Friday, March 1, 2013

Hector Baby Vampyre Bat- Vamplets

Vamplets are so deadly cute.
They started out with some adorable baby vampyres.
But it has turned into a nursery full of 
horrifically cute and dangerously adorable pets.
Just waiting to be adopted by you!

I remember the first time I saw Vamplets
it was on Cultured Moms Facebook page.
She was talking about how she saw
 them at the toy fair that year.
I instantly fell in love and wanted to know
more about these little dark darlings.

It is a few years later and I have
been a loyal fan ever since.
Not only does this company make
great little creatures.
They support save the bats!
Which  is A++ in my book.
Nightcare Nanny (being  so amazingly sweet)
sent me a package, it arrived yesterday.
The most adorable little bat was in the box.
His name is Hector and oh my he is lovely.
I am very impressed with the quality and 
all the detail put into him.
The material he is made of is really nice too.
His fur is so soft.
Perfect he is!
Included was condolence of adoption paper.
Attached was a baby werewolf pin.

Instead of me telling you how about we show you.

Hector has a spot on my dinning room buffet
where him and Count Vlad  Von Gloom hang out.

Miss Blue was very excited when bed time came.
She ran and got Hector and brought 
him to bed with her.
We thought about it though she is a toss and turn sleeper.
Didn't want him to get wrecked so we made him 
a bed next to her bed. 

He was very happy about this.
Miss Blue gave him good night kisses too.

Want to get a Vamplet or a Vampet of your own?
Their site is so much fun.
Make sure to explore and see what trouble
you can find in Gloomvania.

Hurry though they sell out quick.
Everyone wants a little darling of their own.
I know my little guy asks me daily to feed the baby vampyre.
I think it is over and beyond adorable.

Go like their Facebook page too.

I can not thank Nightcare Nanny enough.
You made my little girls day!
Little Hector made her very happy.
And I think he is really happy at his new home.

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