Friday, August 24, 2012

Run For Your Lives!!!! Zombie 5K

A zombie infested 5K obstacle race.
Sounds fun right.
Your not just running against time,
you also have brain hungry zombies after you.
No they really don't want to eat your brains,
they are after the flags on your belt.
The flag symbolize your life.
Loose all your flags you become one of
the undead.
Kinda like a big bloody  zombie filled
game of catch the flag!
But don't worry health bonuses will
be hidden through out the course.
At the finish line it will save your life.

The really cool part is 
you can either be a runner
or a zombie if you want.

$77 from June 7, 2012 until October 3, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST
$82 from October 4, 2012 until October 29, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST
$87 from October 30, 2012 until November 13, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST


 A Warwear performance shirt, 

one free beer,

 a race medal, 

access to the “Safe Zone",

”and 12+ live bands at the Apocalypse Party.
$32 from June 7, 2012 until November 16, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST

$40 at the entrance on race day


Access to the “Safe Zone” 

and 12+ live bands at the Apocalypse Party.

To be a zombie it cost $25:
You can choose to be a chaser zombie or a stumbler.
Everyone who registers as a zombie will receive the following perks:
Professional Zombie Transformation
Our team of top-notch makeup artists and wardrobe personnel will turn you into a disgusting zombie.  The entire transformation process will take about 20 minutes and will be the kick-off to one of the craziest days of your life.
Zombie T-Shirt
All zombies will receive a special Zombie Horde T-Shirt.  This Tee has been custom designed for our Zombie Horde and will not be sold or given out anywhere else.
Free Race on Event Day
Every zombie will have the option of racing for free on event day.  You will receive a flag belt so you can fully experience what it’s like to switch positions on the food chain.
Apocalypse Pass
You will gain free access to the Apocalypse Party.  So once you finish your shift and sign out you can go enjoy the live music, delicious food, refreshing beer, and fun activities.
Camping Pass
All zombies will have the option of camping at night for free.  Please just refrain from eating our other campers.
One Free Beverage (Includes Beer)
You will receive one free beverage ticket up finishing your zombie shift.  What better way is there to celebrate your inevitable undead victory than by sipping on an ice cold brew.
Snacks and Drinks at the Zombie Transformation Center (ZTC)
The ZTC will be stocked with snacks and drinks all day.  
A Race Medal
You’ll have earned it.
Free Parking
All registered zombies will receive free parking on event day.

So after showing this to my hubby
we both said we wanted to be zombies.
Hello do you see that list of perks!
They have a few upcoming ones.

So excited one is actually coming to Florida!
Right after my birthday too!

Totally bummed though zombie spots
are all sold out.
I don't think I would want to be a runner.
Would love to watch my hubby run for his life though!
We will have to register for next year!

If you run or participate as a zombie you 
get this zombieriffic medal.

The top 3 men and 3 women will get a prize.

After you have survived all the zombies.
Time to kick back and relax at
the Apocalypse party.
Featuring 12 bands, food, beer and
all things zombie!

:Want to register or check out the site:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scarily Ever After - Monster High Dolls

Scary Tales - Monster High Dolls
Out now, released as Target Exclusives.
So far only three are out!

Threadarella - Frankie Stein

Snow Bite - Draculaura

Little Dead  Riding Wolf

Each comes with their own booklet,
containing their monsterfied scary tale.
Today with Blue Monster High accessories lot
she got Little Dead Riding Wolf one.
It was awesome.
The quality of the booklet is very nice.
Not just a cheap flimsy booklet.
The purple border on the cover
has a satin shine to it.
The pictures are very colorful.
Other Monster High characters 
make appearances in the stories.

I want this set!!
This by far is my favorite Monster High set out!
The girls look totally ghoulriffic 
dressed as these characters.
Snow White is my favorite fairy-tale.
I can't wait to read the Snow Bite story!

The dolls keep getting better and better
with each release.
I am excited to see what is next!

I also just read that Mezco filed suit against Matel
for trademark infringement suit stating
that the new line of Monster High dolls are copy
cat versions of their Scary Tales series.
If you remember that Mezo came out with 
The Scary Tales not to long ago.

