Friday, July 27, 2012

Bacon Taco's

We love bacon in The Dollhouse.
I have caught my hubby pouring bacon bits into
his mouth by the bag full.
Yes he is a serious bacon addict.
The other night I made some bacon taco's.
They were so good!

First thing you need is a package of bacon.
Cut the strips in half and weave them together.

I am a firm believer that bacon cooks 
and crisp best in the microwave.
But I gave baking it a try.
The dish was full of bacon grease and bacon not crispy.
So I took it out lined a plate with paper towel 
and popped it in the microwave.
 I has some steak strips cooking 
 and I covered the strips with Cayenne pepper.
Remember I said I was going to be putting Cayenne 
on everything I eat.

To give the bacon extra support
 I put a toasted tortilla underneath it.
Which worked out awesome!

Then I just layered it.
Tortilla, bacon, steak
 I made a mayo, spinach , cayenne pepper topper.

These were spicy and delicious.
For my taco I cut my bacon shell in half.
My hubby did the full bacon shell on both his taco's.
And yes a full package of bacon made three bacon shells.
But we got four taco's out of it since I cut mine in half.

Would I feed these to my kids?
Probably not they were really greasy.
We try not to let the kids eat to much bacon.
But for a dinner night with just me and the hubby
it was the perfect dinner.

Hubby say they were amazingly good!
And I agree!!!

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