Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our toddler friendly Christmas tree

To be honest with you
 I never really got into Christmas.
Maybe the reason being that we didn't celebrate 
Christmas in my house. 
The first time we got a tree that
 I remember was when I was 15.
And the fun of it all was all over I was just to old.

Usually we go to my mother in-laws for Christmas.
Which I love it is a fun little trip.
This year though is going to be a bit different.
We are staying home and having Christmas here.
Being that we are going to be here we wanted to get e tree.
Daddy was set on getting a real one.
The thought of this made me nervous.
I could just picture Merlyn messing with the water.
And the big mess that would be around the tree.
For a real tree it was going to be about $50.
They has fake pre-lit ones much cheaper then that.
I was all for the fake one.
It was less of a hassle for me and
 I knew would be better in the end.
We ended up  getting the white tree
with multi color lights,
for only $39 dollars!
This is one we will use for years.
It took about 3 mins to set up.
The tree looks so pretty when it is plugged in.
The pastel color lights on the white tree
just looks so sweet.

We decided another thing to keep this tree safe,
would be no breakable ornaments.

Me and the kids have been making ornaments.
Paper snowmen, reindeer hands, and ginger bread men.

I went to the dollar store and bought
45 sparkly pipe cleaners that would make great hooks.
Cause we knew the metal hooks were not a good idea.
They worked great not only for hooks,
but I made some cherries with them.

This is the kids tree so we told them
to keep making ornaments and we will put them up.
Well daddy came up with a great idea.
It all started with a cupcake!

He wrapped the pipe cleaner around it 
so it would hang nicely.
Then next thing I knew little dude was 
wrapping the pipe cleaner 
around his toys and putting them up.
It was a great idea.
No need to spend money on none breakable ornaments.
We have a toy bid full of great ornaments.
So now the tree has everyone you can think of on it,
and lots of sweet treats!
( I even hung one of my Living Dead Doll minis.)

I just love it and the kids are so excited about it.
My favorite thing is that they keep adding to it everyday.
Now the Christmas cheer doesn't stop here though.
We have been listening to Christmas music and
watching all the Christmas classics.
And yes Mommy has  a lot of holiday cheer.
I mean I have the most amazing little family.
We are very excited about our first
Christmas in our home.
It is sure to be a wonderful memory!!!
The excitement is high in The Dollhouse!

Ps. That big box under the tree has my
 Silhouette CAMEO in it!!!!
I am counting down the days.


  1. I think this is just completely awesome!

  2. Really cute blog! And the chritsmas tree looks great :D

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