Friday, December 21, 2012

My Acers white screen of death..

Nothing is more awesome then winning a really nice laptop 
a few days before your are about to go out and buy one.
Just to refresh your memory I won 
My Acer Aspire on 5 Minutes for Mom
webcast last Feb.
This thing is awesome light and fast.
Recently though it has not been so awesome.
It has come down with something called 
the White Screen of Death.
 I can not open it with out the
 screen going completely white.
It is starting to drive me crazy.
I can't do much of anything.
This computer runs about $999.
Being that is was a little on the high end I didn't 
expect to have any problems with it.
I went to forum after forum trying to 
fix this white screen problem.
And I leaned it happens in most Acer laptops.
I read story after story of peoples screens
going white and never coming back.
Why you ask, because they make them
cheaply so the wire comes undone easily.
I am so bummed.
I love this laptop and it really upsets me.
We did figure out a way for me to
 use my computer though.
It has a HDMI hook up so I currently 
am plugged into the 32 TV in my bedroom.
My only complaint is my neck hurts from 
looking up at the screen.

So my words of advice.
Don't buy a Acer!
I read that almost all Acers 
get this white screen of death after 
6 months of use.
I did watch a Youtube video 
on how to fix it , but honestly
I can't figure out how to pop the panel  piece off.
And I don't want to break it any more.

I am going to bring this with me over to my
brother in-laws and hopefully he can fix it for me.
Fingers Crossed!!!!!!

My computer use is limited so my blog post
will slow down..
But I promise once I am back in action
I have a lot of great products to tell you all about.

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