Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping my FB friends to the bare minimum...

In this day in age everyone is trying to have more
fans, followers and a huge friends list.
Well maybe not everyone but most. 
I personally cringe everytime I get a friend
request on Facebook.
Nothing personal against anyone.
But I am truly trying to keep my friends
list at a nice low number.
Unless I know and like you  that is the only way I let you in.
The important people in my life and the
others that I find interesting.
Having my blog and web show now it would
probably be smart to start fan pages.
I really have no interest in doing that though.
Although I have kept my friends list down.
I went over board liking pages when 
I was addicted to giveaway.
Don't get me wrong I still love
giveaways I am just not obsessed like I was.
I seriously need to do a big clean out of pages.
Which would probably take me hours
and I doubt I would ever get through them all.
I must though my news feed is just a big coupon mess.
Missing my friends post kinda defeats the whole
purpose of Facebook right?

I want my page to be personal.
Back in the Myspace days.
Yes I did just say the M word.
I had over 20,000 friends.
Well not friends but you know what I mean.
I was lost in a sea of strangers,
not to mention hidden enemies.
About a month or so I deleted my account.
All the hundreds of comments on my pictures.
The thousands of comments.
With one click of a button it was all gone
and honestly I felt relieved.
The only real reason I liked that site was
that it let you customize your page.
But hey I have a blog now, my own space!
I can do whatever I like here.
Facebook is just that Facebook.
My husband makes fun of me for having one.
He will never have one and that makes me happy.
In the age of the internet though it seems everyone has
a account these days.
Some abuse their accounts more than others.
I try not to over post but it really
depends on the day and my mood.
Happy fun mood = lots of pics
Busy = no posts
Sometimes life is more important then
talking about life.

This doll is a stay at home mom.
My world is my kids.
I rarely talk on the phone.
The internet is how I connect with my friends as most do .
It also is my outlet for creativity.
Only have a few credits left till 
I have my graphic arts degree.
For now editing pictures, playing with fonts,
making videos and just being creative feeds my mind.
This is a place to share that.
Teh Dollhouse Girls is something fun for 
Miss Blue and I to do together.
No deadlines, no expectations,
just pure fun for us girls.

You wouldn't know it but 
in the real I am very anti social.
I get really nervous and quiet when people just talk 
to me when I am out and about.
My friends that I know and love, can't shut me up. 
It takes a lot to get to that level.
Once you are there though you got a spot 
in my heart for life.

I know nothing on the internet is private.
Not matter how much privacy you have set.
There is always ways to break through.
Or crazy stalker types that don't respect
the privacy you have set.

Back in the day I talked to anyone
and everyone online.
Now I don't.
I am happily married.
I have the full time job of two youngsters.
My focus is on being the best mom I can be.
Making sure their days are full of  giggle and smiles.
Reason why I don't get to write on here
as much as I would like to.
Yes I could sit and write blog posts all day.
In doing so I would be missing out on 
precious time with my pee wee's.
That is more important to me than anything
I could have to write about.
And just incase you are wondering,
my little darlings are sound asleep next to me.
I think that is why I love
Teh Dollhouse Girls so much cause 
it lets me included them.
It is not Mommy time it's our fun time.
Which by the way we have something really
creeptastic planned for tomorrows show.
Make sure to tune in!

This post is a little all over the place.
But it think I got my points across.
Thanks for taking the time to read.
You may now proceed with your day.
As I was driving to pick up my husband from work.
I realize I forgot to mention in this post how I have
some wonderfully amazing friends.
Very talented folks, my best friends
in the world , and people that make me smile on my list.
Which makes it more than just a friends list to me.
It's the people that have touched my life in some way.
I am so grateful and thankful to have all of them there.
You are the best and you know who you are!


  1. Omg, love your blog!


    Do you want to follow each other?


  2. Consider yourself followed! =) Thanks for stopping by the dollhouse!