at the store on the way home.
He said he saw these and just had to try them.
Well me and the kids agree, these look good.
So it's Saturday our get your BAKE on day!
We aproned up!

Now we had to choice between
Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins
Reese's Puffs muffins
Being that me and the kids LOVE anything
chocolate, we went with the Reese's.
Oh on a side note they are BOXTOP products,
Miss blue was really excited about that.
I love box mixes, and yes I know that it 
is totally cheating!
But hey it makes it so much easier when baking
with two little pee wee's.
Instructions are super easy,
broken down into three main steps.

Let the mixing being.
This is their favorite part.
I let them mix for a good while
since they love to do it!

I have a Sunbeam Cupcake Makerwhich I love!
Place liners in and fill them up.

Sprinkle the topping , I used a spoon to do this.
Just cause I think other wise I would have made
a big ole mess.

Set the timer for 13:00

This cupcake maker has never failed me.
Every time they are light and delicious.
There is only four cause Daddy stole two 
on his way out the door to work.
But the box will make 12 muffins.
This was our first batch, the second one is baking.

Miss Blue woofed down two in a matter on minutes.
Her reaction "Mommy that was good I want more!"

And little guy well he dove head first into his muffin.
Such a little knuckle head!
Needless to say he is now covered in crumbs.

I liked it but to be honest and shhh don't tell the kiddies.
(Mommy was doing some finger tasting)
I liked it better as the mix.
It was soooooooo good.
It tasted so much like the cereal.
Once baked it kinda lost that flavor a bit.
But don't get me wrong they were yummy.
Defiantly a fun treat to make and eat!

Happy Saturday!
Is anyone else baking today?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Express

Birthday Express is awesome!
It has so many great kids party theme's.
Fat Wallet recently had a giveaway,
where three winners won $100 gift
certificate to Birthday Express.
I'm excited to say that we were one of those winners!
Perfect timing too Merlyn's birthday is not to far away.
So me and the little guy sat down and went thru them all!
He started out with "I want a Flynn Rider birthday".
So searched Tangled, sadly it's only Rapunzel.
And as much as he loves her , there was none of
this guy!

So I tried Star Wars, Toy Story, Jake
and the Neverland Pirates, and the list goes on!
But he is 2 and a stubborn two year old at that,
and he said "NO FLYNN RIDER birthday"!

Oh man what am I going to do?
I have a $100 gift certificate to a birthday place.
But one thing that is super awesome about
Birthday Express is it has two joining stores,

So to make it fair I made sure everyone got something fun!
Yay, I knew I was going to get a costume.
Daddy got to pick out whatever he wanted.
So after going through every costume on the site.
(This took two full nights,
 they have a lot of awesome costumes)
We decided what we were going to get.
First we got two things for the little guy.
He already had a ton of costumes, 
so we got him something different.
Jaden got something cute, daddy got two things , 
and I got to pick out something too!
Well honestly it was a matter of day's,
and look what has arrived already!

So since Merlyn is into dragon slaying
like daddy, we thought he might
like to have this Suit of Armor in
his room.
This was $9.99.
Oh my this thing is huge!
Over 6 feet and looks so cool.
Just have to find a good spot to hide it,
till his birthday!

Merlyn also loves games
so we grabbed him the Dinosaur Train
Pop and Race Game.
Which I know he is going to love.

Now I warn you we hit up the
 costume sale pretty hard!
Miss Blue picked out a cute witch costume.
Which was originally $24.99 on sale for $9.99!
(it is now $14.99)

I picked out a Sassy Adult Jack Costume.
Which was originally $29.99 on sale for $26.99.
I saw this same one at Spirit for $49.99.
And let me tell you I love it.
Well the material not so much, but the actual style of it.
I tried it on, little bummed I 
got medium it is a bit big on me.
I should have gotten a small.
The skirt is more like a slip.
But I picked up a skirt today that
is going to be perfect for this costume.

It comes with a cute Jack headband and choker.
Oh and the socks, I love them!
They are glittery Jack heads.

I am happy with my decision for sure.
There are many ways I can make this costume perfect for me.

So Daddy picked out two costumes.

We got the shock rocker cause it was originally
$59.99 on sale for $9.99
(which I am glad we ordered when we did cause it is now $29.99)
If anything it would be a cool shirt for Daddy to wear. 
Only thing he doesn't like is the vest and shirt are connected.

