Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Skelita Calaveras- Monster High : Teh Dollhouse Girls

We love Monster High, so of course it is only
fitting that the first review Teh Dollhouse Girls do
is Skelita Calaveras our new Monster High doll.

As you all know I am totally addicted to Listia.
I have gotten some super sweet stuff on there.
Last week I scored a Skelita doll.
I really lucked out though the person
who had her up didn't have the best feedback
and was charging $8.00 shipping.
I put her on my watch list just to see
how much she was going for.
Then I noticed a comment that 
said if bidding went over 7,000
credits that she would do free shipping.
I smiled cause I knew then I was going for her.
Luckily the auction ended in the afternoon.
We just got home and were about 
to lay down and watch a movie.
I told Miss Blue though that we had to wait 
a bit cause Mommy wanted to bid on something.
I showed her and her eyes grew big with excitement.
I won! 
Yay, we were doing the happy dance.

And for 14,000 credits that was a steal.
I have seen Skelita go for over 50,000 credits a few times.
Even though the seller had not the best
feedback she sent her and covered the shipping.
Which means we got her for FREE!
Yes free you heard me right.
Here is the link if you want to sign up
and start getting free dolls too.

Since Miss Blue is doing the 
National American Miss pageant
she needs to work on her public speaking.
Other then practicing her personal introduction
over and over, I wanted to figure
 out another way to help her.
We had so much fun doing the Vamplets review.
It dawned on me this was a perfect way to help her,
having her do video reviews with me.
I asked her if this is something she was 
interested in and she smiled.
Let me introduce you too 
Teh Dollhouse Girls.
She has early release days on Wednesday.
Giving us a bit more time then other days and
perfect for doing video reviews.
I said Wednesday but since I can't 
just post a regular video.
I need time to edit and add music and such.
So Thursday will be the day I post the videos.

Since Skelita arrived the other day, I knew
she would be perfect for the first 
official Teh Dollhouse Girls video.
Now these reviews are not going 
to be perfect it is meant to be fun.
Giving my little girl some spotlight and practice.
We will make mistake and do silly things
but that is all a part of it.
Here is the first offical Teh Dollhouse Girls video.

We had a few redos on the makeup.
I forgot to redo her mouth stitches 
that is why on the actual review she doesn't have them.
But she was great and excited to have me do 
her up as Skelita.

Make sure you click the video and subscribe.
We are going to post weekly videos about
whatever we fancy.
Dolls, makeup, toys, cupcakes and ect.

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