Friday, August 24, 2012

Run For Your Lives!!!! Zombie 5K

A zombie infested 5K obstacle race.
Sounds fun right.
Your not just running against time,
you also have brain hungry zombies after you.
No they really don't want to eat your brains,
they are after the flags on your belt.
The flag symbolize your life.
Loose all your flags you become one of
the undead.
Kinda like a big bloody  zombie filled
game of catch the flag!
But don't worry health bonuses will
be hidden through out the course.
At the finish line it will save your life.

The really cool part is 
you can either be a runner
or a zombie if you want.

$77 from June 7, 2012 until October 3, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST
$82 from October 4, 2012 until October 29, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST
$87 from October 30, 2012 until November 13, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST


 A Warwear performance shirt, 

one free beer,

 a race medal, 

access to the “Safe Zone",

”and 12+ live bands at the Apocalypse Party.
$32 from June 7, 2012 until November 16, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST

$40 at the entrance on race day


Access to the “Safe Zone” 

and 12+ live bands at the Apocalypse Party.

To be a zombie it cost $25:
You can choose to be a chaser zombie or a stumbler.
Everyone who registers as a zombie will receive the following perks:
Professional Zombie Transformation
Our team of top-notch makeup artists and wardrobe personnel will turn you into a disgusting zombie.  The entire transformation process will take about 20 minutes and will be the kick-off to one of the craziest days of your life.
Zombie T-Shirt
All zombies will receive a special Zombie Horde T-Shirt.  This Tee has been custom designed for our Zombie Horde and will not be sold or given out anywhere else.
Free Race on Event Day
Every zombie will have the option of racing for free on event day.  You will receive a flag belt so you can fully experience what it’s like to switch positions on the food chain.
Apocalypse Pass
You will gain free access to the Apocalypse Party.  So once you finish your shift and sign out you can go enjoy the live music, delicious food, refreshing beer, and fun activities.
Camping Pass
All zombies will have the option of camping at night for free.  Please just refrain from eating our other campers.
One Free Beverage (Includes Beer)
You will receive one free beverage ticket up finishing your zombie shift.  What better way is there to celebrate your inevitable undead victory than by sipping on an ice cold brew.
Snacks and Drinks at the Zombie Transformation Center (ZTC)
The ZTC will be stocked with snacks and drinks all day.  
A Race Medal
You’ll have earned it.
Free Parking
All registered zombies will receive free parking on event day.

So after showing this to my hubby
we both said we wanted to be zombies.
Hello do you see that list of perks!
They have a few upcoming ones.

So excited one is actually coming to Florida!
Right after my birthday too!

Totally bummed though zombie spots
are all sold out.
I don't think I would want to be a runner.
Would love to watch my hubby run for his life though!
We will have to register for next year!

If you run or participate as a zombie you 
get this zombieriffic medal.

The top 3 men and 3 women will get a prize.

After you have survived all the zombies.
Time to kick back and relax at
the Apocalypse party.
Featuring 12 bands, food, beer and
all things zombie!

:Want to register or check out the site:

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