Friday, January 25, 2013

I adore our new bedding!

We got new bedding!
I had won a $100 gift card to Sears last year
 and used some of it for a  bedding set.
It was a really nice.

I loved the color and the fabric.
One thing I noticed right away though
that it wasn't quilted.
I knew that was going to be a problem 
in the future but I didn't let it ruin my
excitement for our new bedding.
Well it has almost been a full year and
 what I feared has happened.
The fluff inside moved all to one side.
Then I noticed a rip where the fluff was coming out.
I pulled it all out, so basically the blanket
had no warmth to it, but looked a lot better.

I had been eyeing a Skull bedding set on 
Amazon for quite awhile.
Showed hubby and he liked it a lot too.
We had received some Christmas money from
my dad and I knew I wanted to get this set.
And since the bedding we were using was on
the way this was the perfect time to get it.
Another reason too is we are down sizing our bed.
The king is nice but takes up way to much room.
And we really don't need a bed that big, 
we like to cuddle and be close.
I ordered a Queen size set, it cost a little over $55.
Free Super Saver Shipping yay!
It arrived in two days, fastest shipping ever!
I wrapped it and put it under the tree from my dad.

This comforter set is so nice
 and well worth the money.

The fabric is a silky material and is quilted.
Another thing I love about it is that it is reversible.
Big skulls on one side and small ones on the other.

The skulls are made of flowers.

It has a day of the dead feel that I love.
It isn't black and white it is more a ivory color.
It came with two pillow sham cases and a bed skirt.
I can't wait to get our new bed so we can set it all up.
I wasn't going to open the new set till the new bed.
But it has been chilly the last few nights.
Not only is the comforter stunning, but 
it keeps us nice and toasty.
It is hard to get out of  bed cause it is 
just so warm under this comforter.
The plan is we are going to get a black platform bed.
This bedding is going to look so nice.
I am really excited just can't wait.
We are pillow people as you can see.
And yes your eyes do not deceive you those are pillow pets.
We sleep with them every night.
Can't help it they are so soft and comfy.
The skull and ghost pillows glow in the dark.
Total awesomeness!
This is seriously my dream bedding.
I'll be sure to post pics when we get the new bed.

Love this set too?
Amazon still has it, go order it.
For $55 it is a steal.

I am so happy to finally have this set on my bed.
I just adore it!
As for the old bedding, I still love the fabric.
Thinking maybe making a dress out of it.
I'll post pics of that too!