Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leen The Graphics Queen: Personalize Princess castle decal

A few months ago I won a giveaway on 
The Review Stew for a $40
gift certificate to Leen the Graphics Queen.
I was so excited because I knew 
exactly what I wanted to get.

A personalized princess castle decal!
This would make the perfect gift for blue
 for reading her 100 books.
(This was before we had even thought of the pageant.)
I stuck with the white and pink just like the picture.
Miss Blue's walls are lilac color, 
so I knew it would stand out nice.

So today Daddy was like hey lets put up Blue's castle.
Yay!!! We have been busy but today we
 were just hanging around.

First we needed to decide where to put it.
My suggestion was next to her bed.
Daddy's suggestion was under her shelf
ground level so she could play with her barbies by it.
Well when she heard Daddy's suggestion she lit up.
We had a winner.
He clean the wall real good.
It was time to apply the decal.
He peeled the backing paper off, and then placed it 
and rubbed it with his trusty tool.
He was serious about it too, I think he might
have rubbed to hard.
When he was pulling the paper off  the decal was
 super stuck to the paper.
Turning it into a two person job.

Paper was off! 
Hardest part was the horse,
the decal part there is really thin.
We managed to do it.
But it came out a little crooked.
He went through and smoothed it all out.
The decal is great quality and stuck on nice.

It looks great!
She loves it.
This is the place she is always 
plays with her Barbies and now they 
have a castle!

I love the fact it has Miss Blues name is on it.
Makes it so special for her.
I think it looks so pretty too.

Once Daddy was all done we call her
in to look at it.
She smiled and started playing instantly.
It made her so happy!

Want to go and check out all the decals they have.
You will be highly impressed!

Thank you so much Leen and Review Stew.
We here at The Dollhouse love this decal.
It was more then perfect for our little princess!

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