Saturday, January 12, 2013

BYOU Magazine

I was really excited when contacted about BYOU Magazine.
Being that I have a seven year old  darling daughter,
I knew this was a magazine that
 we would be very interested in.
Its main focus is to help young girls develop 
a healthy self-esteem.
Encouraging to embrace their own and unique self.
Miss Blue was very excited when it arrived.
It was in a shiny pink package,
her eyes lit up when she saw it.

She got a very pleasant surprise when she opened it.
Olivia Holt was on the cover.
She had just watched Girl Vs Monster last week.
Also she had received some Disney Signed clothing
for Christmas this year.
Right away she went "Mommy that's my girl!"

We decided that we would leave the 
Olivia Holt story for bedtime story.
I told her to look through it.
She was smiling the whole time.

This magazine is full of great stuff.
Be Fearless in 2013 is right on the first 
page when you open it.
The table of contents has three parts.
Faves In Every Issue

What is really great about this magazine
is that is is real girls telling their stories, giving their advice.
Then as a extra bonus it has interviews and questions
answered by young actresses and singers.
Girls young girls would be familiar with from TV shows and movies.

They also are running two contest in this issue.
A pet photo contest and 
Where Do You B-You?
Enter by submitting a photo of your
daughter with her magazine in a interesting place.
Miss Blue is already trying to think of a great 
place to bring it to get a good shot.

There is a lot of smiling faces through
out the pages of girls from 8-14.

My favorite part was reading about 
the young girls with their own businesses.
It was great for Miss Blue to read showing her
if she put her mind to it she could  become
successful at a young age.
It is all about determination and great ideas.

Other fun pages were:
Quiz: Climbing Towers
B-Smart Puzzles
Girls making a difference: Girl Talk
Helping girls through the drama years.
Shining your heartlight bright:
Beauty's inner and outer beauty tips.
Internationally speaking- Say Happy Holidays in 10 languages
Ask Cassie- Teen Anti-bullying advocate
Star Signs

That night at bed time Miss Blue 
had her BYOU magazine in hand.
We cuddled reading the Olivia Holt interview.
We learned she is a very sweet girl.
And that her whole family moved to LA 
so she could pursue her dreams.
It was a very sweet interview.
Added bonus it has two mini posters of her.
Miss Blue was beyond excited.

I feel this magazine has a lot of 
great articles and advice for young girls.
I felt though the quizzes were a little
to old for Miss Blue.
But it was still fun taking them.
I remember that was always my favorite part 
of girly magazines.
It was the first time Blue took one
or that she got her Horoscope read to her.
Over all it was a great experience.
I would defiantly recommend the BYOU Magazine
if you have a daughter in the 8-14 range.
My daughter is at that age where she is 
developing her self confidence and honestly
I want it to be through the roof.
Anything that can make her smile more 
and feel better about herself.
I am 100% behind and this magazine did just that.

Also if you have a daughter let them check out the BYOU website.


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