Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shout Factory First Grand Prize Winner!

First before you read this post you need ask yourself
are you looking for a place to get all your 
Pop Culture needs.
If yes, then I suggest you go and like
and enter their 
When I was 10 contest. 
Click the link
They are still going to pick two more
random GRAND PRIZE winners.
Get your name in that hat of awesomeness!
$100 to Shout Factory is something to smile about!
They are celebrating

A week or so ago I was going thru my
spam folder and I saw a email that read.

Shout Factory's "When I was 10" contest Grand Prize Winner.

I opened it in excitement!
And good thing I had, this was their second time
contacting me about winning.
If I didn't reply I would have lost my prize.
Jeff and Evan were awesome!
I was told to go to the site and pick out whatever I wanted.
I quick texted my hubby and let him know!
He came home that night all
excited and ready to pick out something good.
My choices were

I saw all the Mystery Science Theater they had.
I know how badly my hubby wanted the 

Mystery Science Theater 3000

MST3K: Volume XVI [Collector's Edition].

I decided to let him pick out whatever he wanted.
It was the nice wife thing to do.
We sat on the site for hours.
But then he made his mind up.
We sent in his choices and
in a matter of days look what has shown up.
They get a big A+++ oh and they recycle!

Watch the video to see what goodies are in the box!

This video for some reason looks all wacky.
On my computer it was much
clearer and didn't cut off words.
Sorry about that, also I am sure I pronounced most
of the names wrong but honestly I haven't the slightest.

We will be watching Mystery Science for awhile,
9 disk to be exact.
I want to give a big THANK YOU to 
You have made my hubby very happy!
Thanks for the contest and for being
A for Awesome!



  1. Hey sweet, i really like your blog and your picture.
    you want to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin ?

    i would be happy :)

    lovely greetings, lucia

  2. =) Thanks... I am following you on both now.. Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse xo.