Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Union gave me a Christmas surprise!

I have been a huge fan of Fashion Union for awhile now.
They have super cute clothing for reasonable prices.
Seriously you need to go and check out the site!
Right before Christmas I received a direct message
from Fashion Union on Twitter.
It was to let me know I was chosen as one
of the winner for the FU Xmas Win
Pinterest boards contest.
Here was my board.
I had a lot of fun making it.
And it only made me love Fashion Union more!

I was beyond thrilled to be picked as a winner.
 5 winners were picked randomly.
My prize was a gift certificate for 50 pounds.
I sat going through their site for three days.
They just have so much to choose from.
The excitement kept rising too 
while picking everything out.
One word of advice though when 
ordering from Fashion Union have
a size converter opened in another window.
The sizes on the site are European 
so it can get a bit confusing.
I just went with small on everything
and crossed my fingers it all would fit.

Sooooooo what did I get?
Here is a pic in case the video doesn't work.

Sadly I don't see the skull skate dress on the site anymore
I may have gotten the last one.
In the video you really can't see it but the fabric
has a pretty golden shimmer to it.
The fabric is stunning I was just expecting a cotton dress.
It was a very fancy surprise how nice the dress is.

Warning this video contains a lot of twirling and posing.
I can't help it I am a happy doll!

Fashion Union is 100%
Go Like