Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scarily Ever After - Monster High Dolls

Scary Tales - Monster High Dolls
Out now, released as Target Exclusives.
So far only three are out!

Threadarella - Frankie Stein

Snow Bite - Draculaura

Little Dead  Riding Wolf

Each comes with their own booklet,
containing their monsterfied scary tale.
Today with Blue Monster High accessories lot
she got Little Dead Riding Wolf one.
It was awesome.
The quality of the booklet is very nice.
Not just a cheap flimsy booklet.
The purple border on the cover
has a satin shine to it.
The pictures are very colorful.
Other Monster High characters 
make appearances in the stories.

I want this set!!
This by far is my favorite Monster High set out!
The girls look totally ghoulriffic 
dressed as these characters.
Snow White is my favorite fairy-tale.
I can't wait to read the Snow Bite story!

The dolls keep getting better and better
with each release.
I am excited to see what is next!

I also just read that Mezco filed suit against Matel
for trademark infringement suit stating
that the new line of Monster High dolls are copy
cat versions of their Scary Tales series.
If you remember that Mezo came out with 
The Scary Tales not to long ago.

Yes the names are the same.
But I don't think Matel copied Mezco.
The dolls are totally different.
They only similarity's they do have is what
makes them the characters.
The Monster High dolls look like
the girls just dressed as the characters.
On the box it says a Monster High Story.
They took Scary and added Tales.
 I doubt they even realized Mezco 
had a series named  Scary Tales.
The Monster High dolls aren't hurting the
 Living Dead Doll version's.
I was just at a bunch of Monster High forums, 
and most of the people there didn't
even know who Mezco was.
If anything it may get Mezco some fans
or start a war of the dolls!

The Monster High versions are cute and fashionable.
The Living dead dolls version are freakier
versions of the fairytale characters.

And face it Scary Tales has been used way before
either of these doll sets came out.
Disney used it in the 80's for a series of cartoons.
 Two words put together,
to symbolize scary stories.

I personally love both of these dolls sets.
Very interested to see how this all goes down.
If you hear anything about this let me know! 


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