Friday, April 26, 2013

Catrine Demew/ Monster High with Teh Dolhouse Girls

Miss Blue has added 
Catrine Demew to her 
Monster High collection.

She is part of the Scaris line of dolls,
 not one of the main 5.

Catrine is a comic con release from 2012.
She is the girl in the background sketching in
Scaris The City of Frights.

See if you can find Catrine!
I do hope we see more of her in future movies..
Miss Blue usually only gets dolls for
special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.
Catrine was just too special to leave on the shelf.
So we took her home with us.

We adore her and are really excited
to have here as part of the collection.

Teh Dollhouse Girls Catrine Demew
video review.
Click to watch!

We shoot on Wednesday after school.
It is fun to have something to do 
together after school.
We have a problem though.
My rambunctious three year old 
aka Mighty M.
Instead of one take it turns into 
ten takes due to him interrupting the girls.
Not to mention the hours of editing that 
I  have to go into chopping out him talking
or popping his head in.
All in all it makes a easy fun job into 
a drawn out one.
We have decided here at The Dollhouse
that we are going to shoot on Sundays.
That way little guy can be with Daddy.
The girls can record uninterrupted.
The videos will be way less choppy.
Miss Blue does struggle with her speech.
She has been in speech classes for years now.
Instead of just shooting with out any 
practice and improving it up.
We are going to take this extra time
so Miss Blue can practice what she is going to say.
After all this is to help her for 
her pageant and speech.
The show defiantly is helping her greatly.
She has improved so much
when practicing her personal introduction.

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We are in HD now!
Yay, no more web cam.
We have a new digital camcorder.
The picture is clear and the sound is louder.
Told you it would get better. 
It did take me a few nights to
figure out the right filming format
and to get all the files converted.
Last few nights have been late ones.
I got it now so smooth sailing from 
this point on!

Also watch out for new videos 
from Man Cave Entertainment,
and The Life in The Dollhouse channel.
We have a lot of fun stuff in store.

Ps. Sorry for the horrid roots.
I need my hair dyed bad!
Next week it will be looking much better.

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