Monday, February 18, 2013

A for AWESOME anniversary presents...

I love that our anniversary is right before Valentines day.
It makes it extra special and lovey dovey.
We don't go over board on the presents.
But we always get each other a little something something.

Little guy was at his Nanas so on our 
actual anniversary we went out for a sushi dinner.
Sushi is really our thing!
Luke proposed to me in a sushi restaurant.
At our wedding we had platters and platters of sushi.
My favorite kinda date is one that involves sushi!

It was really good I got the bagel roll, my fav.
It was a nice relaxing dinner.
I told Miss Blue it was fitting she was with us
on our anniversary dinner.
Since she is the reason Luke and I
connected all those years ago.
I told her she was the stitches that pulled
Mommy's and Daddy's hearts together.
That made her smile!
Luke and I wore the same clothes that
 we said our I do's in four years ago.

Valentines day was nice.
Miss Blue rocked her new Monster High dress.
Lots of I love you's, hugs and kisses.

My present arrived that day, but Lukes had not.
We agreed that we would wait till they
both were here to open them.
Just to be fair.
Only thing is I knew what I was getting!
Luke on the other hand had no idea.
He kept trying to get me to tell him.
He guessed Big Bang Bobble Head set.
Which was a good guess but not what I got him.
Saturday his present finally arrived.
Better late then never right.
 His gift was kinda of a spur of the moment purchase.
But I did good.
I honestly have never seen him
 smile so big opening a present.

Well let me start off with my present first.
He got me the ULTIMATE set of DOLLS!
Frankenstein and Bride.

I fell in love with these the second I saw them.
This set had to mine and was the perfect
anniversary present.
I was beyond excited.
Jenna and Casey from Sinister Collections
 hooked us up with a great price.
Luke gave me the ok to ordered them.
That is why I knew what my present was.
Usually though I have no idea and I am surprised.

Interested in a set.
Sinister Collections has them for a great price.

They look ever more amazing in real life.
I love that they have them in a windowed box.

This seriously is the ultimate set for me.
I can't stop smiling.

So since I knew my present was AWESOME.
I knew I had to get Luke something just as
AWESOME for him.
I knew exactly what I was going to get him.
He is really into Star Wars.
One night he showed me this Book of Sith set.
I found it on amazon and just ordered it.
I knew it was going to make his day and
this is something he would never
expect me to get for him.

Saturday night he got home from work.
We opened our presents.
I was super excited about my dolls.
But I was really excited about Luke finally opening his.
When he ripped off the wrapping paper and saw
what it was he lit up.
He had a huge grin on his face and went "NO WAY!"
I got him good, a unexpected awesome present.

I think the best was when he hit the gold triangle.
The pyramid lights up and makes noises.
Luke was glowing in excitement.

He kept going best present ever!
Best Wife ever!
It made me feel great to know he loved it.
Watch the video to get all the effects.

Under the book there is also a compass
thing and a red crystal.

Not to mention all the neat things in the book.
This is going to be a great read for my love.
And the perfect addition to his Star Wars collection.

Four years of being together and it is
only getting better and better.
This anniversary was perfect.
We both had huge smiles on our faces.
Not that our anniversary is all about presents.
It is more about celebrating the time together.
But it makes it extra fun when
the gifts are A for AWESOME!

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