Yes the names are the same.
But I don't think Matel copied Mezco.
The dolls are totally different.
They only similarity's they do have is what
makes them the characters.
The Monster High dolls look like
the girls just dressed as the characters.
On the box it says a Monster High Story.
They took Scary and added Tales.
 I doubt they even realized Mezco 
had a series named  Scary Tales.
The Monster High dolls aren't hurting the
 Living Dead Doll version's.
I was just at a bunch of Monster High forums, 
and most of the people there didn't
even know who Mezco was.
If anything it may get Mezco some fans
or start a war of the dolls!

The Monster High versions are cute and fashionable.
The Living dead dolls version are freakier
versions of the fairytale characters.

And face it Scary Tales has been used way before
either of these doll sets came out.
Disney used it in the 80's for a series of cartoons.
 Two words put together,
to symbolize scary stories.

I personally love both of these dolls sets.
Very interested to see how this all goes down.
If you hear anything about this let me know! 


Listia Haul reasons to join!

My new addiction!
I forget how I heard about it or why I joined.
But I am so glad that I did.
I love to thirft shop, finding awesome things
for really low prices.
This site is kinda like a cyber garage sale.
People getting rid of stuff they don't want.
Things that you do!

I have been getting tons of awesome free stuff!
How you ask?
Well I auction of stuff.
Like clothes that don't fit my kids
anymore, stickers, or anything I 
just don't want sitting around my house anymore.
Then with the credits my auction makes
I use them to get stuff I do want.

My first auction was some of Miss Blue's clothes
that were way to small just taking up 
room in her closet.
They were cute both being
Disney Princess.
They went for 1,510credits.

I was so excited and from
 that point on I was hooked.
You can also get credits from doing
surveys, daily deals, and getting friends
to join Listia!
The auction system is easy to use.
Who ever has the highest
 bid when the auction ends wins!
It is simple and a lot of fun!

I used to stay up all night entering giveaways.
Now I find myself staying up looking thru Listia
finding stuff to bid on!

I have gotten a lot of great stuff for free.
Matter of fact I had a nice haul show up today.
And this is only half the stuff I won last week!

That is 7 packages.
All from different users.
All won with credits I got for 
getting rid of stuff I didn't want.
 I bet you are dying to know what we got!

Since it was the kids stuff that I auction off,
I usually get the kids stuff!

First package was this awesome
Buzz Lightyear vest.
It was size 2T so I knew it was going to be a bit
snug it actually fits him perfect.
He LOVES it!
And once it doesn't fit him ,
I am going to make him a pillow out of it!
Cause Mommy is crafty like that!

Next package was for Miss Blue.
The second I saw this I knew 
I had to get it for her.
Brand new in package Monster High dry eraser board!

She was so excited and started tracing their faces.
It made me smile!

I also scored her a few other Monster High Items.
She didn't have any of their notebooks, now she has 4!
Mommy hooked Blue up!

My little guy LOVES Toy story!
He has big dolls and small ones.
But he didn't have a Jessie doll small.
Well now he does! 
I got her for 1,810 credits which is a little
over $5 of credits.
On ebay she is $10.
Brand new in package!
He has been non stop playing with her
since he opened her!

The next item I got is for me or Blue.
Otherwise know as Bumpits.
I always wanted to try these and would 
have loved to have had them at the pageant!
Right Nana how helpful would these of been!

Merlyn got a snazzy little vest.
One thing about my son is he loves to dress up.
He will go thru about 10 outfits a day.
He was really excited when he saw this.

My FAVORITE thing to get on Listia is decals.
I have gotten 3 really awesome ones.
This one being the latest.
The vine heart decal is made to look like it was etched on.

I can't wait to find the perfect spot for it.
The kids are excited.
We have some new awesome things
to play with and wear.

Don't worry I didn't forget about Daddy
he has stuff on the way.
I try to win stuff for everyone in The Dollhouse!

Want to join in on the fun?

Here is a link.
I warn you though once you start you will be hooked!

Monday, August 20, 2012

50 pins = Two thumbs down!

There are tons of contest on Facebook daily.
Sometimes I  enter and win and sometimes I don't!
Win or lose  they have always been  fun experiences.
Until now, I have encounter a real doozy of a company!

