Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My toothache from hell.... nature cured it.

Two weeks ago I bit into a hamburger
and my tooth got a instant sharp pain.
It was throbbing so bad, but I needed to ignore it.
The plan was too take my sweet Blue roller skating.
The throbbing stop enough for me to 
have a really fun night at the skating rink.
Then a few days later I was eating dinner
and the same tooth started throbbing.
This time it was excruciating pain.
I sat at the dinner table in tears it hurt so bad.
The pain never went away.
It only kept getting worse and worse.
Sunday after roller skating I noticed 
my lip and and right side of my face was numb.
Looked it up online and it said that 
was a sign of infection.

I made a appointment with the dentist the next day.
My face started to swell and the
 pain was through the roof.
Sitting in the waiting room I was in tears.
It seemed like I was waiting forever.
Finally made it in the dentist chair,
he had to be the rudest dentist ever.
He was so mean to me and made me feel even worse.
They did the x-ray and confirmed there was a infection.
10 days of antibiotics and a script of pain pills.

Now if I could have gone home
and rested I would have felt much better.
Being a mom though you never get a day off.
Mighty M was not only potty training.
He was starting to get sick.
He had more accidents and I felt like
I was doing a load of wash
every hour on the hour.
My face was in so much pain
none of the medicine seem to be working.
I wanted to be cuddly with him but
he kept hitting my face.
I had to keep my distance so I didn't get hurt.
My other stress factor was Miss Blue
was out of her medicine and it seemed like 
no one wanted to give her more.
I spent days on the phone with doctors,
fought with the pharmacist and my stress was at max level.
Finally I was able to get her a refill.
Which was a big relief after days of stressing about it.
The week was very hard cause I was in so much 
pain and it wasn't getting better.
At this point I was ready to try anything.
I was sucking on tea bags, salt water rinses, and 
drinking lots of tea.
My bestie Shay has really taken a interest 
in natural healing.
Asked some advice what would help me.
Coconut oil was her suggestion.
Publix had a jar of Spectrum coconut oil.
Hearing oil you think liquid.

This jar was full of hard waxy looking stuff.
I was reading online all about the 
benefits of coconut oil.

I was excited to get started.
First night I put more then a spoonful 
in my soup that night.
Shannon had warned me that coconut oil
was strong and that it would effect my body.
That night I woke up sick to my stomach.
Next day I took it easier and didn't over do 
it with the coconut oil.
I did a coconut swish the next day.

Melt down a spoon full of the waxy coconut oil.
I take a bowl of water heat it up.
Then in a smaller container put the coconut oil.
Watch the coconut oil liquify.

Then put it in you mouth and swish it around for 20 mins.
This is easy find a show to watch 
or play a game on your phone.
Once the 20 mins is over spit the oil in the garbage.
Not the sink , it will harden up and clog you pipes.

After doing my first swish my tooth and mouth
finally stopped hurting.
It was amazing!
I read that if you have a tooth ache it is not
the actual tooth that hurts.
But it is your bodies way of letting you know
there is a infection starting.
The coconut oil kills the bacteria and infection head on.
Not to mention makes your mouth feel amazingly clean.
I am a true believer and will be incorporating
coconut oil in my daily life.

The kids are at Nannies for spring break.
So it has been nice to have time to relax.
Well wait I have to take that back.
It has not been relaxing we
have started ripping up our kitchen. 
The whole reason the kids went to Nannies
was so we could do the kitchen.
As much as I would like to rest all day.
Too much work to get done.
The teeth are coming out tomorrow.
Yay! This seriously has been the 
most painful two weeks of my life.
I am happy to get it over and done with.

Words of advice.
COCONUT OIL use it !
If you have tooth pain, DON'T ignore it!

Sorry I haven't been around but I was just in so much pain.
We have a lot of fun stuff in store.
Miss Blue is not here today so no Teh Dollhouse Girls.
We will make up for it next week.

Coming soon!!!
New kitchen picture!!


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  3. A toothache is a sign of infection or a cavity, with damage that can range from moderate to severe, depending on the intensity of the pain one feels. Anyway, the dentist shouldn't have acted the way he did and should have showed professionalism. But I hope this one incident doesn't change the way you look at dental services. I believe this natural method is called oil pulling, where you swish virgin coconut oil in your mouth for a certain period for cleansing. It does wonders as a teeth whitener, toothache reliever, and more.

    Dominic Woods

  4. That is definitely good news. It seems like nature is starting to provide us with natural remedies to some of our ailments. Thank you so much for this very informative post! This will definitely help others out there who are also suffering from terrible toothaches and have medications that just simply don't seem to work for them.
    Julie Romanelli

  5. Husband woke up out of his sleep with a severe toothache and mouth pain. We tried rinsing with peroxide didn't work, we've tried everything. We have just tried the coconut oil method and thankful to say it's been 5 minutes so far and he has a sign of relief. Thank you so much for posting your story as it helped my family instantly. Coconut oil, it does WORK.