Monday, March 4, 2013

Model stance and personal introduction- Miss Blue is on her way!

Today was Miss Blues pageant practice training 
with National American Miss.
Yesterday she was practicing  her walk and all excited.
But the second she walked into the Vinoy today
I could tell her nerves took over.
The room was full of girls ranging from age 4-20.
We grabbed a seat close to the front.
The speaker was a funny young girl who kinda set
the room at ease with her jokes and light hearted spirit.
Next thing though she had the girls lined up against
the side of the wall.
One by one she has them practice 
their formal walk.
She taught them model stance and then showed 
them how to walk on stage in the circle formation.
Miss Blue did really small circle and then 
the instructor had to stand up and help her.
I am excited though how easy formal
wear is going to be.
She is going to have it down perfect by July.
She then finished telling us all about formal wear.
Then on to personal introduction.
Now honestly I still to this day can not speak 
into a microphone in a room full of people.
It is instant panic attack at just the thought of it.
Well next thing she said was "Ok girls I 
am going to have you come up one by
one and introduce your self and say something about you."
The look on Miss Blues face was horrified.
She went "NO WAY!"
But she knew she had to this is part of the training.
By the time she had gotten the nerve to stand 
up and get on line the line was really long.
Which was good though she got to hear a good
amount of the other girls introductions.
Her wait was over.
It was her turn.
Poor thing was so nervous.
She didn't look up at anyone and kinda
talked into her shoulder.
And then rushed back to her seat.
But even though she didn't
nail the personal introduction.
I was so proud of her for getting up there and doing it.
I know it took a lot for her to do that.
Being that personal introduction is 30%
of her score that is something we definitely need to work on.
Luckily Daddy has a bunch of mircophones.
But seeing how nervous she was up there, 
makes me wonder if it is my fault.
I do not like talking to people.
I am very quiet and keep to my self.
Have I unintentionally passed this on to my sweet Blue.
Has she picked up on my fear to speak in public.
I think in the process I am going 
to have to get over my fear, to help her.

I must say though I am really impressed with this company.
Everyone there was super nice and smiley.
They were having fun it was a good atmosphere.
There was no negativity there at all.
I am so excited for the next few months.
Now that we know what they expect,
we know what we need to practice.
The pageant weekend is going to be so much fun.
I really like that the NAM system prepares you.
Yes $480 is a lot of money.
But I really feel this experience is going to be
amazing and life changing for Miss Blue.
She is going to be competing with a lot 
of girls but also making friends.
We are not pushing the competition part of at all.
More we  just want her to do the 
best she can and have fun.

She got her photoshoot pictures back.
They look amazing!
We are all so proud of her.
Miss Blue is so special to all of us.
I really can't wait for her to get 
on that stage and rock it!

Miss Blue has made it half way to her sponsor fee goal.
I thought we had till July for the deadline
to get our sponsor fees in.
Turns out they need to be in April 11st.
Yikes that is next month.
So if I wasn't already stressed now I am.
Thank you to everyone that has donated.
It means the world to us too have your support.

If you want to donated that would be amazing.
She is currently $200 away from her goal.
Which isn't to bad considering 
she started out at $480.
Remember that businesses donations
are 100% tax deductible.
Also if you want to buy ad space in 
the program it is $60 a spot.
Great for websites , blogs and local companies.

If 10 people donate $20
20 people donate $10
She would hit her goal.

The other night when I was talking to 
one of my besties on the phone we were laughing.
Me being a bit darker and not your normal mom.
It is very ironic my little girl wants
to do beauty pageants.
But no matter what Blue wants to do 
I am going to support her 100% even if it is not
really my thing.
But honestly the pageant world is fun.
There is something magical about watching
your child on stage with a huge smile.
I love the practice and bonding me and Blue do
getting ready for the pageant.
It is fun for the whole family.
Nana is my partner in crime and I love it.
We are Miss Blues own cheering squad.
It gives the girls something fun to do.
This pageant is going to be a bit different with
the interview and personal introduction.
I think that is great though these 
are skills that are going to help Miss Blue
for the rest of her life.
Looking people in the eye when talking,
carrying herself with confidence, giving it her all,
practice makes perfect and the list goes on.
Daddy is even getting into it to which
really makes me happy.
I know she is going to be glowing on stage
as her Daddy escorts her during the formal wear.

I have a feeling this is going to 
be the best weekend of Miss Blues life.

Well it is 1 am.
I could go on and on about how 
amazing Miss Blue is or about how excited I am
but this Mommy needs some sleep!
Night, sweet dream.....