Last Thursday I joined a contest where
I was suppose to get 50 pins
on one item from their site.
50 pins is a lot and I knew it would be hard,
but I fell in love with this romper and I had to have it.
I get a little crazy with these kinda contest too.
Sending messages, and posting status updates
just trying to reach 50.
During the day I
left a comment asking if this was a ongoing thing
or was there a deadline that night.
I was at about 20 pins at that point.
Never received a answer instead my comment was deleted.
How rude right!
Now if I had know the contest ended that night, 
I would have said oh well.
But I was lead to believe there wasn't a deadline.

Still was motivated to get more pins.
Cause technically a day is 24 hours so
in my head I had 24 hours to get 50 pins.
I stayed up till 3am that night.
Went to bed with 30 pins.
I was slowly getting there!
Woke up to 45! Yay!!!!
I was soooo close.
Well it didn't take but  hour to get those 5 pins.
The goal of 50 was hit!
I was jumping up and down, this was hard work!
I didn't think I could do it but I never gave up.
So I posted on their wall 
"Yay hit 50! Took all day and night but I got them."
No response.
Then I left a comment on that post.
So excited!!!
(cause I was freaking beyond excited)
No response.
Then I left a comment "50 pins in under 24 hours , am I a winner?"
No response.
Then I left a comment "Hey Rickety Rack do I get a dress?"
I was kinda in disbelief that I did all that work
and they weren't even going to reply to me.
Win or lose they should have said something.
I was hurt and really upset.

Through out the day I was
 checking their page( waiting for my response),
and I watch other comments be deleted too.
They weren't even bad, that is really shady in my opinion.
These people are your fans!

What people don't understand about these contest 
and Pinterest is you are advertising
 for that company for free.
They may give one or two dresses away
but have had their name shared and pinned all day long.
I had shared it on my wall all day, twitter, Google Plus,
 not to mention all my friends that
 helped me out and pinned it.

I wrote them a message letting them know how
unfair the whole thing was and how rude
who ever runs their Facebook was.
I asked a question about when it ended,
 why was that deleted?
Wasn't even the matter of not getting a dress.
It was the fact I sat around all day waiting for a reply 
and got nothing.
I bugged my friends to pin something,
they were kind enough to help me out for nothing.
I wasted my whole day and night for nothing.

I have two words for you Rickety Rack!

Anyone that wants to try this contest BEWARE!

There are so many dress company's in the world.

With much better prices I might add.

If you are wondering
 I  UNLIKED their page
Un-following them on Pinterest
DELETED my pin board
( I had a whole pin board dedicated to their clothes).
100% done with them!
I like company's that treat me with respect.
This one gets, two thumbs DOWN!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leen The Graphics Queen: Personalize Princess castle decal

A few months ago I won a giveaway on 
The Review Stew for a $40
gift certificate to Leen the Graphics Queen.
I was so excited because I knew 
exactly what I wanted to get.

A personalized princess castle decal!
This would make the perfect gift for blue
 for reading her 100 books.
(This was before we had even thought of the pageant.)
I stuck with the white and pink just like the picture.
Miss Blue's walls are lilac color, 
so I knew it would stand out nice.

So today Daddy was like hey lets put up Blue's castle.
Yay!!! We have been busy but today we
 were just hanging around.

First we needed to decide where to put it.
My suggestion was next to her bed.
Daddy's suggestion was under her shelf
ground level so she could play with her barbies by it.
Well when she heard Daddy's suggestion she lit up.
We had a winner.
He clean the wall real good.
It was time to apply the decal.
He peeled the backing paper off, and then placed it 
and rubbed it with his trusty tool.
He was serious about it too, I think he might
have rubbed to hard.
When he was pulling the paper off  the decal was
 super stuck to the paper.
Turning it into a two person job.

Paper was off! 
Hardest part was the horse,
the decal part there is really thin.
We managed to do it.
But it came out a little crooked.
He went through and smoothed it all out.
The decal is great quality and stuck on nice.

It looks great!
She loves it.
This is the place she is always 
plays with her Barbies and now they 
have a castle!

I love the fact it has Miss Blues name is on it.
Makes it so special for her.
I think it looks so pretty too.

