Friday, December 28, 2012

A Monsteriffic Christmas

This Christmas was amazingly wonderful!
I have such a sweet and loving family.
That I enjoy spending time with more then anything.
The kids are blessed with the most amazing Nana
in the world and great papa's.
Being that I have a 7 year old their was 
a lot of Monster High stuff on her Christmas list.
And I didn't mind one bit cause 
I personally LOVE Monster High too.
My goal was to make sure my little girl 
got a ton of awesome Monster High goodies.
Without breaking the bank of course.

And for this reason I love Listia!
I scored a bunch of her presents on there.

That is about $100 dollars worth of 
Monster High stuff all brand new.
All I paid was $9.00 shipping for the backpack
and doll package.
The rest was completely free!
How awesome is that!
I did get screwed over twice by two different sellers.
I had won her some Monster High perfume, Uno Cards,
Lip balm, and shower gel from one seller.
She never sent the items but I did get my credits back.
And the other seller I won a Venus Mcflytrap doll and
a Clawdeen Plush doll and she never sent.
But the beauty of Listia if the item never
shows you file a claim and get 
your credits back.

I also scored  two monster high shirts for her.
First one was on the Halloween clearance 
rack for $1.98.

Scored this at the thrift shop for $2.99.
This was actually the first Monster High
item I have ever seen at the thrift shop.
I was super excited especially since it
it one of the first Monster High shirts that came out.
I have seen this same shirt used on Ebay for $40.

You remember the skirt I won on Listia.
Well the seller was so awesome he sent me two.
I got a Frankie skirt and a Lagoona skirt for her
My dad also got her a Frankie skirt so we traded 
it in and got her a Operetta skirt.
Did you know at Big Lots 
Monster High skirts are $5.00.
They had a $13.00 tag on them,
but a lady in front of us had one.
 And when it rang up $5.00,
I ran right back to the toy 
section and picked up the 
 Draculaura one she has been wanting.

All of these awesome skirt were in 
that Frankie trunk as a extra surprise.

Nana and Papa Homer
got her some Monster High Leg Warmers.

Don't forget the Monster High Undies.

I didn't want her to get just clothes,
 I wanted it to be Monster High through out!

The back pack is so nice.
Perfect size for her school binder.
I was a little worried is was going to be smaller then it was.
She totally flipped when she saw this.

Other items
Velvet Poster Pad

2013 Calendar
Puzzle Tin

I thought the puzzle tin was so cute.
The ghouls making silly faces.
It also comes with three puzzles
all different difficulty levels.

I had the Monster High Share or Scare
game wrapped and Blue was 
so cute she thought it 
was a present for me since it was in 
the shape of a coffin.
I don't even think she knew 
you could buy this game.
We have watched many episodes 
were they play a rendition of this at sleepovers.
It looks super fun!

Can't wait to play with my little ghoul! 

Michaels had a whole bin of Monster High stocking stuffers.

My dad got Blue the Monster High Wii game.
That was the present she opened on Christmas eve.
She literally screamed with excitement when she opened it.
Then called him thanking him!

My husband had picked up this
Monster High mic on clearance for
$7.00 almost a year ago.
We thought it was the perfect time to give it to her.
It was set up in the Santa play tent.

She sang her little heart out all morning.

The first doll she  saw was her
Little Dead Riding Hood.
Daddy thought it would be awesome if she 
was peeking out of her stocking.

She ended up getting 3 dolls total.
She was so thrilled.
Clawdeen as Little Dead Riding Hood

Recently Miss Blue told me
she is over the Disney Princess.
So it was time to take her 
Sleeping Beauty poster down.
And time to put up the Monster High one I won her.
Only thing it wasn't the same poster I thought it was.
But Blue didn't care she loved it so much.

Miss Blue's Monster High obsession is in full 
effect and I am loving it!

Hope everyone is having  Freaky Fabulous Holiday.
Stay tuned reviews of the game and dolls to come soon.


  1. Hi! I was wondering how Listia works?

  2. Hi Listia is a user auction site. There is no money involved unless the seller charges shipping. You get credits by auctioning off your own stuff and then use those credits say for a movie or Monster High doll. The best is to auction of something small that doesn't cost to much to ship. Cause if you do free shipping on your auction you have to cover the shipping. But look at it this way. We auction off crystals most people pay 5,000 credits for them it cost us $1.95 to ship. My husband has gotten many brand new video games for 10,000 credits. Which cost us under 5.00 to make. It is a bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it you'll be addicted and have package after package arriving. Use this link and it will start you off with 600 credits also you dont have to auction off anything to get credits you can do surveys , share on fb and get friends to join. But I have found it is the easiest and fun to auction off unwanted items and turning them into awesome items. My husband has gotten over 30 video games, I got Christmas presents for everyone on there, all brand new and sealed. I scored a Emily prize pack just neat stuff. It really is fun!!

  3. That's awesome. I just signed up. I'm going to be browsing around to see what's listed.

  4. You know what they say one mans trash is another mans treasure. But honestly a lot of the stuff on there is new. Other then a few things. I have gotten a few awesome barely used costumes for my kids, a nightmare before Christmas bobble head set of 6, tons of Monster High stuff and the list goes on and on. I used to spend my nights entering blog giveaways and now I find myself on Listia more. Looking for the next find to put on my watch list. If you have any questions feel free to ask. It is a little confusing in the start but a lot of fun.