Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monster High Photo cards

As you all know we have Monster High 
mania in The Dollhouse.
It is not only the girls either.
Daddy and Mighty M 
are getting into the ghoul groove.

My hubby called me one night from target.
Letting me know that he saw Monster High
photo cards and he wanted to know if he should
get some for Miss Blue.
Of course I said "YES!"
I was expecting him to come home with a pack or two.
He came home with a box only missing a few packs.
That was only the start though.
Soon Daddy was driving from Target
to Target on the hunt for more
Monster High photo cards.
All 4 of our local Targets.
It is his mission to get as many as he can!
Nana even joined in the hunt.
Watch Teh Dollhouse Girls review. 

Now the goal is to get the whole set of 108.
Keeping doubles of the ones we really like.
Cause yes there are a few that I want to have.
I am a little bummed though that
the photo album and starter packs 
were not released in the US.

And it is almost impossible to get your hands on one now.
I spent a few hours looking all over 
the cyberworld trying to find one.
Sold out everywhere and the one
place I did find that had them only
ships to England.
Anyone in England want to send us one?
If it only were that easy.

Now that Miss Blue has about 80 of the cards.
She has been getting doubles more and more.
We decided to put them on Listia.
Then the credits she makes with them,
she can use to get whatever she wants.
I am doing them in sets of two.

And will continue to put the doubles up.

This is a way to get them for free!
Not a Listia member yet, go join!

I also scored Mighty M  his first
Monster High doll yesterday on Listia.
It is a original Deuce Gordon rag doll plush.

Since he is too young for a regular 
Monster High doll this is going to be perfect for him.
But shhhhhhh don't tell him it is a surprise.

We also have a Monster high item not sold 
in the states coming in for next weeks 
Teh Dollhouse Girls review.
Make sure you grab your little
ghoul and come back to watch!

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