Friday, February 22, 2013

It's finalist time! Go Team BLUE!!!!

Miss Blue went to the National American Miss open call
about a week or so ago.
A closer look into OPEN CALL-
We walked in we were directed  to a area where
there were a few different tables.
They were in order of last name. 
We got on line,when we made it to the desk 
told her Miss Blues name and she handed her a papers.
One had her name on it for the photo shoot and
the other needed to be filled out.
It was easy just info about your daughter likes,
activities, honors, and anything that made her special.
Then it was on to the ballroom for the photo shoot.
They say dress snappy casual.
I say just dress her in something pretty or cute.
Miss Blue was trying on all her outfits for the week
before, she finally decided on her sequins 
Christmas dress. 
She looked darling.
Only thing is the black and sequins 
didn't really show good in the pics.
Suggestion have her wear a color that compliments her.
Also something that is going to pop 
on that white background.
This room was packed.
They had it split up in age divisions.
The photographer was having a blast
jumping around making all the girls laugh.
The air in the room was excitement and fun.
Miss Blue went up and rocked her photo shoot.
Then on to the conference room we went.
There was a NAM member putting on a 
presentation explaining about NAM.
You received MAG 1.
She went through it page by page.
Then they sectioned off the girls and took them 
in groups for the interview.
It was really fast.
I asked Miss Blue what they asked her and 
she said just stuff that was on the sheet.
Unfortunately I filled it out for her while she was doing
her photo shoot.
But luckily I know my Blue very well
and they asked her questions she knew the answers too.
They auctioned off some modeling classes.
She told us if we were selected we would hear from them.
Also said that out of the 2,500 that applied 
that only 1,000 would be called back.
I am not really sure how many girls were there
I wasn't really counting but it was a lot.
But the event was very organized and went super smooth.
It was a great time nothing but smiles.
A lot of nervous little girls though.
If your daughter gets the invite to OPEN CALL
I say go if only for the free photo shoot and
the experience.
As for how they got my daughters name I never
figured that out.
So it is still a mystery.
It was a great time!
It was a total fun girls day just Blue, Nana and Mommy.
We received a letter last week saying
that she is now a state finalist.
It is really exciting and the more I read about 
this company and experience the more excited we get.
The only draw back of this whole pageant is 
the sponsor fee.
A whopping $480, ugh.
But since this is such a amazing opportunity
for Miss Blue we are going to put in our 
best efforts to get sponsors and raise the money needed.
I really want the sponsor to be companies
that I am fans of and want to promote.
Friends businesses would be even better.

But for the next few months Miss Blue is 
going to practice her little heart out.
She got what it takes to rock the stage,
she just needs to tap into her inner rock star.

The thought of having to go door to door
asking for these sponsor fees has me feeling high anxiety.
I am very anti-social , this is like my worst nightmare.
I love Miss Blue though so I will do anything for her.
I know this is something she wants.

Her official sponsor sheet

I smile when I look at her.
She is so special to me and I am super proud of her!

So here it is people.
Want to help contribute to Miss Blue's Sponsor fee's
Click the donate button.

Anything will help.
If 10 people donated $48
or if 48 people donated $10. If 480 people give a dollar.
She will hit her goal.
One dollar , ten dollars, or one hundred dollars.
It is all just getting her closer to that goal.
Honestly I feel kinda silly doing this.
But hey if it were your kid you would do the same!
My goal as a mother is to make sure that my
kids are always smiling.
I know last time Miss Blue was on stage she was smiling.
She loved every second of it.
I know how beauty pageants get a bad wrap, but
it really depends on the person.
She is not entering to win.
She is entering for the experience, all the fun to be had
and friends to be made.
It is about practicing and giving it your all.
I love watching her practice and coming up with routines.
It is a lot of fun for the whole family.
Oh and I have to let you all know
that Miss Blue lit up when I told her 
that Daddy will be walking her out on the
stage for the formal part of the pageant.
I know I am going to be in tears.
That is going to be the most amazingly sweet thing.
So not only does Miss Blue get stage time Daddy is going
to get some time on the stage too.
It is going to be a event for the whole
family to enjoy and cheer Miss Blue on!
 So if you have a friend with a business let them know.
The money they put in is 100% tax deductible.
They get their name and business featured in the
state pageant program.
Free advertising!
This program is going to be seen by hundreds of families.
It is a win win for all!
This is also good for blogs.
I know I am going to donate some under
Life in The Dollhouse.
So my blog name will be seen and maybe 
I will gain some more followers.
I am going to blog about the whole experience.
It will be a inside look at the pageant.
So stay with us for the fun and fabulous ride.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A for AWESOME anniversary presents...

