Saturday, February 2, 2013

Heartagrams make me smile!

Some people like hearts, peace signs, and other symbols.
But there is only one that makes me smile every time I see it.

My love for the Heartagram comes from  different places.
First of course it being made by lead singer
Ville Vallo of HIM for his bands logo.
One of my favorite bands!
It was a idea he came up with on 
his 20th birthday.
A mix of a pentagram and a heart.

It symbolized love and hate, life and death.
I remember the first time I listened to HIM.
My friend Adam Absinthe told me
he had a cd he wanted me to listen to.
It was Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights.
He popped it in , it was love at first note.
I was drawn to Ville voice.
The music was haunting, I was hooked!
This video is that whole cd if you want to take a listen.

Soon I had every HIM cd.
I listened to them daily, and I still do!
Seriously there isn't a playlist of mine with out 
10 or more HIM songs on it.
It is my happy music and my sad music all in one.

My love for the Heartagram goes way beyond that though.
I have Heartagrams all through out
 my house, on my car, and tattoos.
I make Heartagram art all the time.

My first foam cut out was a Heartagram of course!

My graphic arts I usually sneak
 in a Heartagram here or there.
Book cover project

Typography - Make a book project
(Which I gave to my husband as a Christmas present)

Friendship Clock
Made  a special birthday message for  
my bestie Poisin from Ville himself.

I have a ton of Heartagrams on my computer.
All different kinds cause I love to put them on everything.

Out of my 22 tattoos this one is one of my favorites.
A good friend of mine Holden started it for me.
The plan is to have my arm covered in the reverse tribal.
I still love it though unfinished and all.

My bestie Evil Blue tattooed my Heartagram on my finger.
This tattoo reminds me of that awesome weekend!

I do have a Halloween kitchen, but I still have 
a Heartagram on my refrigerator.

You remember I got a Silhouette for Christmas.
Once I get some vinyl I am going to make
a lot of Heartagram decals.
The more Heartagrams the better in my eyes!
Soon there will be a huge Heartagram decal in my bedroom.
I want it to take up half of the wall and be in silver.

We had our one year anniversary
wedding on Heartagram day.
That just added to my excitement.

I had posted this on my Facebook 
early that morning.

I walked down the isle to a acoustic version of
 Wicked Games.
It was perfect!

I have seen HIM in concert a few times.
The last show I went to my hubby surprised me with
tickets and took me for Mothers day.
I wore my wedding dress
and my black platform Mary Janes.

So many people complimented me on my outfit.
I felt like a Heartagram princess.

My laptop wallpapers, I switch between the two.

 Watch out cause this doll will
be making Heartagram tea cups!
 Just like the one Ville had on the cover of Hammer.

The Heartagram  really makes me think of my best friend.

All the fun times we had and laughs we shared.
My first HIM show was with her almost ten years ago.
And yes that is a huge Heartagram on her wall.
We both love the Heartagram!

Through out the years I have introduced HIM to friends.
Rocked out with them.
When I see the Heartagram is makes me think
of all the special moments of my life.
The wonderful people that I have in my life.
 I will have more Heartagram tattoos in the future.
More Heartagrams all over my house.
I can't help it they make me smile!
It is February my month of love!
Heartagram Power!

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