  1. Nice post. Can you tell me, was the session your daughter Miss Blue attended, an Open Call or a Pageant Workshop (where half the fee is due)? If it was the Pageant Workshop, you provide a nice description. If it wasn't the Open Call, can you describe the process of Miss Blue's Open Call? Thanks! Anna

  2. It was the pageant workshop where half the money was due. The open call was great we had received the letter in the mail and went just for the fun of it. They say dress snappy casual but you want your daughter to wear something cute since she is getting her pictures taken. We went through a bunch of different outfits then we decided on her sequins Christmas dress. But there were some girls in jeans. Open call you walk and and go up to a table and say your name and get a sheet with your daughters name on it then you proceed to the ballroom where the photo shoots where going on. I must say the guy that was taking the pictures of the girls was having a blast. The air in the room was fun. They take a set of about 10 pic or so. From the photo shoot you go to the conference room. You receive magazine 1. One of the NAM girls goes over it page by page, they raffle of modeling classes to one lucky winner and girls are taken in for their interview. Which takes about a minute of so Miss Blue was in and out of there fast. Then they say thanks for coming and if you are selected you will hear from us. We left with smiles on our face it was a nice time. Everything was organized. But I warn you there is a ton of people. Miss Blue was very intimidated by how many girls where there all different ages. It was about a week later we received the congratulations on being selected as a state finalist. Now I have hear that almost every girl that goes to open call will become a state finalist. At the training there was a lot of girls but no where as many as open call. Each age group is going to have about 80 girls competing. This is just some of the things I have heard. But we wont know till pageant day. But if your daughter got invited to open call I say GO! It was very easy fun day. The pictures are professional and look great. Now the $480 sucks but I think of it like any other fee. Any sport of dance class is going to be just as much if not more. Only thing is it seems it may end up costing a lot more then just $480. If you want to do more then just the basic pageant. $50 for each optional , then sells ad's and extra classes. Only one girl walks away with the crown too. So it is not like a pageant were even the runner ups get a crown. I have already explained this to Miss Blue I told her it is about doing her best not about winning. I am going to blog about the whole experience. Just to help out moms out there. I know I was looking all over online to find any info or someone who knew about it. Only to find the NAM girl blogs. I am a outside view that is only going to tell it how it is. Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse! =)

    1. Hi Teh Doll,

      Did I get your name correctly? Or did you mean The Doll? I really like your site. It's so refreshingly different from anything I've seen out there...and I look at a lot of stuff. So, keep up the great work!

      That would be fantastic if you could blog everything about this pageant experience. I hear both good and bad, but hey, it's what you make of it. If you know what you're getting involved with, and you plan things out, it can be a great experience.

      So, blogging along the way would be fantastic. I've searched the internet and no one has blogged about NAM. Maybe one father did a one-paragraph blog, but it ended at that! If you could put out details as they happen, it would help people who want to understand the process and learn from it -- before they enter the pageant.

      And, including both the good and bad, without being judgmental, well, that helps too. I love when I read facts, then form my own opinion.

      Looks like you're having fun with this program. That's what it should be about, not about the crown.

      Could you do a blog about the Open Call? Maybe, what happens at Open Call? I know you mentioned a few things in your reply, but any details that could help find sponsors, how many girls were invited to Open Call, how they got your daughter's name, etc. Rambling is great and can provide awesome nuggets of information for newbies.

      And once your blog posts grow, pageant people will find you; we did and let me tell you, your site is a refreshing break!

      I shall keep reading your post. I hope you earn income for every click you receive!


  3. Yes it is Teh Doll! =)
    It is a nickname of my that has become my online name. And I can be me without letting people know my real name. Yep that is the plan to blog about it all the good the bad and if there is any ugly you will hear all about it. I Added more about the Open Call on this post I also made National American Miss Experience a door to open on the right hand side I will put all pageant info and stories in there. As for sponsors I am lost. I have been asking friends. But I am a really anti social person in real life so I am dreading having to hit the streets looking for sponsors. We are only $180 away from our goal. We did add on the extra casual wear for $50. So we are really more like $230 away. I hate that this thing cost so much but I know seeing Miss Blue on that stage and helping her grow confidence is priceless. So I will grin and bare it. Also we are going to try and sell some ad's. Since only one girl is going to walk away with a crown. Selling 5 ad's gets you a large trophy and a crown. She may not win Miss Florida but she still walks away with a crown. So that is a suggestion. Now this pageant isn't about winning or the crown to us but no matter how much I say that, I know Miss Blue would be thrilled to come home with a trophy and crown. As I am sure your little darling would. I am so excited you found me. And thank you I write from my heart but I am not your average mom. We are a bit spookier in The Dollhouse. I don't get paid this is just a hobby. I really don't have the time to write as much as I would like too. I have a 3 year old that is a handful.. Thanks and you are always welcome at The Dollhouse! =)

  4. Hey Teh!

    My email is Can you send me an email, so I can fill you in a bit on an issue or two. It's something I'm certain you will want to know. But I can't go public with it...just yet. And it must remain under wraps until it goes public. All I can say it that I can refer hoards of people to your site, which, BTW, I really like. (Now, if you're not making any money off of visitor clicks, then move to and you'll get 60/40!

    Also, I would like to send your daughter something that could help her raise funds for her entry fee. I will need a physical address to ship it to. It would be my thanks to you for doing your pageant blog.

    But, of course, I will tell you what it is, and you can decline or accept. I think it might help.