Monday, January 28, 2013

Emily The Strange Prize Pack

I am a huge fan of Emily The Strange.
My love for her runs all the way back to my school days.
I remember reading all her cat filled stories.
Along with Living Dead Dolls , I also collect
Emily The Strange stuff.
I am signed up to the newsletter
and follow them on Facebook.
I enter every single contest they have.
Each time I get all excited thinking of all that Emily loot.
Never actually won any of the contest.
But I did get my hands on one of the prize packs.
How you ask?
My eyes lit up huge when I saw this lot on there.
I watched it for days and then won it.
Excited was not even the word, I was ecstatic.

My birthday had just passed so this was perfect timing.
Ready to take a peek at all the goodies I received.
8 Emily The Strange Stickers

Super sweet Emily Rocks Wallet

A Emily bandanna

Sorry for the roll wrinkles.
But I wear this bandanna a lot.
I have it so the kitty head and ESP shows.

Deck of 54 Emily The Strange cards

The picture cards are my favorite.
I think I am going to use these for a art creation.
They are just to perfect to only play cards with.

A signed copy of 
Emily The Strange: The Lost Days

This was my favorite of the whole lot.
A signed book oh my!
These were perfect additions to my Emily collection.
Moral of the story:
You can get really awesome stuff on Listia.
You don't always need to win the contest
to get the prize!

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