Being that he is a huge horror fan he picked out
Clive Barker's Dark Bazaar- Scorn Cenobite Adult Costume
Originally $49.99 on sale for $34.99.

The material of the shirt is really nice.
Only thing that kills it is velcro's in the back.
I don't understand why all costumes have that,
but it will be easy enough to put in a zipper.
The tools are a thin plastic very flimsy,
but would make for a great mold.
I honestly though they were just printed on the shirt.
So it was neat they were actually separate.

They only had size XL my hubby is super tall and skinny.
But it fit him good, I was afraid it was 
going to be huge on him.
He was excited trying them on!

So if your looking to get your Halloween costume early,
go check out Costume Express.
They have a lot of their costumes discounted.
And don't forget to go and check out all the party
supplies at Birthday Express while your there.
The site is well organized and easy to navigate through.
There is something for everyone!

A Big Thank You to  Fat Wallet Birthday Express crews!
We are so excited and love everything.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Babysitter's a Vampire

Being that I have  7 year old we watch a lot
of Disney channel in The Dollhouse.
Her all time favorite show is
My Babysitter's a Vampire.
She would rush through her dinner,
just to make it back in the playroom to watch it.
Miss Blue hit her goal of reading 100 book's.
Nana let her pick out whatever she wanted at the store.
(Cause Nana is the best ever!)
Her choice Season 1 of My Babysitter's a Vampire.
Which just happen to be on sale for $19.92 reg $24.99.
Saying that Miss Blue was excited would be a understatement.
Like I said this is her all time favorite show!

For 19.99 this is a great deal.
You get 13 episodes and the movie.
It is a three disk set.

We watched all the episodes first.
And I have to admit I really like this show.
Now I only wish we had watched the movie first.
Since it was the start of it all.
I didn't know this but it was originally made as a Canadian
movie and was in french.
Airing in 2010 on Teletoons.

Then later turned into a show.
Season two is about to air on the Disney channel
June 29th first episode is called
Welcome Back Duster.

This show is humorous and has a whole bunch of corkyness.
Whitechapel is a hotspot for supernatural activity.
Ethan and Benny are nerdy but very likeable.
Sarah is fighting the hunger not to
 mention all the other vampires.
In the movie you find out who and
 how everyone came to be.
So defiantly watch the movie first!

The episodes are good too,
we really enjoyed them all!
This is defiantly a series we will watch over and over.
From werewolf's, monster hunters, vampires, 
demons, haunting's  and anything supernatural.
The cast has great chemistry and works well together.
It looks like it would be a fun set to be on.

We are very excited that the second season 
is starting in a few days!
And can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

Go check out the official website.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Modcloth and Fashionspace

Have you heard of ModCloth.
They have the cutest clothes.
I have been drooling over some of their dresses
for some time now.
Fashionspace has teamed up with a few 
bloggers and was offering ModCloth giveaways.
Being a reader of Couture Carrie,
I was super excited when I saw she was 
having a ModCloth/Fashionspace giveaway.
The task at hand was to make a summer 
outfit that sizzled.
Go check out my outfit.
I loved it, and so did Carrie 
cause she picked me as one of her favorite outfits!
Which meant I won a $50 ModCloth credit!
I was beyond excited!
Yes this doll was smiling ear to ear.
So what did I get?????
Well I got lost in their site.
They have so many cute outfits, dresses, tops.

But I knew the dress I was going 
too get the second I saw it.

It's called the work with me dress.
And yes I fell in love with it.
I have a bit of a peter pan collar obsession
going on right now.
I just loved everything about this dress.
I read through all the reviews.
It was $49.99, my certificate would cover it!
I click add to bag.
I needed one more item to put me over $50.
I found the most adorable socks for $4.99.
Now the really cool thing when I was ordering,
once I typed in my email, my gift certificate came up.
The $50 was taken off my order leaving me at a total of $4.98.
For everything including shipping.
So guess what arrived today!

The box is adorable, I was so excited when
the mailman handed it to me.
Cause I knew exactly what it was.
The fabric of the dress was super soft.
I knew this was going to be a comfy dress.
Moment of truth time to try it on.
I love it.
My only complaint is that there seems 
to be a bit of extra fabric in the mid section.
When I walk it bunches up and doesn't look too nice.
But a quick snip and stitch will fix that.
This dress is beyond comfortable.
I love the collar and the shoulders.

They are actually pointed which rocks.
Just the extra added bit of style.
I am extremely happy with my decision
to get the Work With Me Dress.

