Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13 things I love about my husband!

Today is our anniversary the big 4 year mark.
I can't help but smile and think how very lucky I am.
Here are 13 random things I love about my husband.

He keeps me smiling.
We spend many day and nights just 
laughing our little heads off.

6'2 and skinny as can be.
He has the perfect body.
I love that I have to get on my tippy toes to kiss him.
I always feel safe when he is near.
Everything looks good on him.

Our house is full of happiness and laughter.
I absolutely love watching him playing with the kids.
Both kids just adore him.
He truly loves his kids.

 He loves sushi just as much as I do.
Matter of fact we are going out for sushi tonight.

I love the inner rockstar.
He is very talented.
I was totally impressed the first time I heard him,
and just couldn't stop listening.

6.  KISS
The first night I met him we kissed all night.
It was the most intoxicating passionate kissing ever.
This lucky girl gets to kiss him
everyday for the rest of her life.
Everything else that goes along with the kisses is A++ too.

7.  HAIR
He has these long black dreads.
Although he doesn't wear them down enough.
I really love it when he does.

We have everything we need and it is all thanks to his hard work.
We bought a house.
Have a new car.
Not that I judge life by material things.
But we have it all!

We have something so special between us.
He is devoted to me as his wife.
And his role as a father to the pee wee's
He lets me know he loves me everyday.
Our marriage is magical.

He seems to know everything about everything.
I swear I learn something new everyday.
His mind is amazing!
I love watching him figuring out how to fix things.
He is very inventive.

When Daddy is smiling we all are.
His smile is contagious.

If he gets mad it only takes him a few minutes to cool down.
Me on the other hand will hold a grudge for awhile.
But honestly I can't stay mad at him
and I love that.

We love to just hang out at home.
All that going out and partying is out of his system.
A perfect night for him would be cuddling watching
a movie, eating snacks and drinking hot chocolate.
I don't have to worry about him going out and getting
in any kind of trouble.

He is my best friend, my partner in crime, my soul mate, my dream come true,
my happily ever after.
I have to pinch myself every morning
 because our life together is just so wonderful.
Our kids are amazing!
I can't help but smile and feel like the luckiest doll.

The last four years have been the best of my life.
So many great memories!
So many more great memories to be made!

This is just 13 things I love about him.
But the list does go on and on.

Lucky 13

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