Saturday, January 5, 2013

Monster High Share or Scare Game

I was really on the fence about buying this game.
It was between this or a Monster High book.
I actually picked it up and put it down a few times.
Then just as I was about to go to the register I turned
around one last time and grabbed it.
Other then Miss Blue being totally
stoked to owe a Monster High board game,
it is actually a really fun game.
Really happy I ended up getting it for her.

Yesterday after her nap Miss Blue woke
up and the Mighty M was still sleeping.
Actually funny story he was fighting me
saying how he wasn't tired.
Look where I found him, in his play tent out cold.

But this was perfect it meant me and my little 
ghoul could finally play her Share or Scare game.
First off I love the box.
In the shape of a coffin with all your favorite
ghouls all over it.
It comes with a lot of goodies:
100 game cards
 1 coffin card deck cover
 1 spinner
1 sand timer
6 choice tiles
1 blindfold
1 coffin bean bag
 60 scoring coins
 game instructions.

You start the game by spinning the spinner.

Three share spots , two scare, and one double scare.
The three main characters on the cards are 
Frankie, Draculaura, and Cleo.
Some of the questions are Monster High trivia.
But most of the questions are just personal choice.
The answer is always a or b.
You choice using your choice tile.
You just have to guess what the other person said to 
get a scoring coin.

Aka dare.
This is where the game got really fun.
Some challenges you need to wear the blindfold.

Balance the coffin bean bag till the time runs out.

Or jumping up and down making spooky
witch noises till the timer runs out.

We laughed so hard while we were doing
some of these challenges.
We had to skip a few challenges cause we needed
to talk with a non player.
But we both can't wait to play when daddy is home.
Miss Blue really liked the scares.
You were suppose to play till one person
got 13 scoring coins.
We were having so much fun though we played
all the way through the cards.
Miss Blue did beat me by a few scoring coins.
The best part of this game is that is will always change.
You can play it over and over and it will never be the same.
You spin and by what you spin tells you what 
to play on the card.
If you have a little ghoul that loves 
Monster High this game is Monster High must have.
You can pick it up at Target for $14.99.
This is a game we will be playing in The Dollhouse a lot!

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