Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spells and Potions Boogie Board

Last month I participated in
 Boogie Boards  Halloween contest.
To create a Halloween costume made of candy.
 The catch to the contest was you couldn't use paper.
I love contest where you have to be creative.
Thought about it and then I came up with the sweetest idea.

The Cupcake Witch

Made from 100% sugar
Caution: This costume is EXTREMELY SWEET!!

I used a big black dinner plate, icing and cupcake toppings.
I entered it right away, I was excited.
Really glad I did because they loved it too.
Awarded  me with a
Spells and Potions Boogie Board.

Also a entry into the Facebook vote contest.
Which I didn't win but was really close.
Thank you everyone that like my pic!
It meant a lot cause this was my creation.

It arrived shortly after the contest.
And here is a little video to show you it!

The Spells and Potions Boogie Board was made special for the 
contest so you won't be able to buy one.

The Boogie Board tablet's pressure-sensitive LCD
 writing surface creates lines of different thickness based 
on how hard you push - just like paper and pen!
Think geek has the plain black JOT writer for $34.99

On the boogie board site has a customize button.
You could put you business name on it or decorate it 
however you like.
Um can't think what to get your boss.
Get him a Boogie Board with the companys name on it.
There is also a Boogie Board with binder ring holes on it 
so you are able to just clip it in.
They come in sizes of  8.5 or 10.5.

The Spells and Potions is a JOT writer.
Meaning it is just to write down quick notes
replacing post it and memo pads.

The RIP writer allows you to save and
transfer your work and turn into a computer file.
This taking the place of sketchpads and notebooks.

I am really excited and happy to have 
the Spells and Potions one.
I do wish though it would have come with 
a sleeve and a stylus holder.
But I love it so much.
If there was any Boogie Board 
that was perfect for me it  is this one.

Make sure to go and like Boogie Board on  Facebook

Also check out there site and take a look at 
all the different writers they have available.

Christmas is here the Boogie Board
 would make a great gift for anyone on your list.

A BIG THANK YOU to Kristen and the rest
of the Boogie Board crew.
I am glad you appreciated  my sweet creation.

My Spells and Potions Boogie Board is 100%

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