Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have to be honest when I first  heard
 that 97X was doing this I didn't have much hope.
One thing I was really happy about was that the 
morning show was no longer.
I know a ton of you miss it but not me.
Being that at 8am I am 
bringing my daughter to school.
The talk show was a bit much with 
the language and topics.
Granted yes I know it isn't meant 
for kids but I like to listen to the radio when I am in the car.
97X being one of the stations I like to listen to
I found my self going through the radio 
stations looks for something kid friendly.
And cringing every time I accidentally stopped on

The first week of 
was just as expected.
Everyone was picking the same songs
that the dj's were picking over and over.
I don't know who was the first one 
to do it but all I know is soon that all changed.
People started requesting good songs.
You know the ones you haven't heard in years.
They started to understand and use the power
Yes there are a few songs that I could
do without being requested.
I think I have had my fill of Mumford and Sons.
Maybe a little less Green Day.
But mostly I am really impressed
with Tampa Bays music choices.
Being that I am in the car most of my day.
Dropping kids of at school,
taking the hubby to work, and then
picking everyone up.
I like to listen to the radio.
Sure I could pop in a cd but I like
the mystery of not knowing what song 
is going to be played.
Now I can really say on 97X
anything can be played and I love that.
I find my radio station on 97X
all day long.
Well except if a Aerosmith or Nickleback song comes
on then I change it that second.
I just can't take them.
But I am loving all the 
other bands that are being  requested.
I love hearing multiple Tool songs a day. 
Load me up with some Beastie Boys.
 Bring back my high school  memories with
some Breeders and Violent Femmes.
Can never get enough Muse.
It has a retro feel to it now with a lot
of great 80's songs being requested.
Along with some other forgotten about gems.
You can find me singing and rocking out
driving around with a big smile on my face.

The radio station  97.1 has given control to its listeners.
The former DJ's are now called music guides.
Danielle and Joel are the main ones but
there are a few others I can't recall their names right now.
You send in the request and they play your song.
A robot voice says now playing or the new
one I am not wearing any pants.
Which I don't get but it makes me laugh.
There is a library of artist to pick from.
You can also use the app and make a open mic
demand for a song or artist.
There is a vote up and down on some songs.
Which gives a interactive fun way to 
get the song you want to play.
Or vote down the song you don't want to hear.

is great for is requesting songs off of
albums that radios usually don't play.
I remember I had just dropped of my husband at work.
A guy made a open request for 
Lumineers Stubborn Love.
I could hear it in Danielles voice
she had now idea what the song was.
She played it and once it was over
was like "Wow, I loved that, thanks for requesting it!"

Now I hear that song everyday and love it.
Would I have know about it?
No not really I wasn't a huge fan of the
only Lumineers song that was played on the radio.
One day while I was in the car circle waiting
to pick up my daughter.
Joel one of the music guides broke the rule
and played a song he wanted to hear.
It was more of a hey this is a really cool band and I want
you guys to hear this song by Capital Cities.
Well it now  has become one of the most requested 
songs on 97X.
And another one I really like, thanks Joel.

Now I do have one bone to pick with 97X.
I finally got a android phone.
After listening for months of open mic requests.
And hearing about this awesome app.
I go to the google play store.
All excited that I  was finally was going to get
in on this demanding action.
I installed it.
Go to check it out,
the app force closes itself.
It wont even stay open long enough
for me to pick a song.
Or even vote a song up or down.
Then I read the reviews on the app.
At it seems I am not the only android user
that this app does not work for.
Now I am just waiting for it to work 
with android phones.

You can go to their site and use the app there.
I am voting up songs right now as I type.
It has a window of  songs to 
select and add to the playlist.
Also if you have a suggestion for a artist
or song that is not on their list.
There  is a box for you to summit your suggestions.

Pick a song and send it over to the playlist.
Then others can vote it up or down.
I just added some PJ Harvey 
lets see if she makes it on the radio.
If you log in with your Facebook account,
when the song you voted for plays.
Your picture will be scrolled along the player.
Giving you credits for your selection.
Also when they play the song on the radio
they also give a few names of who
requested the song.

I'm excited about this.
I love music but what I love more is
having control over what the radio plays.
 Tampa Bay keep picking
good songs and  I will keep listening!
I think it is great that 97X
did something different and  went out of the box.

Other then the app not working.
Which hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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