Once Daddy was all done we call her
in to look at it.
She smiled and started playing instantly.
It made her so happy!

Want to go and check out all the decals they have.
You will be highly impressed!

Thank you so much Leen and Review Stew.
We here at The Dollhouse love this decal.
It was more then perfect for our little princess!


Go and enter!
Lets Bless is having a MIXMOSS Giveaway!

MIXMOSS has some super cute clothes!
And the best part their prices are great!

Here are some of my favorite items from MIXMOSS.
I always go straight to the dress page.
O boy did they have a few dresses I just fell in love with!

But honestly all their dresses are adorable.
I was in peter pan collar heaven! 
Most of the dresses are under $30.
Give their dresses a peek!

They have a lot more then dresses to
coats, shirts, skirts, pants, shoes, bags, underwear

They also have a giveaway on their Facebook page right now.
Just give it a like, look for the giveaway pic, like and share it
and you are in!

I have my fingers crossed that I will win one
of these giveaways.
Cause I am seriously loving the clothes on their site.

Before you go.. Go check out MixMoss and leave a comment of a item 
you want in your closet!

Leave a link so I can check it out too! =)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Potty Tots to the rescue!!! #Giveaway

Do you have a tot and thinking of 
starting to potty train?
If so I want to tell you about a great program.
The Potty Tots are a group of adorable characters.
Through stories and songs they will give 
your child the confidence and motivation,
to become potty trained!

We were sent the boy kit.

It came with a potty chart

A fun football field to play the potty game on.

A sheet of character cling on's.

A book and a cd.

My little guys eyes went huge 
when he saw all this stuff.
He was showing signs of readiness,
this would be the extra support he would need.
Well of course the first thing he wanted
 to do was put in the dvd.
And I kid you not he watched it like 6 times in a row!
He loved it.
The songs are really cute and catchy.
And the characters are adorable.

So it was time to introduce the 
potty chart in the bathroom.
I let him pick out the character he wanted to be.
Put the charts right at his level!
And we went over the 6 steps.
1. Pants down
2. Go potty
3.Wipe with toilet paper
4. Pants up
5. Flush
6. Wash Hands

He was excited!
And we had success he went to the potty!
His big sister helped him wash his hands real good.

Now it was time to move
his guy on the football field.
He was smiling and felt like such a big boy.

I had him tell me the 6 steps again.
He was really loving this program.

And he went right back to watching the dvd.
Oh might I add he didn't want his diaper back on.
He was chillin in his undies.
I was a bit nervous, but a couple minutes later
he said he had to go potty.
We quick ran and he went again!
Double YAY!!!

Bed time came and he asked Daddy 
to read him his new Potty Tots potty book.

He loves this book!

Then next day was the same he had more 
interest in the potty then ever.
He woke me up asking for me to put 
on the Potty Tots dvd.

Since he liked the dvd so much,
I knew he was going to love the web site.
They have hide and seek with the Potty Tot's.
He has a lot of fun playing it.
Here take you little one there and let them play!

So it has been a few weeks and I am happy to report.
Merlyn is almost 100% potty trained.
He knows when he has to go and he lets me know.
We rush to the potty and he gets there on time.
Then we have a big celebration when he scores a potty point!
The chart and potty game really helped him.
Giving him something to follow and look forward to!

This program is easy to follow
and keeps potty training fun!
I love how happy and positive
this program has made him about
the potty!

Now here is the really exciting part !
Jill from Potty Tots is going to give
one of my readers their own Potty Tots kit of choice.


Or Girls

Kit Includes:
• A story/guide book
• Animated DVD -featuring three original Potty Tots songs and 2 bonus music videos
• One 11"X17" Illustrated potty chart 
(easily wipes clean with damp cloth)
• One 11"X17" "Toilet Bowl"progress/reward game with clings 
(easily wipes clean with damp cloth)

(Goes for$12.95 on the Potty Tots site)

Go check out
The have tips, potty humor, a whole bunch
of great products to help your kids succeed
in potty training!

To enter giveaway fill out Rafflecopter form!
Open to US/CAN
No mandatory entry!
You have to leave a blog comment for that entry to count!
All entries will be verified before a winner is picked!

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, 
but my opinions are entirely my own.