It is tight and hugs all the right spots.
The waist ruffle is adorable.
Oh and lets not forget about those super cute socks.

These are the perfect socks, for my
platform Mary Jane's.
I have wanted a pair of ruffle socks for awhile.
And the fact that they are lace just makes 
me love them more.

I'm thinking this is going to be the perfect outfit
for my date night with the hubby next month!

I want to thank ModCloth,Fashionspace,
Had a a great time making my outfit 
and then picking out my dress.
You all have made this doll smile HUGE!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Thanks to a Smile a Day Giveaways
email I was introduced
to Copious and received a $10 credit.
I love when sites do this and it is 
even better when there is
actually stuff for ten and under.
There is a ton of stuff for ten and under!
Hello Kitty Mac Eye Shadow
$7.99 free shipping.
Which means if you use that
 $10 free credit you get it for free.
If you don't go over $10 Copious 
will charge you .01 to verify the sale.

There is jewelry, hair bows, clothing,art and a lot more.

Some stuff isn't free shipping,
but a lot is.
This site is also great if you
 make things and want to sell them.
A lot of the stuff on their is hand made.
So a perfect place to showcase your art or jewelry.

With my free $10.00 credit I wanted to get something good.
I looked and looked, saw a few cool things,
but I decided to get this!

I am very happy with my decision.
 It is way bigger then expected, and super cute.
The bag is in great condition
 and inside looks brand new.
It is the perfect little hand bag for me.
So it was listed for $9.50
Sales tax was .57
Bringing me to a total of $10.07
I used my  $10 free credit and got it for .07

I'm excited I love Skelanimals.
This new would have been over $20.
Now the only problem is my little guy thinks it is his,
and wont leave it alone!

Want a free ten dollar credit to get something?

See something you want that is over ten, invite some friends.
When they make their first purchase you'll 
get a $5 credit up to $200.
But don't let your credits sit for too long.
They do have a expiration date!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fangtastic Storage Trunk

To end Miss Blue's big 7
we saved one last surprise.
It actually came from my dad.
We had it hidden all day.
 I made her a special birthday
batch of cupcakes, we sang happy birthday
for the second time had her blow out her candles
told her to make a good wish.
Daddy had hidden her surprise next to her chair.
So she blew out her candles I told her to look to the
left then look to the right.
I asked her if her wish had come true.
She had the biggest smile on her face grabbed it
and brought it over to the carpet.
So what was the surprise?
A Monster High Fangtastic Storage Trunk,
this thing is full of awesome.

Comes with a Skull Shores Frankie doll

Clawdee dress up shrug , 
tutu ,accessories pack

and a Monster High hanger

The look on her face was priceless.
I wish my dad could have seen how happy he made her.

Want your own Monster High Fangtastic Storage Trunk.
You can order online at Wallmart

Say's they are out of stock, but they might get more in.
This is a awesome deal you get all of this for $35.00
The dress up bundle goes for $21.94 (Wallmart)
Accessories set goes for $19.99(Toy's r Us)
Frankie Skull Shores doll $16.99(Toy's r Us)
Buying it separate it would cost you almost $60

The actual box could have been made better.
You can tell it is just cardboard under the fabric.
The fabric could have been thicker to , I think 
that would have made the box a lot nicer.
But I have no complaints about everything inside.
She now has Monster High hair ties,
 hair bows, colored hair extensions,
head band, leg warmers, 
hand warmers, and a brush.
Not to mention the super cute shrug and tutu.
The shrug is really cute on, she started dancing
around the second she put the outfit on.

So if you have a fabulous little ghoul,
this trunk set is well worth the money 
and makes the purrrrfect present!

Thanks Dad we love you!!!

Hello Kitty Swag

Look what the FedEx man just dropped off.
My Hello Kitty Vans swag prize from the 

Hello Kitty Red Bow Backpack

This backpack is heavy duty and has a lot of room.
It is going to come in really handy during the summer.

Hello Kitty Sk8-Hi Slim

Can you say Hello Cute, oh my goodness I love them.
Not only are they cute but they are super comfy Vans.

My only complaint is I'm not loving the laces.
They are way long, I'll need to find different ones.
I'm excited though I have always wanted
a pair of Hello Kitty shoes.
Now me and my little girl can match with our Kitty Kicks!.

Thank you StyleCaster and Vans
I'm going to rock these everywhere I go!

Go check out the new Hello Kitty Vans Collection