Friday, February 22, 2013

It's finalist time! Go Team BLUE!!!!

Miss Blue went to the National American Miss open call
about a week or so ago.
A closer look into OPEN CALL-
We walked in we were directed  to a area where
there were a few different tables.
They were in order of last name. 
We got on line,when we made it to the desk 
told her Miss Blues name and she handed her a papers.
One had her name on it for the photo shoot and
the other needed to be filled out.
It was easy just info about your daughter likes,
activities, honors, and anything that made her special.
Then it was on to the ballroom for the photo shoot.
They say dress snappy casual.
I say just dress her in something pretty or cute.
Miss Blue was trying on all her outfits for the week
before, she finally decided on her sequins 
Christmas dress. 
She looked darling.
Only thing is the black and sequins 
didn't really show good in the pics.
Suggestion have her wear a color that compliments her.
Also something that is going to pop 
on that white background.
This room was packed.
They had it split up in age divisions.
The photographer was having a blast
jumping around making all the girls laugh.
The air in the room was excitement and fun.
Miss Blue went up and rocked her photo shoot.
Then on to the conference room we went.
There was a NAM member putting on a 
presentation explaining about NAM.
You received MAG 1.
She went through it page by page.
Then they sectioned off the girls and took them 
in groups for the interview.
It was really fast.
I asked Miss Blue what they asked her and 
she said just stuff that was on the sheet.
Unfortunately I filled it out for her while she was doing
her photo shoot.
But luckily I know my Blue very well
and they asked her questions she knew the answers too.
They auctioned off some modeling classes.
She told us if we were selected we would hear from them.
Also said that out of the 2,500 that applied 
that only 1,000 would be called back.
I am not really sure how many girls were there
I wasn't really counting but it was a lot.
But the event was very organized and went super smooth.
It was a great time nothing but smiles.
A lot of nervous little girls though.
If your daughter gets the invite to OPEN CALL
I say go if only for the free photo shoot and
the experience.
As for how they got my daughters name I never
figured that out.
So it is still a mystery.
It was a great time!
It was a total fun girls day just Blue, Nana and Mommy.
We received a letter last week saying
that she is now a state finalist.
It is really exciting and the more I read about 
this company and experience the more excited we get.
The only draw back of this whole pageant is 
the sponsor fee.
A whopping $480, ugh.
But since this is such a amazing opportunity
for Miss Blue we are going to put in our 
best efforts to get sponsors and raise the money needed.
I really want the sponsor to be companies
that I am fans of and want to promote.
Friends businesses would be even better.

But for the next few months Miss Blue is 
going to practice her little heart out.
She got what it takes to rock the stage,
she just needs to tap into her inner rock star.

The thought of having to go door to door
asking for these sponsor fees has me feeling high anxiety.
I am very anti-social , this is like my worst nightmare.
I love Miss Blue though so I will do anything for her.
I know this is something she wants.

Her official sponsor sheet

I smile when I look at her.
She is so special to me and I am super proud of her!

So here it is people.
Want to help contribute to Miss Blue's Sponsor fee's
Click the donate button.

Anything will help.
If 10 people donated $48
or if 48 people donated $10. If 480 people give a dollar.
She will hit her goal.
One dollar , ten dollars, or one hundred dollars.
It is all just getting her closer to that goal.
Honestly I feel kinda silly doing this.
But hey if it were your kid you would do the same!
My goal as a mother is to make sure that my
kids are always smiling.
I know last time Miss Blue was on stage she was smiling.
She loved every second of it.
I know how beauty pageants get a bad wrap, but
it really depends on the person.
She is not entering to win.
She is entering for the experience, all the fun to be had
and friends to be made.
It is about practicing and giving it your all.
I love watching her practice and coming up with routines.
It is a lot of fun for the whole family.
Oh and I have to let you all know
that Miss Blue lit up when I told her 
that Daddy will be walking her out on the
stage for the formal part of the pageant.
I know I am going to be in tears.
That is going to be the most amazingly sweet thing.
So not only does Miss Blue get stage time Daddy is going
to get some time on the stage too.
It is going to be a event for the whole
family to enjoy and cheer Miss Blue on!
 So if you have a friend with a business let them know.
The money they put in is 100% tax deductible.
They get their name and business featured in the
state pageant program.
Free advertising!
This program is going to be seen by hundreds of families.
It is a win win for all!
This is also good for blogs.
I know I am going to donate some under
Life in The Dollhouse.
So my blog name will be seen and maybe 
I will gain some more followers.
I am going to blog about the whole experience.
It will be a inside look at the pageant.
So stay with us for the fun and fabulous ride.


  1. Hey Teh,

    I loved the added post (in pink). It works well with the blog's direction. And, I like how you have a separate icon for the pageant, so readers can find the posts quickly.

    Did Miss Blue get a callback or a mailback, saying she was a State Finalist? It sounds like a mailback in your post, but just curious.


  2. Thanks I like to keep things easy and organized. They said the girls were going to get phone calls. But she received a package in the mail. Which was perfect it had her state finalist ribbon and certificate in it. I opened it up and read it to her she was thrilled. Even if a lot of girls do get picked it is still nice of them to make the girls feel special with the ribbon and certificate. Which I might add are proudly hanging on the fridge. She looks at them everyday and smiles.