Friday, April 19, 2013

Monster High Panini Sticker book with Teh Dollhouse Girls

Hey Ghouls
We have a special review for you today.
Monster High Panini Sticker books.

These are hard to get your hands on.
We are really hoping one day soon 
they are released in the US.
We want Monster High sticker packs!
Come watch Teh Dollhouse Girls newest video.

I wasn't kidding when I said that
we have Monster High mania in The Dollhouse.
We have a special guest appearance from Deuce Gorgon.
The story behind that is Mighty M has 
really been digging on Deuce.
He recently received a ragdoll.
And really wanted to be apart of the show.
A lightbulb went off in Mommy's head.
Mighty M could be Deuce.
We like to dress up and have fun in The Dollhouse
so this was perfect!
Time to get a Deuce costume together.
The clothing was easy the tricky
part was the snake mohawk.
Two different Michales it took to find the 
perfect item for the snakes.
It was a wired yarn and some pipe 
cleaners that were the winners.
The form of the snakes actually came pretty easy.

Got some green paint for his scales.
And then had to figure out how the heck we 
we were going to get these snakes
to stay on the top of his head.
Used a bit of green eye shadow to tint his hair green.
Since Daddy vetoed the washable paint idea.

He had so much fun dressing up
like Deuce he was hissing all day long.
It is hard recording with a 3 year old.
He did a great job though and we had
a blast making this video.

So you heard us right!
We are going to do a doll giveaway.
Not sure what doll yet.
But we want to know what doll
you want to win.
We will tally up all the votes and that will be the doll 
for the giveaway!
Make sure to subscribe and follow our blog.
This way when the giveaway starts you don't miss out.
Make sure to come back next Friday
we have a purrrrfect monster to review for you.

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