I love that our anniversary is right before Valentines day.
It makes it extra special and lovey dovey.
We don't go over board on the presents.
But we always get each other a little something something.

Little guy was at his Nanas so on our 
actual anniversary we went out for a sushi dinner.
Sushi is really our thing!
Luke proposed to me in a sushi restaurant.
At our wedding we had platters and platters of sushi.
My favorite kinda date is one that involves sushi!

It was really good I got the bagel roll, my fav.
It was a nice relaxing dinner.
I told Miss Blue it was fitting she was with us
on our anniversary dinner.
Since she is the reason Luke and I
connected all those years ago.
I told her she was the stitches that pulled
Mommy's and Daddy's hearts together.
That made her smile!
Luke and I wore the same clothes that
 we said our I do's in four years ago.

Valentines day was nice.
Miss Blue rocked her new Monster High dress.
Lots of I love you's, hugs and kisses.

My present arrived that day, but Lukes had not.
We agreed that we would wait till they
both were here to open them.
Just to be fair.
Only thing is I knew what I was getting!
Luke on the other hand had no idea.
He kept trying to get me to tell him.
He guessed Big Bang Bobble Head set.
Which was a good guess but not what I got him.
Saturday his present finally arrived.
Better late then never right.
 His gift was kinda of a spur of the moment purchase.
But I did good.
I honestly have never seen him
 smile so big opening a present.

Well let me start off with my present first.
He got me the ULTIMATE set of DOLLS!
Frankenstein and Bride.

I fell in love with these the second I saw them.
This set had to mine and was the perfect
anniversary present.
I was beyond excited.
Jenna and Casey from Sinister Collections
 hooked us up with a great price.
Luke gave me the ok to ordered them.
That is why I knew what my present was.
Usually though I have no idea and I am surprised.

Interested in a set.
Sinister Collections has them for a great price.

They look ever more amazing in real life.
I love that they have them in a windowed box.

This seriously is the ultimate set for me.
I can't stop smiling.

So since I knew my present was AWESOME.
I knew I had to get Luke something just as
AWESOME for him.
I knew exactly what I was going to get him.
He is really into Star Wars.
One night he showed me this Book of Sith set.
I found it on amazon and just ordered it.
I knew it was going to make his day and
this is something he would never
expect me to get for him.

Saturday night he got home from work.
We opened our presents.
I was super excited about my dolls.
But I was really excited about Luke finally opening his.
When he ripped off the wrapping paper and saw
what it was he lit up.
He had a huge grin on his face and went "NO WAY!"
I got him good, a unexpected awesome present.

I think the best was when he hit the gold triangle.
The pyramid lights up and makes noises.
Luke was glowing in excitement.

He kept going best present ever!
Best Wife ever!
It made me feel great to know he loved it.
Watch the video to get all the effects.

Under the book there is also a compass
thing and a red crystal.

Not to mention all the neat things in the book.
This is going to be a great read for my love.
And the perfect addition to his Star Wars collection.

Four years of being together and it is
only getting better and better.
This anniversary was perfect.
We both had huge smiles on our faces.
Not that our anniversary is all about presents.
It is more about celebrating the time together.
But it makes it extra fun when
the gifts are A for AWESOME!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The worst memory replaced with a lot of LOVE!!!

Three years ago we had our wedding, four years ago
we got married, and 
five years ago today I was leaving the 
Westchester Medical center.

February 9th 2008 
Was the worst day of my life.
Me and Miss Blue were in a car accident.
The car was totaled and Miss Blue was severely hurt.
I lost control on the icey roads.
We slid and flew off an huge
embankment and slammed into a tree.
I remember the shock and pain I felt.
But that wasn't the worst.
I turned around Miss Blues was covered in blood.
A tree slammed the car and her head 
went through the side window because of the force.
Half of her forehead was shredded and covered with glass.
I climbed in the back seat and got her out of her seat.
Panic took over!
She had huge shards of glass all over her forehead.
It was raw and bloody.
We got out of the car and I had a snowy mountain to climb.
She was bleeding all over the place.
I finally got back up to the road.
Luckily a car saw us and called 911.
We waited till the ambulance came then 
we were rushed to the emergency room.
I was crying, Blue was crying.
We spent a few hours in that ER and then 
they transfered her to the 
Westchester Childrens Medical Center.
She was in really bad shape.
I remember sitting in the room while they
held her down and stitched up her forhead.
My heart was breaking.
I had huge guilt, I did this to her.
For the next five days she stayed in the ICU 
unit and was under close watch.
A lot of XRAYS and MRIs were done.
No major damage was found.
I didn't leave her side.
Holding her in my arms just letting her
know Mommy loved her.
She was young only two years old.
Too young to really understand.
All she knew was her boo hurt.
They decided she was ok and she could go home.
My dad picked us up.
It was a very silent ride home.
Her poor head was all stitched up.
Part of me died the day of the accident.
And the next months were really bad.
The sadness and depression in me kept growing.
I kinda lost it for a bit.
Every time I looked at her I couldn't stop
the tears from falling.
Miss Blue was everything to me 
and knowing I hurt her so bad killed me.
Instead of being happy she was alive and ok.
I was focusing on the bad and damage done.
I had to stay strong for her but honestly
it was really hard.
Four months later me and Luke reconnected.
It couldn't have happened at a better time.
I was broken.
We started talking everyday and never stopped.
The love between us bloomed and this time
we were ready for the commitment.
The plan was me and Blue were going to move
back down to Florida after I finished school.
December we made the move.
Luke wanted to get married right away!
February it was!

