Friday, April 12, 2013

Monster High Haul with Teh Dollhouse Girls

The plan is we are turning Miss Blues
plain white daybed into a fabulous
piece of Monster High art.
That is why I went on a hunt looking
for the Monster High body pillow I saw online.
No pillow but we did find some
awesome Monster High deals.

The review of all the fangtastic items we found.

This was the first time moving the
camera from the dead doll dining room to another room.
What a huge headache it has been.
The footage from my phone never 
made it to the video.
I woke Miss Blue up at 6:30
so we could re-shoot.
Poor thing was tired.
All day editing to publish movie
only to find that half of the outfit 
video is bright green.
O boo.
Despite all the technical issues.
We still had a blast making the video.

It hit me today.
We used to do Tea Time with Teh Doll.
Miss Blue was Little Blue.
She was cute but too young to talk or conversate with.
Now she is a young lady with her own opinion,
and  sassy personality.
Teh Dollhouse Girls was 
just to help Miss Blue for her pageant.
Honestly though it is helping her beyond that
and we are going to keep it going.
More fabulous products and a
sneak peek into our spooky world!
I let her pick the products to make
sure it is something she is passionate about.
And yes that means lots of Monster High,
but don't worry it wont all be.
It is amazing bonding time for us, I feel so lucky!
Miss Blue and I are extremely close,
and now we are even closer.
She loves doing the show.
I see her light up when we are talking about it.
It is fun planning out what we are
going to review and then just
going for it!
We are rough around the edges.
Sometimes our camera quality is pure crap.
I need to find a better video editor program.
But I promise with each new video it will get better!

We shoot on Wednesday, I edit Thursday, and
new video will be posted every Friday.
We call it Wondertastic Fridays!
YouTube -TehDollhouseGirls- Click to watch

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