Monday, August 20, 2012

50 pins = Two thumbs down!

There are tons of contest on Facebook daily.
Sometimes I  enter and win and sometimes I don't!
Win or lose  they have always been  fun experiences.
Until now, I have encounter a real doozy of a company!

Last Thursday I joined a contest where
I was suppose to get 50 pins
on one item from their site.
50 pins is a lot and I knew it would be hard,
but I fell in love with this romper and I had to have it.
I get a little crazy with these kinda contest too.
Sending messages, and posting status updates
just trying to reach 50.
During the day I
left a comment asking if this was a ongoing thing
or was there a deadline that night.
I was at about 20 pins at that point.
Never received a answer instead my comment was deleted.
How rude right!
Now if I had know the contest ended that night, 
I would have said oh well.
But I was lead to believe there wasn't a deadline.

Still was motivated to get more pins.
Cause technically a day is 24 hours so
in my head I had 24 hours to get 50 pins.
I stayed up till 3am that night.
Went to bed with 30 pins.
I was slowly getting there!
Woke up to 45! Yay!!!!
I was soooo close.
Well it didn't take but  hour to get those 5 pins.
The goal of 50 was hit!
I was jumping up and down, this was hard work!
I didn't think I could do it but I never gave up.
So I posted on their wall 
"Yay hit 50! Took all day and night but I got them."
No response.
Then I left a comment on that post.
So excited!!!
(cause I was freaking beyond excited)
No response.
Then I left a comment "50 pins in under 24 hours , am I a winner?"
No response.
Then I left a comment "Hey Rickety Rack do I get a dress?"
I was kinda in disbelief that I did all that work
and they weren't even going to reply to me.
Win or lose they should have said something.
I was hurt and really upset.

Through out the day I was
 checking their page( waiting for my response),
and I watch other comments be deleted too.
They weren't even bad, that is really shady in my opinion.
These people are your fans!

What people don't understand about these contest 
and Pinterest is you are advertising
 for that company for free.
They may give one or two dresses away
but have had their name shared and pinned all day long.
I had shared it on my wall all day, twitter, Google Plus,
 not to mention all my friends that
 helped me out and pinned it.

I wrote them a message letting them know how
unfair the whole thing was and how rude
who ever runs their Facebook was.
I asked a question about when it ended,
 why was that deleted?
Wasn't even the matter of not getting a dress.
It was the fact I sat around all day waiting for a reply 
and got nothing.
I bugged my friends to pin something,
they were kind enough to help me out for nothing.
I wasted my whole day and night for nothing.

I have two words for you Rickety Rack!

Anyone that wants to try this contest BEWARE!

There are so many dress company's in the world.

With much better prices I might add.

If you are wondering
 I  UNLIKED their page
Un-following them on Pinterest
DELETED my pin board
( I had a whole pin board dedicated to their clothes).
100% done with them!
I like company's that treat me with respect.
This one gets, two thumbs DOWN!!!

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