The day we picked to get married was Feb 13.
Not only because it was Friday the 13.
But because Luke wanted to turn a bad memory,
into one full of love.
I really love him for this.
Instead of crying and thinking about that horrible day.
I am too excited about our anniversary.
His plan worked!
We celebrate our life together and our happy healthy family.
I do think about it but it isn't that black cloud
that was over my head for many months.
I am honest about it with Miss Blue and 
although she does see the scar I don't think it bugs her much.
The day someone say something mean to her about it,
they are going to have to deal with me.
But she is so sweet and cute I doubt anyone will.

It is something that will bond me and Blue for life.
I will always hold her extra tight and let her know how much 
I love her a million times a day.
She is my shinning star!

I am very lucky that I have a wonderful
husband that has helped me forgive myself.
It was a bit of a roller coaster when I first moved down.
So much emotion but he really helped me through it.
This makes me love him even more.
I am so much stronger because of him,
our marriage is like a rock!

Bad things happen but it is a even worse 
to dwell on them.
My broken heart is now smiling and full of love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13 things I love about my husband!

Today is our anniversary the big 4 year mark.
I can't help but smile and think how very lucky I am.
Here are 13 random things I love about my husband.

He keeps me smiling.
We spend many day and nights just 
laughing our little heads off.

6'2 and skinny as can be.
He has the perfect body.
I love that I have to get on my tippy toes to kiss him.
I always feel safe when he is near.
Everything looks good on him.

Our house is full of happiness and laughter.
I absolutely love watching him playing with the kids.
Both kids just adore him.
He truly loves his kids.

 He loves sushi just as much as I do.
Matter of fact we are going out for sushi tonight.

I love the inner rockstar.
He is very talented.
I was totally impressed the first time I heard him,
and just couldn't stop listening.

6.  KISS
The first night I met him we kissed all night.
It was the most intoxicating passionate kissing ever.
This lucky girl gets to kiss him
everyday for the rest of her life.
Everything else that goes along with the kisses is A++ too.

7.  HAIR
He has these long black dreads.
Although he doesn't wear them down enough.
I really love it when he does.

We have everything we need and it is all thanks to his hard work.
We bought a house.
Have a new car.
Not that I judge life by material things.
But we have it all!

We have something so special between us.
He is devoted to me as his wife.
And his role as a father to the pee wee's
He lets me know he loves me everyday.
Our marriage is magical.

He seems to know everything about everything.
I swear I learn something new everyday.
His mind is amazing!
I love watching him figuring out how to fix things.
He is very inventive.

When Daddy is smiling we all are.
His smile is contagious.

If he gets mad it only takes him a few minutes to cool down.
Me on the other hand will hold a grudge for awhile.
But honestly I can't stay mad at him
and I love that.

We love to just hang out at home.
All that going out and partying is out of his system.
A perfect night for him would be cuddling watching
a movie, eating snacks and drinking hot chocolate.
I don't have to worry about him going out and getting
in any kind of trouble.

He is my best friend, my partner in crime, my soul mate, my dream come true,
my happily ever after.
I have to pinch myself every morning
 because our life together is just so wonderful.
Our kids are amazing!
I can't help but smile and feel like the luckiest doll.

The last four years have been the best of my life.
So many great memories!
So many more great memories to be made!

This is just 13 things I love about him.
But the list does go on and on.

Lucky 13

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Miss Florida OPEN CALL- We are going!

