Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Listia Haul reasons to join!

My new addiction!
I forget how I heard about it or why I joined.
But I am so glad that I did.
I love to thirft shop, finding awesome things
for really low prices.
This site is kinda like a cyber garage sale.
People getting rid of stuff they don't want.
Things that you do!

I have been getting tons of awesome free stuff!
How you ask?
Well I auction of stuff.
Like clothes that don't fit my kids
anymore, stickers, or anything I 
just don't want sitting around my house anymore.
Then with the credits my auction makes
I use them to get stuff I do want.

My first auction was some of Miss Blue's clothes
that were way to small just taking up 
room in her closet.
They were cute both being
Disney Princess.
They went for 1,510credits.

I was so excited and from
 that point on I was hooked.
You can also get credits from doing
surveys, daily deals, and getting friends
to join Listia!
The auction system is easy to use.
Who ever has the highest
 bid when the auction ends wins!
It is simple and a lot of fun!

I used to stay up all night entering giveaways.
Now I find myself staying up looking thru Listia
finding stuff to bid on!

I have gotten a lot of great stuff for free.
Matter of fact I had a nice haul show up today.
And this is only half the stuff I won last week!

That is 7 packages.
All from different users.
All won with credits I got for 
getting rid of stuff I didn't want.
 I bet you are dying to know what we got!

Since it was the kids stuff that I auction off,
I usually get the kids stuff!

First package was this awesome
Buzz Lightyear vest.
It was size 2T so I knew it was going to be a bit
snug it actually fits him perfect.
He LOVES it!
And once it doesn't fit him ,
I am going to make him a pillow out of it!
Cause Mommy is crafty like that!

Next package was for Miss Blue.
The second I saw this I knew 
I had to get it for her.
Brand new in package Monster High dry eraser board!

She was so excited and started tracing their faces.
It made me smile!

I also scored her a few other Monster High Items.
She didn't have any of their notebooks, now she has 4!
Mommy hooked Blue up!

My little guy LOVES Toy story!
He has big dolls and small ones.
But he didn't have a Jessie doll small.
Well now he does! 
I got her for 1,810 credits which is a little
over $5 of credits.
On ebay she is $10.
Brand new in package!
He has been non stop playing with her
since he opened her!

The next item I got is for me or Blue.
Otherwise know as Bumpits.
I always wanted to try these and would 
have loved to have had them at the pageant!
Right Nana how helpful would these of been!

Merlyn got a snazzy little vest.
One thing about my son is he loves to dress up.
He will go thru about 10 outfits a day.
He was really excited when he saw this.

My FAVORITE thing to get on Listia is decals.
I have gotten 3 really awesome ones.
This one being the latest.
The vine heart decal is made to look like it was etched on.

I can't wait to find the perfect spot for it.
The kids are excited.
We have some new awesome things
to play with and wear.

Don't worry I didn't forget about Daddy
he has stuff on the way.
I try to win stuff for everyone in The Dollhouse!

Want to join in on the fun?

Here is a link.
I warn you though once you start you will be hooked!

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