As I am cleaning my kitchen I find a stack of mail.
I go through it and find a letter from 
National American Miss.
On a whim I open it to read:
Your daughter has been referred and invited
to the open call for the 
National American Miss Florida State Pageant.
I kept reading to find out it was all free.
And included is a FREE
photoshoot, digital copies and the copyrights.
So I ask Miss Blue is she wants to go and
she gets all excited and says "YES"!

I did a bit of Googling
cause I like to do my homework.
This company is actual a really big pageant company.
Not every little girl gets invited to this thing.
Miss Blue was nominated by someone.
At least that is the information I found in cyberland.
But it seems that a lot of other moms 
are really excited their little girls got picked.
I know Miss Blue is super special
and it makes me smile to know
 someone else thinks the same.

I pre-registered for her cause,
 I figured we have nothing to lose.
If anything it will be a fun Mommy and Blue day.
Since it is on a Sunday,
 little dude can stay home with Daddy.
And the girls get to go off and have fun.
She gets a professional photo shoot.
Meets other little girls her age,
and hangs out with beauty queens all day.
It is a WIN WIN.
I know the last pageant
Miss Blue was in was a lot of fun.
She is dying to do another one.
Even if she doesn't end up getting picked as a finalist.
It is still just something to boost
her confidence and make her smile.
We are IN!

She needs to dress snappy and
get ready for her first interview.

Whoever nominated her and gave her this opportunity
She appreciates the vote of confidence.

Go check out the site

Heartagrams make me smile!

Some people like hearts, peace signs, and other symbols.
But there is only one that makes me smile every time I see it.

My love for the Heartagram comes from  different places.
First of course it being made by lead singer
Ville Vallo of HIM for his bands logo.
One of my favorite bands!
It was a idea he came up with on 
his 20th birthday.
A mix of a pentagram and a heart.

It symbolized love and hate, life and death.
I remember the first time I listened to HIM.
My friend Adam Absinthe told me
he had a cd he wanted me to listen to.
It was Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights.
He popped it in , it was love at first note.
I was drawn to Ville voice.
The music was haunting, I was hooked!
This video is that whole cd if you want to take a listen.

Soon I had every HIM cd.
I listened to them daily, and I still do!
Seriously there isn't a playlist of mine with out 
10 or more HIM songs on it.
It is my happy music and my sad music all in one.

My love for the Heartagram goes way beyond that though.
I have Heartagrams all through out
 my house, on my car, and tattoos.
I make Heartagram art all the time.

My first foam cut out was a Heartagram of course!

My graphic arts I usually sneak
 in a Heartagram here or there.
Book cover project

Typography - Make a book project
(Which I gave to my husband as a Christmas present)

Friendship Clock
Made  a special birthday message for  
my bestie Poisin from Ville himself.

I have a ton of Heartagrams on my computer.
All different kinds cause I love to put them on everything.

Out of my 22 tattoos this one is one of my favorites.
A good friend of mine Holden started it for me.
The plan is to have my arm covered in the reverse tribal.
I still love it though unfinished and all.

My bestie Evil Blue tattooed my Heartagram on my finger.
This tattoo reminds me of that awesome weekend!

I do have a Halloween kitchen, but I still have 
a Heartagram on my refrigerator.

You remember I got a Silhouette for Christmas.
Once I get some vinyl I am going to make
a lot of Heartagram decals.
The more Heartagrams the better in my eyes!
Soon there will be a huge Heartagram decal in my bedroom.
I want it to take up half of the wall and be in silver.

We had our one year anniversary
wedding on Heartagram day.
That just added to my excitement.

I had posted this on my Facebook 
early that morning.

I walked down the isle to a acoustic version of
 Wicked Games.
It was perfect!

I have seen HIM in concert a few times.
The last show I went to my hubby surprised me with
tickets and took me for Mothers day.
I wore my wedding dress
and my black platform Mary Janes.

So many people complimented me on my outfit.
I felt like a Heartagram princess.

My laptop wallpapers, I switch between the two.

 Watch out cause this doll will
be making Heartagram tea cups!
 Just like the one Ville had on the cover of Hammer.

The Heartagram  really makes me think of my best friend.

All the fun times we had and laughs we shared.
My first HIM show was with her almost ten years ago.
And yes that is a huge Heartagram on her wall.
We both love the Heartagram!

Through out the years I have introduced HIM to friends.
Rocked out with them.
When I see the Heartagram is makes me think
of all the special moments of my life.
The wonderful people that I have in my life.
 I will have more Heartagram tattoos in the future.
More Heartagrams all over my house.
I can't help it they make me smile!
It is February my month of love!
Heartagram Power!